Thursday, 11 December 2014


Happy day to everyone out there. It's very windy today so a good day to stay in and write this. I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend and stay warm !


Gold Snowflakes & Wishes
I wish everyone could see a gold snowflake in their time.
Wishes made on gold snowflakes are like treasured rare gem stones.
They glitter and glow and make you in awe at them.
They are very breakable though and should not be touched.
The wishes you make have to be carefully selected or they will break also.
Xmas wishes are the best. They don't break so it's wise to make one of those.
And if you wish for peace and good health to your own family, it will probably come true.
The gold snowflake takes to gentle and kind wishes the best.
So, remember if you ever come across a gold snowflake, take the moment in and think very carefully for the wish that you want to make.
Happy wish making!

I wish 

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