Thursday, 13 November 2014


Hi and hope everyone is keeping warm. Winter is creeping in where I live. Today I have some flash fiction. It's a bit longer than my usual flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Apples, Deception And a Frog
The faerie boy tried to tell me that they were as sweet as I was. But I knew those apples were past their day. When you looked at them they were picture perfect and you wanted to pick one and take a bite.
I tried to get his name but he was coy and wouldn't reveal it. If I could find out, he would have to come good on the apples and tell me the truth. I asked  him, "Why do you want me to take a bite anyway?"
His smile was equal to a warm sunny day. He filled my thought full of summer fun and urges to go ahead and take the apples.
I shook my head at him and frowned. That didn't make him happy. A glimmer of sun shimmered in his blond hair and his green forest eyes drank me in.
I shifted at his charm and tried to back away. I knew that I shouldn't have attracted his attention to begin with. What was I thinking?
With one fluid motion he was standing in front of me towering down at me. The smell of over ripe apples devoured me. "Take a bite my love and you can play with me forever. Wouldn't you like that?"
I swallowed hard but I threw my chin up at him. "I will not take one bite of your rotten apples or play with you. You want to trick me and that is all."
His laugh sounded like a summer breeze blowing away the scent of the apples. "I knew you would say that," he said a with grin that made him look more devious than ever.
I thought I could run for it but faeries were fast. There would be no chance.
The only way would be to beat him at his own game but I was pretty sure he would cheat anyway.
I turned my back on him instead and slowly walked way. I waited to see if he would run up behind me. He did not come running.
Apart of me was relieved but suspicious all the same.
I was half way to the house when I felt his presence behind me.
My focus was ahead but it was not meant to be.
Now he was standing in my way blocking me grinning. He was so beautiful to look at.
His forest green eyes held me still the way he wanted.
My mouth went to say something when his finger pressed against my lips. I watched him with my chest thumping loudly.
"No need to fear me love. Your wildly thumping heart is what I want you to feel when you love me back." His smile was pure sunshine and this time the smell of sweet roses took me.
He sighed, "Ahh, what am I to do with you love?"
A noise to the right caught both our attention. Sitting on one of the large stones that enclosed a flower bed was a large frog.
The faerie boy screwed up his nose.
"So, I see you found another play thing. Is that the best you can do?"
Now the faerie boy was annoyed.
"Hmm, I wonder what favour I could ask of you ... by saying your name." It appeared the frog was almost smiling.
The faerie boy started to stutter and his glimmer of sunshine was now quite dim.
"She is not my play thing. I was ... just... on my way...
With a blink of an eye he was gone and the frog leaped after him.
I was left standing there alone. When I looked down there was three over ripe apples and one dried up rose.
I made a vow to myself to never attract their attention again.

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