Thursday, 12 June 2014


Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

I made a mistake last week and didn't post my flash fiction. So today you get two flash fiction pieces! Hope you enjoy.

We Think She's Waiting for Email
Pretending to sleep didn't fool us. Sleeping by the where the computer keyboard should be-she insisted I move it right in front of the computer. I wondered.
I tried watching her but she always knew I was there. There was no fooling her.
One day she actually fell a sleep. This was my chance.
I snuck to the computer and wiggled the mouse. There was an indication that there was a message.
At that moment she stirred but didn't wake. The screen woke up from it's nap. The email disappeared.
She also woke up and looked at me with sleepy eyes.
Are you waiting for an email or something I asked her.
She sniffed at me and with her gold eyes I could tell she wasn't going to tell me anything.
She stretched out and hopped down and went into the kitchen leaving me with no answers.
She started to take her naps else where. In fact she ignored the computer for some time. I think it was to fool me.
Two days later a parcel arrived from Amazon. It was addressed to her. I think that was what the email was about.
It was full of cat treats and one cat toy-a mouse.

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