Thursday, 25 September 2014


Hi and hope your fall is beautiful where you are. I hope you enjoy today's flash fiction.
Happy Fall!

He sat on the counter and waited for his tea. Ted was his name and he reminded us that is was not "Teddy" but "Ted".
We tried to remember but it slipped out a couple of times. A little growl came from him each time so we made sure to call him by his proper name.
There was no honey for his tea so we asked him if sugar was okay. He sighed. "Brown sugar please. I don't really like white."
Ted also requested his tea in a large coffee mug. His paws he said won't fit in fancy tea cup handle. Last time he spilled all over his red kerchief.
It took a while to find a mug that had a big enough handle. There was a picture of a cat on it but he said that was alright. Even though he didn't really like cats, he would drink from the mug.
His tea had to be weak-a nice golden color and not black and bitter.
We showed him first before serving. He said it was lovely.
Along with the tea we served gingersnaps and raisin cookies. They were his favorites with tea.
Once he was finished he thanked us very much for the tea and cookies. Now he was sleepy and would like to take a nap if we didn't mind.
We tried to be quiet but it was hard. The good thing was, he snored so loudly he didn't hear our noise.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hi everyone and hope everyone is fine. I hope you enjoy todays flash fiction.

The Iron Dragonfly
Not sure when he arrived but he was silent. His stiff iron wings never made a sound.
 His travels must have been tough by the rust on his wings though. Never the less it didn't slow him down.  
We asked where he came from and were told of a far a way place where all the dragonflies, butterflies and even the beetles were made from iron.
The King's men made them and sent them out. Why would the King send them out here we asked.
There was a pause and then he said he actually got lost. He was sent to find a princess that the King wanted to marry.
Where is she we asked.
This was the problem, he didn't know  and the King didn't know either.
Then how are you going to find her we wanted to know
His metal wings twitched. What would have to be done is a search party would have to be formed he thought.
That was fine we told him but if nobody knows who she is, how are they going to know who they are looking for?
His metal wings twitched again.
A feeling would come over him and tell him it was her he told us.
I think we all thought this wouldn't work but then again this was no ordinary dragonfly.
He apologized for the intrusion and would be on his way. All he asked for was a drink of nectar and he would continue on. He had his drink and with one swoosh he was off and gone.
Three weeks later a letter arrived with the King's stamp on it. It was from the iron dragonfly. The princess was found. The feelings that he told us about worked.
The King was most happy and we were left in awe of the iron dragonfly.  

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Flash fiction- The Dragonfly Arrived Back With Stories

Hi everyone! I hope it's nice and warm where you are. It is cold here today. I wanted to capture a picture of a dragonfly but it was too cold today. I did see a couple this afternoon but of course I didn't have my camera. I hope this one will be okay. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Dragonfly Arrived Back With Stories
He hovered in the air before falling to the ground. His wings shimmered in the sunlight. Exhaustion appeared to have taken hold of him.
However, after a moment or two, his wings twitched. That's when the blue glitter of his wings caught our eye. We asked how this had happened to his wings.
He said he met on his adventure a Faerie Queen who was so enthralled by him that she decorated his wings with the blue stones of her kingdom. She told him that the blue in his wings reminded her of someone special. The Queen invited him into her palace where flowers bloomed profusely. The large flat daisies were his favorite he said. They made a nice resting place while she told him stories.
She told him of a lost love that she still hoped to find again. He said she believed in true love.
Her voice sounded like a birds song but he understood her he said. It was believed that her true love was taken from her in the night under a full moon. Every full moon she looked for him. His wings were blue and they shimmered in the light she said.
He wondered if that was why she decorated his wings with the blue stones. They were everywhere though so he asked about them.
The Faerie Queen's face flushed. The Queen admitted they were her tears that had turned to blue stones. She had shed so many tears over the years that  now they were everywhere.
He felt sorry for her but he had to leave and before he took flight she gave him a blue stone. The Queen said it would protect him and if he held it to his ear he might hear more stories but probably not. It was meant for her true love she said. She had filled it with stories just for him.
We looked at the odd blue stone and put it to our ears. All we could hear was crying or sometimes nothing.
It was odd he said, when he put it to his ear, he heard stories.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hello and happy September! Today I have some cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy!
Have a great weekend!

The Ponderings of Miss Mew
On melancholy days Bella or sometimes known as Miss Mew, stares out the window. She almost can tell you how she feels at those moments. You can see it in her eyes.
The birds that flutter by barely catch her attention. Even the butterfly that rests on the golden glow just outside the window get's ignored.
I feel what she is pondering is what it would be like to go out their like her fellow felines who do get the privilege of going outdoors.
It is something that she has voiced about many times. Why not Mama, why not? Her high pitched mew complains with bitterness and maybe just a touch of jealousy at the other two who go out.
But on days like this it is better just to talk to her quietly and tell her that she is much happier indoors and that treats are better than mice.
I think then when she looks at me with her green eyes, she almost might agree with me but not quite completely. After all those other two do tell stories about their adventures.
Miss Mew is sometimes not too sure if their stories are a bit stretched for her sake but she liked to listen to them anyway.
It amused her.