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Hello everyone. Today I have something different. This is the beginning of a novel I am writing. I think it will be a trilogy. The first book is A  DISCOVERY OF MAGICIANS. I think it is going to be a YA novel. It's not in it's final form but I hope you will enjoy this little taste.

A Discovery Of Magicians
He pulled the magic off without them knowing it. Breagan smiled as he saw her eyes widen. He had changed a feather closed inside his hand into a coin. Everyone was shaking their head as they looked up and down his bare arms. There was no sleeve to do an exchange. The mumbles around said he must have somehow did the switch from his pocket.
Breagan watched her from the corner of his eye. He had impressed Miss Emily Gates. A lively beat started inside his chest as he started to go towards her. He wiped his hands on his jeans quickly but stopped in his tracks. Instead of looking at Emily's pretty face, some dude was draping his arm over her shoulder and was leading her away.
He gritted his teeth and ground his runner into the grass. Thoughts of doing something to the dude crossed his mind. Flattening his tires on his car would stop him from going anywhere with Emily. It was very tempting. What does she see in him? Maybe it has to do with his good looks? Nah, the guy is a football player. They have the mentally of a squirrel.
Breagan watched as Emily flipped her blond hair in front of him just as he opened the door to his little coupe. Her smile melted Breagan from across the parking lot. His legs felt wobbly suddenly.
The sound of someone sighing brought Breagan to his attention. A coldness made the hairs on his neck stand up. Slowly he turned his head but no one was there. He shook his head and was going to walk away when this time a voice spoke to him and it was as if they were talking right into his ear but no one was there.
She's not worth it. And that little trick you did to impress her was pretty lame.
Breagan froze. He knew there was no one talking into his ear. There was no one around him. The magic in him started to hum.
Oh, I can feel your magic. Most promising indeed.
Breagan swirled around half expecting to see some sort of alien being but all that happened was a gust of wind blew into his face and that was it.
The school bell rang.
Art class was what he needed right now and Emily would be there as well.  While painting he could admire her.
Breagan"s piece that he was working on was a portrait of her but it was a different version. It was Breagan's vision of his love interest. No one in the room including Emily would know that it was her.
He settled down to paint and kept looking over at where she usually sat but she hadn't arrived yet. The bell rang for the last and she was still not there. Breagan sighed. Emily skipped out to be with him. His eyes reverted to his painting of Emily. The smoky eyes looked back at him. In Breagan's mind her eyes were navy instead of the soft brown her own were. Her shoulder length blond hair had streaks of pink and blue. Her high cheek bones were sharper giving her a dangerous edge that excited Breagan.
He was about to start painting when he caught someone out the corner of his eye. A dark haired girl sat down where Emily usually sat. A funny vibe went up Breagan's spine. She never looked at any body and when she revealed what she was working on it was all black with splashes of color in the middle. It looked like a strange door way to some place that he would never dream of going.
Who are you?
Breagan tried to concentrate on his painting but his eyes kept sneaking over to where the girl sat in Emily's spot. The colors on her painting were getting more and more intense. He had to force himself to blink his eyes to stop staring at those colors.
When he looked at his own painting the intense colors were crawling all over his Emily devouring her. "NO!"
Everyone turned and looked at him. The teacher Miss Black looked over at him. "Is everything alright?"
Breagan looked at his painting again. The colors had gone but he could still feel them.
"Everything is fine, sorry."
He could feel his face heat and could also feel something else-her eyes on him.
Slowly he let his eyes peer over to her and she locked him in her gaze. He couldn't look away if he tried. Her eyes were the color of stone grey with a coldness that ran through Breagan's veins. The magic thrummed inside him like it did outside. Who are you? Are you the one who attacked me outside?
She smirked. He knew that she had heard his silent words.
Meet me outside after class under the old apple tree where you did your trick.
She whirled around cutting off the hold she had on him. For the rest of the class she ignored him. He never stopped watching her. Her painting in front of her kept changing. It was like she was putting on a show for him because she knew he was watching.
There were cards running across her canvas only to be caught and made to fall into a card house. Then they would collapse and out from under the cards a rabbit bound out and Breagan thought it looked as if it was going to leap out. Breagan held his breath but just as the rabbit looked like it was going to jump into her lap, it turned into cards and flew around the room. Breagan looked at everyone and the cards but it appeared that no one could see the cards. They all flew in front of him and one stray card nearly hit his cheek but darted out of the way in time. The cards raced back to her and landed inside the canvas in a neat stack, just as the bell rang to end class.
