Thursday, 16 October 2014


Happy Fall everyone! Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

Mr.  Blossom Had  A Dream
Yes, it happened.
Can one think what Mr. Blossom would dream about?
Chasing mice or catching a bird in flight maybe?
Maybe he flew like a bird. That would be silly but this is his dream after all.
He told us what he dreamed of and it was most extraordinaire indeed.
An invitation arrived to come to a special picnic.
He said he had to wash his paws twice, he was so nervous.
When the time came he was escorted by two black cats who took him to this large soft blanket under the large apple tree. Dappled sunlight played on the soft grey blanket.
A kitten held down each corner of the blanket. It wasn't that windy so they would do just fine.
Bowls of cream were laid out before them with a fresh piece of fish on a small plate.
He could smell the fish a cream. It was the best thing he ever remembered smelling.
Other cats came  and they all ate their fish and lapped up their cream.
After they played with wound up mice toys and balls with catnip inside them. The kittens joined in but didn't play fair. They kept hiding the balls under the blanket.
After their play they all had catnaps on the soft grey blanket.
When he woke up he was back on the couch.
He could smell catnip on his paws.


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