Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good summer. Here is another piece of cat flash fiction that I hope you will enjoy. Have a great weekend!

This Is What You Get
They were so cute and they were showing off. There were pictures taken as they posed.
It was all good fun until one of them saw one of the shots. The big girl said that I caught her bad side and demanded that I delete that one.
I said I liked it but the big girl still insisted that it be deleted.
An argument ensued and then it turned into a big kerfuffle that embarrassed the other one.
Finally she wrapped her little paw around the big girl and suggested one more pose and that this one would be her good side.
I said okay but when I took the last shot, the big girl stuck her tongue out at me. The other girl smiled as if she knew she would do that.
I was not impressed.
This is what you get I thought for trying to take pictures of those two. Never again.
Behind my back they said they were going to post it on facebook.

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