Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hi everyone! For the last day of July here is a piece of flash fiction for you to enjoy. Hope you like it. Have a great weekend!

Daisy Maisy
He knew when he seen her it was love at first sight. Her smile lit up a light inside of him.
The question was how was he going to win her over. Should he send her flowers?
He wasn't sure but it had to be special so he went out of his way to find her something that would catch her attention.
What he could tell and what he found out was she didn't like fussy things so roses were not it. Maybe flowers weren't what he should give her?
Perfume? That made him wrinkle his nose. Never liked the stuff.
No, it would have to be simple and yet pretty.
He thought for what appeared to be a long time and if he didn't think of something the fellow who smiled at her would be there before him and he would lose his love.
Out the corner of his eye he spotted a patch of white daisies. With one stride he plucked them and headed toward his love. The other fellow was on his way to her as well!
When she looked up their eyes met and at first he didn't' think she wanted him to come towards her but then her smile lit up her face as he got closer.
He held up the daisies hiding his face.  The other fellow laughed at him. "Is that the best you can do?"
He felt deflated as the other fellow held out a single rose to her.
His love lost her smile. Oh no.
What he didn't notice was that she was not frowning at him but the fellow with the single rose.
She sent him on his way and smiled at him.
"I love daisies, they are my favorite flower. How did you know such a thing?"
He smiled at her. "I just knew."
"My name is Daisy you know."
"It suits you. You're my Daisy Maisy."
She flushed as he placed a daisy in her hair.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hi everyone! Here is today' flash fiction. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Stone Butterfly
The little faerie Petal loved to frolic in the violas even though she was warned of the stone butterflies.
She always said that she was careful and most of the time she was. However there was one thing that little Petal didn't know or perhaps the other faeries didn't know was that the stone butterflies could shape shift.
Petal went skipping into her favorite viola patch and discovered a little boy faerie with the most beautiful wings she had ever seen. He looked to be enjoying the violas as much as she did. Petal got quite excited and ran up to him.
It was like he was waiting for her. He smiled at her and made Petal almost blush. His beauty was something she had never seen before. "You have beautiful wings."
He smiled back at her again and when he spoke his voice sounded like one of the song birds thought Petal. "I've come here as often as you. I like the flowers like you."
Petal looked a bit confused. "I've never seen you before though. Why didn't you speak to me then?"
"I didn't want to scare you I guess but I was here right with you in the garden and once right beside you."
"Were you invisible or something?" Petal was not believing him.
"I was hiding in the flowers." He stood up and his wings lifted him up into the air. He hovered above Petal for a moment. "Hold out your arm to me."
"Why? I can not hold you on my arm."
He smiled down at her and Petal couldn't help but stare at his wings that were so delicate and yet strong.
"Trust me," he said. "I won't weigh anything."
She sighed and held out her arm. In a blue blur he came down and landed on her arm He was a beautiful blue butterfly. With one finger she touched his wings. She followed the pattern on his wings all the way to the part that swooped out.
Then the world changed. Petal looked around and everything was blurred until nothing.
She had turned to stone in the middle of the viola garden. The stone butterfly was now stone and perched on her arm. Her stone eyes gazed upon him.
He could still fly around but always returned to her arm.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hello everyone! Today is for all you cat lovers-cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

Share The Kitty Love
It's a very special kind of love. The two of them tell me they are the only two that share this kind of love. It's called Kitty Love. I had to get them to explain it.
Together they said this kind of love is like having cat treats all the time. Also the face washes are always special even though one of them said she got a little too much slobber on her.
The cuddling time in the pink basket was always special as that meant they beat the tom cat to the basket. It puts his nose out of joint.
I sighed on that one. I think that is just one of the things they like to do to him, not part of the kitty love thing but I didn't say anything.
If they could package up the Kitty Love thing they thought and give it out to the whole world, it would be such a lovelier place. I didn't ask if they would sale it. I didn't want to know really.
But the best thing of all they thought about their Kitty Love was each other and the time they spent together. That was the real kitty love.
Now that sounded all sweet but I think one was just trying to get her extra treat that the other one didn't see in her dish.
But I was only guessing.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hope everyone is having a great summer. I hope you enjoy todays flash fiction. Have a great weekend!

Daylily Blues
I knew these were his favorite. I think it was more their sunshine color that was his favorite but it didn't matter, I set out to find some.
It took a while to find anything close to what I knew he would like. There had been a rain storm the night before and it pounded the poor flowers. The storm we had reminded me of what he was going through and I continued on with more determination that I would find them.
Finally, tucked into the corner under some grasses a bright yellow shone through. I smiled and brushed back the grasses and there they were. Perfect for him.
I picked them and gently took them to the house and prepared them for their vase.
He was coming within the hour.
Everything was ready when I heard him drive in.
He never looked up once as he was coming to my door. A sinking feeling came over me.
A gentle knock pulled me towards the door while my mind and heart raced.
When I opened the door that was when he finally looked at me and gave me a small smile. I was crushing at his pain and wanted so badly to pull him into my arms but I couldn't.
I invited him in and he walked to the table and stopped. I watched him for a second or two as he eyed the yellow daylilies. I thought he was going to either burst into tears or walk straight out.
Did I do wrong?
His soft brown eyes met mine. I can't do this he told me. He then said that he was leaving and starting over somewhere else. My chest was thumping now.
He glanced at the daylilies one more time and I could almost see him wince. 
I tried to say something but the right words wouldn't come out.
Instead I hugged him. He was stiff at first but then he ended up wrapping me in his arms and hugged back with a passion that almost knocked the wind out of me.
Then he left and I sat down at the table staring at the daylilies.
A week passed and the daylilies were long gone. I was at the kitchen sink when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a delivery man was there with a bouquet of flowers and a sheepish grin.
I thanked him quickly and took the flowers and set them on the table. They were pink daylilies-my favorite color.
I opened the card that came with them. The card was sunshine yellow with pink on it. I smiled as I turned over to read it.
Missing you it read and hoping your days are filled with happiness.
I contacted him and we are meeting in the next few days.
My days are now about to be filled with happiness I told him.
I sent him a mixture of yellow and pink daylilies before I got there.
That made him extremely happy.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Hello everyone! I have a flash fiction piece today. I caught this little guy in my roses looking like he belonged. Hope you enjoy.

The Rose Keeper
He blended in at first. Then he climbed onto the rose petals. It appeared to be a nice resting place for him.
Then he actually told me that he was staying and was tending to the roses now. I was quite surprised. I asked him who appointed him this job.
He was quite indignant about it. "The roses of course silly, who else would do such a thing?"
I didn't know what to say then. "I suppose you are right but what makes you qualified to look after them?"
"For starters, they let me eat any bugs that dare nibble at their leaves or silky petals. They have an appearance to keep up you know."
He said this like I should have known this. He was right about that. But I was curious. "What else do you have to do?"
He didn't answer me right away, I think he had to think about it. He crawled more into the rose snuggling down, wrapping himself in his petal blink blanket. I thought he wasn't going to say any more.
"The most important thing for my job, is to be a very good friend."
With that he turned his back to me and slipped deeper into the rose's centre.
I thought to myself that for a rose keeper he was probably not being the most truthful friend but then again I know how roses can be.