Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hi everyone! Here is today' flash fiction. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Stone Butterfly
The little faerie Petal loved to frolic in the violas even though she was warned of the stone butterflies.
She always said that she was careful and most of the time she was. However there was one thing that little Petal didn't know or perhaps the other faeries didn't know was that the stone butterflies could shape shift.
Petal went skipping into her favorite viola patch and discovered a little boy faerie with the most beautiful wings she had ever seen. He looked to be enjoying the violas as much as she did. Petal got quite excited and ran up to him.
It was like he was waiting for her. He smiled at her and made Petal almost blush. His beauty was something she had never seen before. "You have beautiful wings."
He smiled back at her again and when he spoke his voice sounded like one of the song birds thought Petal. "I've come here as often as you. I like the flowers like you."
Petal looked a bit confused. "I've never seen you before though. Why didn't you speak to me then?"
"I didn't want to scare you I guess but I was here right with you in the garden and once right beside you."
"Were you invisible or something?" Petal was not believing him.
"I was hiding in the flowers." He stood up and his wings lifted him up into the air. He hovered above Petal for a moment. "Hold out your arm to me."
"Why? I can not hold you on my arm."
He smiled down at her and Petal couldn't help but stare at his wings that were so delicate and yet strong.
"Trust me," he said. "I won't weigh anything."
She sighed and held out her arm. In a blue blur he came down and landed on her arm He was a beautiful blue butterfly. With one finger she touched his wings. She followed the pattern on his wings all the way to the part that swooped out.
Then the world changed. Petal looked around and everything was blurred until nothing.
She had turned to stone in the middle of the viola garden. The stone butterfly was now stone and perched on her arm. Her stone eyes gazed upon him.
He could still fly around but always returned to her arm.

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