Thursday, 3 July 2014


Hello everyone! I have a flash fiction piece today. I caught this little guy in my roses looking like he belonged. Hope you enjoy.

The Rose Keeper
He blended in at first. Then he climbed onto the rose petals. It appeared to be a nice resting place for him.
Then he actually told me that he was staying and was tending to the roses now. I was quite surprised. I asked him who appointed him this job.
He was quite indignant about it. "The roses of course silly, who else would do such a thing?"
I didn't know what to say then. "I suppose you are right but what makes you qualified to look after them?"
"For starters, they let me eat any bugs that dare nibble at their leaves or silky petals. They have an appearance to keep up you know."
He said this like I should have known this. He was right about that. But I was curious. "What else do you have to do?"
He didn't answer me right away, I think he had to think about it. He crawled more into the rose snuggling down, wrapping himself in his petal blink blanket. I thought he wasn't going to say any more.
"The most important thing for my job, is to be a very good friend."
With that he turned his back to me and slipped deeper into the rose's centre.
I thought to myself that for a rose keeper he was probably not being the most truthful friend but then again I know how roses can be. 

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