Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hello everyone. Hope you are all well and happy. Since Xmas is getting close, I selected a picture that was taken quite a while ago of my Misty in the Xmas garland. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Misty & Santa
The garland was set out on the floor to check the lights.
When I got back Misty had made herself comfortable in the middle.
She was quite determined to stay there.
I asked her why she wanted to stay there. It didn't look too comfortable.
Of course she never said nothing. Just settled herself down even more.
Being new in the home, I was guessing she was curious about the thing on the floor.
She still remained quiet and said nothing. It was as if she was waiting for something.
When I told her I had to finally put up the garland she looked up at me with her kitten eyes.
I sighed. Okay, I said. But only for one night. In the morning they go up I told her.
That seemed to make her happy.
During the night I woke and I knew it was coming from the kitchen.
I thought she was now playing with the garland. I thought I better get up before there were needles everywhere.
But just as I got there I heard a soft low voice. I stopped and listened.
Have you been good was the question I heard. A little mew was the answer.
A soft laugh filled the kitchen. Here you go was the response to Misty's little mew.
When I went further into the kitchen, no one was there. Misty was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.
I looked down at her and there was a toy mouse sitting at her feet.
Hmm, I said. What is this I asked her.
Did Santa bring this to you I laughed.
She looked up at me with her large kitten eyes and I knew the answer.
Misty had met Santa.
What a lucky little kitty.

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  1. Hi Vera,

    I saw your comment on TPV and got curious about your stories. I've been seeing your comments on Dean's blog for quite some time, as well, so I decided to take a look.

    I think you are right that you need more titles in order to have steady sales. With six, you're building a nice body of work, though. I'm guessing you'll start to see more sales after you get a few more books published.

    I didn't start to get steady sales until I had about ten titles out, roughly 16 months after I released my very first title. It really does take a while, unless you're one of those lucky outliers.

    I did a look inside on Dark Heat: Series One and noticed a typo in the last sentence of the second paragraph.

    In the blurb and on the rest of the first page, your hero goes by "Tai," but in that one sentence he's "Tia." I figured you might want to know. ;) I always discover at least one more uncorrected typo in my books about 2 seconds after I click the "publish" button!

    I liked the opening to your story. Compelling and intriguing. Although I don't read erotica, so...

    Best of luck to you, and happy holidays!