Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you're enjoying your summer. Today is cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Tortie Tummy Map
We're not sure how the map got hid there but she knows. Niko likes to show it off as much as possible.
We looked close one day and tried to follow a certain pattern that we found but then it led to a dead end. Niko just purred and walked off.
We tried her favorite treats to get her to reveal what the map was about but  Niko wasn't giving anything away.
Then one day we decided to follow her and maybe she would lead us to where this map goes. All she did was take us for a very long walk through the yard and garden.
No doubt she knew she was being followed.
Niko showed us her tummy map a few more times like maybe she was trying to give us some hints but everything we thought of was not right.
 Finally one day when Niko went out she went straight for a certain part of the yard. We watched from the window. She disappeared into the flower bed that had the bird bath in it.
All of us rushed out to the flower bed but when we got there she was no where to be found.
We gave up until one day on the door step there were gifts laid out.
A violet, small round smooth stone, and a old spoon with a message that read- These are for you for keeping the map safe.
We were quite puzzled by this and to this day never have figured out the map on her tummy.
We suspect however that fairies are involved.

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