Thursday, 25 September 2014


Hi and hope your fall is beautiful where you are. I hope you enjoy today's flash fiction.
Happy Fall!

He sat on the counter and waited for his tea. Ted was his name and he reminded us that is was not "Teddy" but "Ted".
We tried to remember but it slipped out a couple of times. A little growl came from him each time so we made sure to call him by his proper name.
There was no honey for his tea so we asked him if sugar was okay. He sighed. "Brown sugar please. I don't really like white."
Ted also requested his tea in a large coffee mug. His paws he said won't fit in fancy tea cup handle. Last time he spilled all over his red kerchief.
It took a while to find a mug that had a big enough handle. There was a picture of a cat on it but he said that was alright. Even though he didn't really like cats, he would drink from the mug.
His tea had to be weak-a nice golden color and not black and bitter.
We showed him first before serving. He said it was lovely.
Along with the tea we served gingersnaps and raisin cookies. They were his favorites with tea.
Once he was finished he thanked us very much for the tea and cookies. Now he was sleepy and would like to take a nap if we didn't mind.
We tried to be quiet but it was hard. The good thing was, he snored so loudly he didn't hear our noise.

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