Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good summer. Here is another piece of cat flash fiction that I hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!

This Is What You Get
They were so cute and they were showing off. There were pictures taken as they posed.
It was all good fun until one of them saw one of the shots. The big girl said that I caught her bad side and demanded that I delete that one.
I said I liked it but the big girl still insisted that it be deleted.
An argument ensued and then it turned into a big kerfuffle that embarrassed the other one.
Finally she wrapped her little paw around the big girl and suggested one more pose and that this one would be her good side.
I said okay but when I took the last shot, the big girl stuck her tongue out at me. The other girl smiled as if she knew she would do that.
I was not impressed.
This is what you get I thought for trying to take pictures of those two. Never again.
Behind my back they said they were going to post it on facebook.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you're enjoying your summer. Today is cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Tortie Tummy Map
We're not sure how the map got hid there but she knows. Niko likes to show it off as much as possible.
We looked close one day and tried to follow a certain pattern that we found but then it led to a dead end. Niko just purred and walked off.
We tried her favorite treats to get her to reveal what the map was about but  Niko wasn't giving anything away.
Then one day we decided to follow her and maybe she would lead us to where this map goes. All she did was take us for a very long walk through the yard and garden.
No doubt she knew she was being followed.
Niko showed us her tummy map a few more times like maybe she was trying to give us some hints but everything we thought of was not right.
 Finally one day when Niko went out she went straight for a certain part of the yard. We watched from the window. She disappeared into the flower bed that had the bird bath in it.
All of us rushed out to the flower bed but when we got there she was no where to be found.
We gave up until one day on the door step there were gifts laid out.
A violet, small round smooth stone, and a old spoon with a message that read- These are for you for keeping the map safe.
We were quite puzzled by this and to this day never have figured out the map on her tummy.
We suspect however that fairies are involved.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

I made a mistake last week and didn't post my flash fiction. So today you get two flash fiction pieces! Hope you enjoy.

We Think She's Waiting for Email
Pretending to sleep didn't fool us. Sleeping by the where the computer keyboard should be-she insisted I move it right in front of the computer. I wondered.
I tried watching her but she always knew I was there. There was no fooling her.
One day she actually fell a sleep. This was my chance.
I snuck to the computer and wiggled the mouse. There was an indication that there was a message.
At that moment she stirred but didn't wake. The screen woke up from it's nap. The email disappeared.
She also woke up and looked at me with sleepy eyes.
Are you waiting for an email or something I asked her.
She sniffed at me and with her gold eyes I could tell she wasn't going to tell me anything.
She stretched out and hopped down and went into the kitchen leaving me with no answers.
She started to take her naps else where. In fact she ignored the computer for some time. I think it was to fool me.
Two days later a parcel arrived from Amazon. It was addressed to her. I think that was what the email was about.
It was full of cat treats and one cat toy-a mouse.


Hi everyone and today I have some spring time pics. The apple crabs and apple trees are out so they inspired todays piece.  I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!
Here is the piece I was supposed to post last week. I'm not sure what happened but I thought I pushed published. Blogger sometimes messes with me. Hope you enjoy.


Meet Me Under The Apple Tree
The sweet smell of their perfume made me think of you and a picnic. I could imagine you and I sitting on a blanket under the apple tree-you and I all alone.
So, I decided to write you out a personal invitation.
If you so decide, I invite you to a very special picnic under the old apple tree. I'll make you small cucumber sandwiches , the way you like them. I'll also put egg salad on the side.
With the sandwiches I'll make your favorite homemade sweet ice tea.
To satisfy your sweet tooth, I have homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and crème fresh.
I hope this will entice you to join me under the apple tree.
This invitation has been very carefully placed inside a homemade envelope lovingly addressed to you and only you. I leave it here in your mailbox.
I await your reply.
Your true love-me, I hope.