Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hope everyone is having a great summer. I hope you enjoy todays flash fiction. Have a great weekend!

Daylily Blues
I knew these were his favorite. I think it was more their sunshine color that was his favorite but it didn't matter, I set out to find some.
It took a while to find anything close to what I knew he would like. There had been a rain storm the night before and it pounded the poor flowers. The storm we had reminded me of what he was going through and I continued on with more determination that I would find them.
Finally, tucked into the corner under some grasses a bright yellow shone through. I smiled and brushed back the grasses and there they were. Perfect for him.
I picked them and gently took them to the house and prepared them for their vase.
He was coming within the hour.
Everything was ready when I heard him drive in.
He never looked up once as he was coming to my door. A sinking feeling came over me.
A gentle knock pulled me towards the door while my mind and heart raced.
When I opened the door that was when he finally looked at me and gave me a small smile. I was crushing at his pain and wanted so badly to pull him into my arms but I couldn't.
I invited him in and he walked to the table and stopped. I watched him for a second or two as he eyed the yellow daylilies. I thought he was going to either burst into tears or walk straight out.
Did I do wrong?
His soft brown eyes met mine. I can't do this he told me. He then said that he was leaving and starting over somewhere else. My chest was thumping now.
He glanced at the daylilies one more time and I could almost see him wince. 
I tried to say something but the right words wouldn't come out.
Instead I hugged him. He was stiff at first but then he ended up wrapping me in his arms and hugged back with a passion that almost knocked the wind out of me.
Then he left and I sat down at the table staring at the daylilies.
A week passed and the daylilies were long gone. I was at the kitchen sink when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a delivery man was there with a bouquet of flowers and a sheepish grin.
I thanked him quickly and took the flowers and set them on the table. They were pink daylilies-my favorite color.
I opened the card that came with them. The card was sunshine yellow with pink on it. I smiled as I turned over to read it.
Missing you it read and hoping your days are filled with happiness.
I contacted him and we are meeting in the next few days.
My days are now about to be filled with happiness I told him.
I sent him a mixture of yellow and pink daylilies before I got there.
That made him extremely happy.

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