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Hi everyone! I hope everyone is fine. I started to write a flash fiction piece but instead it turned into a short story. I hope you enjoy. Have a great long weekend!

The Fairy Princess
No one at first knew she was hidden there. When they did find her, that's when the stories came to life.
It was long ago when she was made princess of her court. Another court was coming to celebrate, the summer faeries danced and sang songs.
The new princess, Mara, was unaware that these celebrations were more than just about her becoming a princess. Mara was also to meet her future mate.
This was the reason for the summer court's invitation.
When Mara heard this news she was devastated. She did not want a mate chosen for her.
So, she snuck out the eve before the big celebrations. Mara figured if she stayed away for a bit, the intended mate would be mad at her for a no show and call it off.  
There was a secret hiding place that Mara liked to hide that no one knew about. It was tucked in some tall grasses and large bush that was perfect for hiding in with its large leaves.
On the small path she met someone.
"Going some where Princess?"
Mara eyed the little troll with mistrust. She knew all too well these tiny trolls were thieves.
"What do you want from me?"
The troll laughed and reached into his little pouch. "I should say that I really don't want anything from you dear princess but I can help you out of your undesired situation."
Mara's eyes went wide. "How do you know?"
He chuckled. "Everyone in the land knows of your upcoming nuptials ."
Mara flushed with embarrassment. Of course everyone knew.
"I don't need your help." She quickly went around him and walked with a quick stride making distance between herself and the tiny troll.
When she got to her hiding spot she felt like she was being watched. Mara turned her head to see if anyone was behind her. She thought perhaps it might be the little troll but she didn't see him.
Mara was about to climb into her hiding place when a soft low voice pulled her attention to behind her. When she looked, there was the most handsome faerie she had ever seen. He was riding on the most beautiful fey horse she had ever seen. Its silver reins shimmered and its blue eyes twinkled.
His golden hair almost shone in the night and his eyes glowed as if they were stars. He stepped down off his horse and walked towards her without making a sound.
"It is not safe for you to be out here. Let me take you home."
"I do not want to go home. I am to meet my mate tomorrow and I do not want to marry him," she said all too quickly.
"I see, but how do you know if you do not meet him. Maybe you will fall in love with him."
Mara was captivated by this fey. "Because I want to choose my own mate. I want to fall in love on my own." Mara cast her eyes down feeling her face flush. She was thankful it was dark out as she felt embarrassed confessing all this to this stranger. When she looked up their eyes locked and her breath was still. Her muscles couldn't move.
Silence settled between them until he let out a breath. "Please let me help you. I may have a solution for you."
Mara's eyes went wide but felt apprehensive. "Why would you help me?"
"Because I can tell that you want to be in charge of your own density, no?"
Mara was so captivated by his sweet song of a voice that she came closer to him and was now looking up into his blue jeweled eyes. This was someone that she could fall in love with. In fact she was falling in love right now.
 "I will accept your help." But before he answered a sound from over the hill could be heard. Mara knew it was the court looking for her. "They are coming for me, I have to hide."
She went to hide in her spot when he grabbed her arm. "I can help you hide."
The sounds of the court were getting louder and closer.
"I have a secret hiding spot here." She gestured to the spot and went inside with the faerie right behind her. The darkness of the hiding spot swallowed them both hiding them from the encroaching court. The sounds of their horses rumbled by them.
Then everything appeared to be quiet.
"I think we are safe," he said.
Mara was relieved but now she was standing very close to him and she could smell his warm breath on her face. The scents of moss mixed with a winters breath filled her. Her eyes closed in the dark space.
When she opened them his blue eyes shone. "You are so beautiful," she whispered.
Despite it being dark she could see him smile. "You are special and I want to help you. What I am about to do will protect you until I come back for you."
"What are you going to do?"
He pulled her close and kissed her. Instantly Mara felt the coldness run through her. Her arms flew up trying to get away but it was of no use. She now couldn't move and her entire body felt heavy like stone.
He heard the rumble of the horses coming back. When they got close he stepped out.
The courts horses came to a stop. Mara's father got down from his horse. "What business have you here in this court winter faerie?"
"I come with no ill intention your king. I am simply resting and will be on my way come sunrise. I heard the noise and simply came out to investigate."
The king sighed. "I see, you haven't seen a young girl have you?"
"No, I have not seen anyone on my travels."
The king turned and mounted his horse. He eyed the young traveler and moved on with the rest of the court.
"You're playing a fools game, you know."
The winter faerie whirled around to the tiny troll.
The tiny troll bravely came close. "If he finds out what you did, you will be killed. I could help you escape with her."
The winter faerie scoffed at him. "I don't need your help and with my magic no one will find her. I will come for her and take her to my winter world. Be off with you before you feel what kind of magic I can really do."
The tiny troll backed off but before he left he turned to the winter faerie and said, "You two will never find each other."
He was gone before the winter faerie could do anything to him.
Time passed and the young princess was never found. The court believed her to be dead.
The young winter faerie did come back but in all his searches he could not find the spot. He gave up finding her.
She wasn't found until one day a young faerie couple were playing in the glen when they came across a small knoll that looked like it at one time had a entrance to it. They investigated and found the a stone faerie hidden inside.
The king and what was left of his court was long gone. All that was left was the stories that was told about the missing princess.
They took the stone faerie out of her dark grave and brought her into their court yard where they placed a stone bowl that held water on top of her outstretched hands. The summer court planted wild flowers at the bottom of her. That is where she stayed while the stories kept on being told.

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