She never turned around. He watched her get up calmly and walk out.
Breagan didn't know what to do. Should he go meet her under the old tree? His magic was always something he kept to himself. Now he had ran into someone like himself and that scared him for some reason. Maybe he thought she would have answers but did he want to know them?
Breagan sighed. He slowly gathered up his stuff and just as he was about to get up a girl came up to him and handed him a note. "I was told to give this to you." He took the note from her and she walked away.
He opened the note. Don't meet her. She will trick you. Meet me instead, behind the school.
There were two of them! Now he really didn't know what to do. He didn't trust either one of them but wanted to know who and what they wanted from him.
When he got outside he looked over at the far end of the yard where the old tree was. He didn't see her unless she was hiding behind the tree. He also looked towards the back of the school. Which way was he to go?
She came out from behind the tree and stood there waiting for him. He stopped abut five feet from her. "Don't worry, you can trust me. Let's sit at the picnic table."
"Okay, but you have to tell who you are and what do you want from me?"
"My name is Saurian and I've been looking for you for a long time."
"Looking for me? What do you mean by that?"
"It means I have finally completed the circle. You need to come with me to seal this circle."
"Seal the circle? What is that and what have I got to do with it?"
She leaned over as if someone might be listening. "You belong to a coven of magicians that needs your help to bind them. That's where you come from. You must have wondered growing up that you could do things and "perform tricks" to amuse yourself and your friends."
Breagan didn't respond. He wanted to hear more about this circle. Her stone grey eyes settled on him and she continued. "There are others out there and the attack that you said you experienced earlier was from one of the Oracles."
"Oracles? I don't understand."
"They are magic stealers who don't want the circle complete. They will stop at nothing and that is why you have to come with me to help put an end to this for once and for all."
Breagan shook his head. He felt like he was being dragged into something that he and nothing to do with him. He wanted to get as far away from them as possible. Breagan got up without looking at her. He didn't want to be held by those eyes of hers.
The sound of her getting up followed him. "I warn you not to go meet him."
Breagan stopped in his tracks. She had stopped as well. He turned his head and met those stone grey eyes that made him shiver.
"I have no intentions of meeting him or having anything to do with this circle and completing it. It has nothing to with me. Leave me out of it."
Breagan walked away and quickly put distance between them.
Without thinking he went behind the school yard to take a short cut. He got halfway when he felt the magic. It was the same magic that attacked him earlier. Looking straight ahead with determination , Breagan kept walking as briskly as he could.
"Now, come on. Do give me the time of day at least."
Breagan shook his head and kept going. He was almost at the edge of the yard when he felt his feet was being lifted off the ground.
"Hey, put me down. I want nothing to do with any of you."
"Let me talk to you is all I ask."
"Put me down then." Gently he was lowered to the ground. He turned around cautiously to face this Oracle.
A tall dark haired young man dressed jeans, navy t-shirt and runners smiled  at him. Breagan looked him up and down. He looked ordinary and not very scary thought Breagan.
He held out his hand to Breagan. "Please to meet you. My name is Dorian."
Carefully Breagan held out his hand. "Hi, what do you want from me."
Dorian smirked. "To the point. I like you already. What I want from you is nothing more than a promise."
"A promise? What do you mean?"
"A very simple promise  Breagan. Stay away from Saurian and the circle. They want you to complete a circle that will destroy everything."
Breagan took a shaky breath. "I have no interest in your two groups dispute and I don't know why either of you sought me out. I want nothing to do with either of you or any circle."
Dorian tilted his head at Breagan. "You have no idea who or what you are do you? That's too bad but I still need that promise."
Breagan threw up his arms. "Fine, I promise to stay away from her. But you have to stay away from me."
Dorian laughed softly. "Now, that is not how it works my friend. Promises have a strange way of making up their own rules. They change on whim. No. Promises have to be made to obey."
"I don't understand."
"You will Breagan, along with everything else and more that you never knew existed."
The wind gusted suddenly and Breagan couldn't breathe. He fell to his knees and all he could see was Dorian's dark eyes and a group of others coming up behind him.

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