Thursday, 29 May 2014

Black Boy-part two

Misty sniffed just inside the fence opening. The smell of Black Boy was strong and so was another one. Misty looked over at Suki and Niko. "I'll lead the way and follow the scent. If anything happens, run for cover."
Suki looked nervous but nodded. Misty poked her head through the fence and sniffed the air. There was no movement anywhere. Everything was too quiet thought Misty. She proceeded to go through the opening in the fence. In she went and stayed close to the fence keeping her eyes wide open to any threat.
Niko jumped a head and went towards the old house. She was always the brave one. Suki stuck close to Misty. There was another patch of black fur up a head. Misty sniffed the air before getting to the patch of fur. "It's not Black Boy. It doesn't smell like cat. I'm not sure what that is."
Suki edged forward and raised his paw ready to strike. Misty cautioned and sniffed again. "It's from a fur coat."
Misty lowered her paw. "Let's go find Niko. Maybe she has picked something up."
Both Misty and Suki leaped towards the old house to a ledge that went along  a broken window. They both looked in. Nothing.
Suddenly garbage came tumbling down and both Suki and Misty leaped out of the way. Niko leaped out the window and landed in front of them. Suki hissed at her. "What was that about? You could have warned us."
"Sorry, I heard something and didn't pick up your scent."
Misty sighed. "Okay, did you find anything? Any sign of Black Boy?"
"No, nothing but there are lots of other strange scents. There has been others here."
"Others?" Misty came up to Niko. "What did you pick up in there."
"There have been the new humans in here. One smelled familiar though. I can't think who it is."
"Someone from Blackberry lane?" Niko looked at Suki. "I think so."
The truck that was parked on the street roared to life. All three cats startled. Misty with wide eyes shouted, "Let's get out of here."
They all ran towards the fence opening. The truck has now backed up to the front door. The three of them watched through the fence opening. Two men had got out and started to bring boxes into the house. They watched intently for a moment.
One of the men came back out and brought in what looked like a carrier.  Misty tensed. Niko nudged Misty. "What do you think is inside?"
"It's another animal, I think a cat."
"This is strange, why would the humans bring a cat to this old house?"
"Catch mice," suggested Suki.
"Let's go back up to the broken window and see what we can see."
The three of leaped up onto the ledge of the broken window. The man with the cage brought it into the room. They waited for him to open the cage.
A growl could be heard when the man undid the cage. Out came a large orange tabby. He looked rough and his one ear had a nip out of it. The orange tab sniffed the air and instantly looked their way.
All three of them backed up. The man left the room and the orange tabby walked towards them.
"Who are you cats?"
Suki looked at Misty and Niko hid behind both of them. Misty came forward. "We're part of the neighborhood cats of Blackberry lane. Why were you bought here now when this house is barely livable for the humans?"
"To catch mice  and  to prevent anymore from getting in while they fix up the place."
The orange tabby came closer. "Do you cats hang out here?"
"Our friend Black Boy lives next door and right now we can't find him."
"He's missing and you think he's here?"
"We found bit of black fur that belonged to him and led to here."
The orange tabby sniffed the air. "Let me help you, I'm pretty good at finding other cats. I know all kinds of scents."
"You would do that," asked Suki.
"Why not, I need some excitement. Let me sniff the fur you found and I'll find him."
The three of them looked at each other but decided to let him try so they let him sniff the fur." He sniffed all over the yard and then looked up.
The others looked up. The old roof was quite sloped but not hard for a cat to crawl up there. There was also a broken window up there.
"You think he's up there?"
"My instincts tell me he went up the roof. I can catch his scent."
Niko was the first to leap up. She looked down on them and then swiftly turned and ran up the roof to the window. She peered in and meowed. A loud yowl was her response. The others quickly went up the roof. When they got into the room all they could see was junk and old furniture. Niko meowed again. Another yowl echoed in the room. It was coming from behind a old dresser. Niko cautiously went to the dresser. She sniffed and then sat. "Come out Black, it's us."
"I can't, I'm stuck in this drawer."
Niko slid underneath and there was another smaller dresser tucked in behind it. Black Boy was in the small drawer and was caught.
Suddenly the door to the room opened. All the cats scattered. The smell of fish filled the room.
"Hey what are you guys doing here?"
It was Matt from the butcher shop. "Hey Brutus, there you are. I see you found some friends already."
Brutus rubbed up against Matt's leg and then walked towards the dresser where Black Boy was stuck. Matt followed. "What's there boy?" Matt pushed the larger dresser out of the way. "Oh, I see. Blacky, how did you get there?"
Matt reached down and pulled the drawer out further and got Black Boy out. He looked at all the cats and smiled. "I bet you smelled fish didn't you Black Boy. I brought some fish here last night. You guys have great sniffers. If you guys comes down stairs I'll give you some fish."
Misty nodded to the others and they followed Matt down into the kitchen. There was an old fridge there Matt reached into the fridge pulled out a package. The cats instantly started to meow around his feet. They all got a feed of fish.
Misty looked over at Black Boy. "Was it the fish smell that brought you up here."
"Yeah, that and a dog that chased me."
"There's a dog here?"
"In behind this house, he's not very big but he pulled some of my fur out. He would have had more of me of I hadn't took to the roof."
Brutus spoke up. "Don't mind no dog, I can keep him in check."
Misty rubbed up against Brutus. "Welcome to the Blackberry lane group of cats."
Brutus purred.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Hello everyone! Today I have the beginning to what will be a series. These will be cat cozy mysteries, called Blackberry Lane Mysteries. They will be small novels that will follow the adventures of a small group of cats that live in a cozy little town. They solve little mysteries that happen in the town. This is the first part to this story and I will conclude it next week. So this will give you a taste of some future novels that will be coming out later on this year I hope. Stay tuned. I hope you enjoy this short story that will conclude next week.


