Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hello everyone! Today is for all you cat lovers-cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

Share The Kitty Love
It's a very special kind of love. The two of them tell me they are the only two that share this kind of love. It's called Kitty Love. I had to get them to explain it.
Together they said this kind of love is like having cat treats all the time. Also the face washes are always special even though one of them said she got a little too much slobber on her.
The cuddling time in the pink basket was always special as that meant they beat the tom cat to the basket. It puts his nose out of joint.
I sighed on that one. I think that is just one of the things they like to do to him, not part of the kitty love thing but I didn't say anything.
If they could package up the Kitty Love thing they thought and give it out to the whole world, it would be such a lovelier place. I didn't ask if they would sale it. I didn't want to know really.
But the best thing of all they thought about their Kitty Love was each other and the time they spent together. That was the real kitty love.
Now that sounded all sweet but I think one was just trying to get her extra treat that the other one didn't see in her dish.
But I was only guessing.

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