Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hello and happy September! Today I have some cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy!
Have a great weekend!

The Ponderings of Miss Mew
On melancholy days Bella or sometimes known as Miss Mew, stares out the window. She almost can tell you how she feels at those moments. You can see it in her eyes.
The birds that flutter by barely catch her attention. Even the butterfly that rests on the golden glow just outside the window get's ignored.
I feel what she is pondering is what it would be like to go out their like her fellow felines who do get the privilege of going outdoors.
It is something that she has voiced about many times. Why not Mama, why not? Her high pitched mew complains with bitterness and maybe just a touch of jealousy at the other two who go out.
But on days like this it is better just to talk to her quietly and tell her that she is much happier indoors and that treats are better than mice.
I think then when she looks at me with her green eyes, she almost might agree with me but not quite completely. After all those other two do tell stories about their adventures.
Miss Mew is sometimes not too sure if their stories are a bit stretched for her sake but she liked to listen to them anyway.
It amused her.

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