Thursday, 11 September 2014

Flash fiction- The Dragonfly Arrived Back With Stories

Hi everyone! I hope it's nice and warm where you are. It is cold here today. I wanted to capture a picture of a dragonfly but it was too cold today. I did see a couple this afternoon but of course I didn't have my camera. I hope this one will be okay. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

The Dragonfly Arrived Back With Stories
He hovered in the air before falling to the ground. His wings shimmered in the sunlight. Exhaustion appeared to have taken hold of him.
However, after a moment or two, his wings twitched. That's when the blue glitter of his wings caught our eye. We asked how this had happened to his wings.
He said he met on his adventure a Faerie Queen who was so enthralled by him that she decorated his wings with the blue stones of her kingdom. She told him that the blue in his wings reminded her of someone special. The Queen invited him into her palace where flowers bloomed profusely. The large flat daisies were his favorite he said. They made a nice resting place while she told him stories.
She told him of a lost love that she still hoped to find again. He said she believed in true love.
Her voice sounded like a birds song but he understood her he said. It was believed that her true love was taken from her in the night under a full moon. Every full moon she looked for him. His wings were blue and they shimmered in the light she said.
He wondered if that was why she decorated his wings with the blue stones. They were everywhere though so he asked about them.
The Faerie Queen's face flushed. The Queen admitted they were her tears that had turned to blue stones. She had shed so many tears over the years that  now they were everywhere.
He felt sorry for her but he had to leave and before he took flight she gave him a blue stone. The Queen said it would protect him and if he held it to his ear he might hear more stories but probably not. It was meant for her true love she said. She had filled it with stories just for him.
We looked at the odd blue stone and put it to our ears. All we could hear was crying or sometimes nothing.
It was odd he said, when he put it to his ear, he heard stories.

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