Thursday, 14 August 2014

Flash Fiction-MEMORIES

Hope everyone is doing great. Hope you enjoy today's flash fiction.

It was a long time ago but when I saw the pink daisies it reminded me of a certain day so long ago. You had announced that this was your last summer here and in the fall you were leaving to go live in another country-Ireland. I couldn't believe that you were actually going to do this.
All summer we talked about all the things that we had done together and even the times we got into trouble. The summer slipped away too fast as it always does.
You were to leave right after the long weekend and now it was the long weekend. We gathered at your place with a few other friends and had this pathetic send off. We toasted to you with cheap wine and hugged you with well wishes.
Before you left you gave me these pink daisies out of your mom's garden. You said these would remind me of you. I thought that was weird at the time. But you were quirky anyway.
Time went by us both after. The pink daisies faded into yesterday's memories and  soon the postcards from Ireland were also apart of the memories.
So, when I seen these pink daisies today, 10 years later, I was sent back to another time and I did remember you, just like you said I would. Isn't it funny how something like these simple flowers can ignite such memories?
I wonder how you have done over the years. I do remember hearing that you had met someone. I wonder how that turned out for you.
I might even have one of those postcards kicking around. I should go look. Maybe I can find the address and if I do, I'll try and find another postcard with pink daisies on them.
See if you remember because I certainly did.

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