Blackberry Lane was  in the quite part of Bellay Town tucked in the oldest part. Old turn of the century houses hugged each other along Blackberry Lane. Some of the old homes had fell to disrepair.
However this quiet part of town was home to Misty and her feline friends. She combed these parts and knew every scent and hunting grounds by memory.
Her feline friends all looked out for each other and all in some way looked after the neighbourhood with its friendly residents.
First thing in the morning Misty headed out as always to check on the old neighbourhood. The smell of fresh cut grass first caught her scent. Misty knew that was Mr. Cooper. He was an early riser and always worked in his yard in the early morning. Further down the sound of clip clip clip made misty trod faster. This was Mrs. Gansy working on her prize roses. Mrs. Gansy always would stop and giver her a pet and usually would reach into her pocket and pull out a treat. It was always a good start to the day. Mrs. Gansy saw her before she even got to her. A warm smile greeted Misty.
"Ah, I see my girl is out do her morning rounds." Misty rubbed up against Mrs. Gansy's leg. Misty got rewarded with a pet and  of course a treat.
Misty from there went on down to where some stores where. There were only five businesses in this part of town. One was a butcher shop. Today was fish delivery day. Misty noticed a ginger and large fluffy tab already there. Niko and Suki beat her to the spot this morning. Hopefully she wasn't too late for some fish thought Misty.
Both Niko and Suki turned when they saw her.
"You guys are early. I'm surprised Black Boy isn't here."
Suki purred, "He will be. He never misses fish day."
The sound of an old truck backed up to the back door of the butcher shop. Misty and her crew hid behind some large card board boxes. A middle aged man jumped out of the truck and knocked on the back door. A young man who Misty knew as Matt, who was the owners son  answered the door.
The two men exchanged pleasantries and then Matt took a large box of frozen fish. Suki's tummy growled. Both Misty and Niko looked at her. Suki kept her focus on the fish. As soon as the  man in the truck left, Suki leaped up on the window shelf to look in. Misty and Niko weren't long joining her.
They didn't have to wait too long when Matt came out grinning with some cut up fish on an old tin pie plate. "You felines know your days of the week pretty good." He looked up at them and smiled. Matt went back in and Suki wasted no time leaping down and making it first to the pie plate to grab herself a piece of fish first.
Misty looked around after she finished her piece of fish. She even sniffed the air. Niko noticed and nudged her. "Black Boy never came. That's unusual."
Niko licked her paw. "That is unusual but may his owner kept him in today. It's happened before."
"Maybe," said Misty. "Let's go pay him a visit anyway."
The three felines went on their way. Black Boy lived at the very end of Blackberry Lane in an old Victorian house that needed much repair.
When they got there, they noticed something new. A large moving van was sitting on the street next to the old house where Black Boy lived. The old Browser house was in ruin. The front porch was leaning in and some windows were missing. But despite the shape of the house, it appeared that someone has bought it.
The three felines went around to the back of the house and leaped up onto the railing of the veranda to look in the window to see if they could see Black Boy on his favourite chair.
Misty was keeping an eye for any activity next door. Things were on the quite side and that gave Misty an unsettling feeling. Something was off here and Misty could feel it in her paws and she knew the other two felt the same way by the their wary glances next door.
Suki peeked through the window and looked back at them. "He's not there."
They all head towards the house next door. Niko was leading the way when suddenly she stopped half way. She crouched down with ears back. Misty and Suki soon joined her to see what it was.
In front of them where pieces of black fur and there was a trail of fur pieces leading to next door.
Misty carefully sniffed the fur. "It's Black Boy."
They cautiously followed the fur trail to the part in the fence between the properties where it was broken -large enough to let a cat through.
Misty was the first to poke her head through and sniff. She growled. Niko and Suki peeked in as well. Their ears bent back.
Quietly they backed up before their scent could be picked up.
They all shared a look. Suki looked nervously at Misty. "What are we going to do?"
Misty's nose twitched. "The only thing we can do. Fight back."

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Another piece of flash fiction for you to hopefully enjoy. Have a great weekend!

The Petunia And You
The colors suited you I thought. The vibrant pinks in particular made me think of your personality. The way you carry yourself and smile at me resembles the happiness the petunia can bring. Their perfume also reminds me of your favorite scent that you like to wear.
Their green and white throats reminds of the dress that you like to wear to go shopping. It has flowers on it, I think?
In the evening time  when the petunia takes on a glow and it's scent fills the air, it makes me think of you and your smile.
You and the petunia are my favorite-always.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hello everyone. Welcome to another piece of cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy.

It's All About The Ears
The pointy ears are like radar. They can detect everything outside the big clear glass known to them as the main lookout.
Every bird is accounted for and the odd mouse that is brave to go by the big glass gets accounted for as well. One is never sure when one might get outside so it's a good idea to have all birds accounted for. At least this what they say.
Other sounds within the big glass also is quite important. The rustle of plastic might indicate a bag of treats is near by. Don't want to miss out on that.
The most important one is however the sound of a can opening. The ears pick that sound up, even in the middle of a deep sleep.
The body jumps into action to the sound, usually in the kitchen, as always.
It's all in the ears.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Today is cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Niko & The World
She is a spice girl. Yes, this is true. Sometimes she is called the nutmeg girl. Either name she knows who she is. Her mere purr-mew voice tells you that she is special.

Her personality is so loving that you can't help but adore her.
Niko, her real name, thinks that the world should revolve around her and  sees no problem with this.
Her cat treats(party mix please) should be given out everyday. The other felines around her agree with her on this point. Never enough treats.
Niko would love nothing but to be spoiled by the world. She sees the world as hers and is willing to share it with you if remember the treats (party mix please).
Yours truly, Niko and her world.