Thursday, 22 May 2014


Hello everyone! Today I have the beginning to what will be a series. These will be cat cozy mysteries, called Blackberry Lane Mysteries. They will be small novels that will follow the adventures of a small group of cats that live in a cozy little town. They solve little mysteries that happen in the town. This is the first part to this story and I will conclude it next week. So this will give you a taste of some future novels that will be coming out later on this year I hope. Stay tuned. I hope you enjoy this short story that will conclude next week.


Blackberry Lane was  in the quite part of Bellay Town tucked in the oldest part. Old turn of the century houses hugged each other along Blackberry Lane. Some of the old homes had fell to disrepair.
However this quiet part of town was home to Misty and her feline friends. She combed these parts and knew every scent and hunting grounds by memory.
Her feline friends all looked out for each other and all in some way looked after the neighbourhood with its friendly residents.
First thing in the morning Misty headed out as always to check on the old neighbourhood. The smell of fresh cut grass first caught her scent. Misty knew that was Mr. Cooper. He was an early riser and always worked in his yard in the early morning. Further down the sound of clip clip clip made misty trod faster. This was Mrs. Gansy working on her prize roses. Mrs. Gansy always would stop and giver her a pet and usually would reach into her pocket and pull out a treat. It was always a good start to the day. Mrs. Gansy saw her before she even got to her. A warm smile greeted Misty.
"Ah, I see my girl is out do her morning rounds." Misty rubbed up against Mrs. Gansy's leg. Misty got rewarded with a pet and  of course a treat.
Misty from there went on down to where some stores where. There were only five businesses in this part of town. One was a butcher shop. Today was fish delivery day. Misty noticed a ginger and large fluffy tab already there. Niko and Suki beat her to the spot this morning. Hopefully she wasn't too late for some fish thought Misty.
Both Niko and Suki turned when they saw her.
"You guys are early. I'm surprised Black Boy isn't here."
Suki purred, "He will be. He never misses fish day."
The sound of an old truck backed up to the back door of the butcher shop. Misty and her crew hid behind some large card board boxes. A middle aged man jumped out of the truck and knocked on the back door. A young man who Misty knew as Matt, who was the owners son  answered the door.
The two men exchanged pleasantries and then Matt took a large box of frozen fish. Suki's tummy growled. Both Misty and Niko looked at her. Suki kept her focus on the fish. As soon as the  man in the truck left, Suki leaped up on the window shelf to look in. Misty and Niko weren't long joining her.
They didn't have to wait too long when Matt came out grinning with some cut up fish on an old tin pie plate. "You felines know your days of the week pretty good." He looked up at them and smiled. Matt went back in and Suki wasted no time leaping down and making it first to the pie plate to grab herself a piece of fish first.
Misty looked around after she finished her piece of fish. She even sniffed the air. Niko noticed and nudged her. "Black Boy never came. That's unusual."
Niko licked her paw. "That is unusual but may his owner kept him in today. It's happened before."
"Maybe," said Misty. "Let's go pay him a visit anyway."
The three felines went on their way. Black Boy lived at the very end of Blackberry Lane in an old Victorian house that needed much repair.
When they got there, they noticed something new. A large moving van was sitting on the street next to the old house where Black Boy lived. The old Browser house was in ruin. The front porch was leaning in and some windows were missing. But despite the shape of the house, it appeared that someone has bought it.
The three felines went around to the back of the house and leaped up onto the railing of the veranda to look in the window to see if they could see Black Boy on his favourite chair.
Misty was keeping an eye for any activity next door. Things were on the quite side and that gave Misty an unsettling feeling. Something was off here and Misty could feel it in her paws and she knew the other two felt the same way by the their wary glances next door.
Suki peeked through the window and looked back at them. "He's not there."
They all head towards the house next door. Niko was leading the way when suddenly she stopped half way. She crouched down with ears back. Misty and Suki soon joined her to see what it was.
In front of them where pieces of black fur and there was a trail of fur pieces leading to next door.
Misty carefully sniffed the fur. "It's Black Boy."
They cautiously followed the fur trail to the part in the fence between the properties where it was broken -large enough to let a cat through.
Misty was the first to poke her head through and sniff. She growled. Niko and Suki peeked in as well. Their ears bent back.
Quietly they backed up before their scent could be picked up.
They all shared a look. Suki looked nervously at Misty. "What are we going to do?"
Misty's nose twitched. "The only thing we can do. Fight back."

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