Thursday, 20 November 2014


Hi and hope everyone is keeping warm these days. Hope the sun is at least shining where you are.
I hope you enjoy today's flash fiction. Have a great weekend!

Into The Frosted Forest
It's pure whiteness couldn't help but lure you in. I hesitated all the same.
Questions of what was in there raced through my mind.
Stories of magical faeries of course always were heard but there were others in inside the magical forest. What were they and what would they do to me?
The faeries I was told would not bother you as they weren't interested in humans unless we caught their attention on purpose. That I did not ever do. I knew better.
No, there were stories of white frosted horses that galloped through the forest and they would stop and offer you a ride through the forest.
This was very ill advised to do. It was said that they would enchant you and you would never be let down.
Even scarier were the magical flying centaurs with their black eyes that sparkled like black onyx against the blue sky.
No, as much as the winds whispers from the  Frosted Forest invited me to come visit, I backed up.
I had turned almost all the way around when I heard a noise.  When I looked up there was a young man standing there with snow white hair that shone against the blue sky. He was so tall and lean and the way he stood there staring at me with those black eyes. He was breath taking, really.
He held out his hand for me to take.
My hand hovered over his and just when I was about to touch him a gust of cold wind blew me back. When I sat up the young man was gone and I knew that I needed to get up and go back home.
This was not meant for me.
I turned and never looked back into the Frosted Forest.

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