Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hi and hope all is well. Today is Cat Flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

The Shadow Cat
She called her shadow her special friend who was shy according to her.
It would only speak to her and no one else.
Never the less, her friend followed her where ever she went. We thought this would be rather annoying but she told us absolutely not. Since her shadow friend was so special she said, they decided to be together always.
Does your shadow have a name?
Of course she said. Her name is Missy. It goes with my name, Misty. Missy Misty. She thought that was cute and we thought it sounded too sweet.
Misty didn't care and neither did Missy who just loomed behind Misty in a sulky matter.
So we apologised and offered her some cream in a china cup.
Both were quite happy and accepted their cream. 
After they licked their paws, it was  decided it was nap time.
Missy and Misty curled up in a sunny spot leaving us to clean up the cup of cream.

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