Thursday, 29 January 2015


Hi everyone. Today is another Dirty Paws cat short story. Hope you enjoy.

Dirty Paws
A New Neighbor
 Bluesy Boy and Misty watched out the window. Two moving trucks had showed up. They watched for any new pets that might be moving in but saw nothing-yet.
"Do you think they might have a cat? They certainly have a lot of stuff."
Bluesy Boy shook out and stretched. "It doesn't look like it. Humans always have lots of stuff."
Misty copied Bluesy Boy and stretched out and hopped down. "That's too bad, we could have had another friend."
They both made their way to the kitchen where Annie their owner had put out some kitty treats. They always got their treat once a day. The girls of course were already there. Bluesy Boy rubbed up against Annie's leg purring. Whenever he did that, he always got an extra treat and rub behind the ear.
Misty made a noise but he ignored her and ate his treats. Annie looked down at them all. "We have new neighbors. I'm going to bake my famous cherry loaf and take it over. I'll see if they have any cats."
The girls all shared a look. Misty could tell that they didn't care. Bluesy Boy was enjoying his treats. He walked away towards the door. Misty followed but not before catching a treat left in his dish. She quickly ate the treat and then joined him by the door.
"Are you going to go exploring over there?"
"Might as well go see what's up. I'll sniff the cat if they have one. See if they are friendly or not."
Annie let them out after a few meows. "You two stay around the house. I'll be calling you in as soon as my loaf is in the oven."
Bluesy Boy darted out as soon as the door was open. Misty was right there with him. The day was a warm and sunny day-not too hot. A perfect day to go check out whose next door. They both leaped up onto the fence that separated the properties.
Misty sniffed first. "All I smell is Pizza."
Bluesy Boy sniffed and made a snorting noise. "It doesn't smell that good."
Misty glanced over at him. "Want to jump down and explore around the house?"
Bluesy Boy answered her by jumping down. Misty quickly joined him. They went to the back of the house. It seemed kind of too quiet Bluesy Boy thought. There should be lots of commotion going on inside.
There was a small patio on the back Misty leaped up onto the railing and walked along it. Her nose twitched. "Do you smell soothing?"
She looked back at Bluesy Boy who now was looking into a window.
"What are you doing? You'll get noticed or something."
Bluesy Boy got down and joined her. "Nothing in there but stacks of boxes."
That's when they heard the screechy noise. They both looked around. ears perked. Misty crouched and looked all around. There is was again. The sound appeared to be coming from underneath them.
Bluesy Boy jumped down first and sniffed around where the sound was coming from. Then a howl came out making Bluesy Boy jump back. Misty was instantly by his side.
They both cautiously looked under. Now they could see eyes. Misty's nose twitched. "It think it's a feline-a rather small one." She peered underneath closer.
"Hello under there. We mean no harm. We just want to say hello."
There was a small meek howl as their answer. Misty went in closer. "Hey, come on little one, it's okay. Really."
There was a shuffling noise and then a thump. Misty glanced over at Bluesy whose tail was swishing from side to side. "I think the little guy is stuck or something."
Bluesy Boy went around to another part of the deck. There was an opening in the lattice. "Hey, come on over to this corner."
The cat came over to where Bluesy Boy was but couldn't get over the deck beam. "You can do it. You're small enough to get over the top."
"Okay, here goes." The little cat pulled herself up and for a minute Bluesy didn't think the little one  would make it but all of a sudden the little cat landed its side with a thud. Bluesy backed up and out stepped a small calico. She leaped up onto the deck and paraded around quite happy. "Thanks, I was lost under there. I should have been more careful until I had checked out everything."
Misty leaped up and joined her. "I'm glad we could help. I'm Misty and this is Bluesy Boy. Some around here call him Dirty Paws."
She scrunched up her nose. "Why is he called that?"
Bluesy Boy jumped on the deck and joined them. "It's a long story. One day I'll tell you."
"My name is Chloe."
"Welcome to the neighborhood. When you're more settled in, we can show you around."
They could hear footsteps coming to the back of the house. Misty looked at Bluesy Boy, "We should get going. Take care."
They took off over the fence and landed on their side just as they heard a voice say. "There you are, it's time to come in, the rest of the kitties are waiting for you."
"Bluesy Boy's ears twitched. "There are more of them?"
At that, Annie started to call them in. "We'll check it out later. maybe Chloe will introduce us."
All the cats stayed in that night. Annie said when she went over, there was a mean looking dog running around the house and she didn't want any of them to be meeting up with it until she knew he was safe.
This was a problem. Chloe had not mentioned that she lived with a dog. Misty was worried now. Would they ever be allowed out again?
Bluesy Boy tried to tell her that they would. But he had to admit he was little worried as well.
The girls were at the door wanting out. Annie decided that since they just stayed on the porch and sunned themselves, they could go out. Misty and Bluesy Boy joined them. Annie looked down at them and frowned. "You two always wonder around. I don't know if I should take the chance to let you out."
Bluesy Boy rubbed up against her leg and purred. Misty watched hoping.
She sighed, "Okay but I will be keeping an eye out for you two. Any barking from next door and I will be calling you all in. Understand?" She gave him a quick pet and scratch behind the ear.
Bluesy Boy and Misty headed over to see if Chloe was around. They had to find out what danger lurked on her side. A nasty dog was going to be a major problem.
Misty was first up on the fence and sniffing, looking for her. Bluesy went along the fence to the back to take a look. He took a chance and let out a mew to see what would happen.
Out from under a garden shed came a grey and white cat. He came trotting over to where Bluesy Boy was. He looked up at him with big gold eyes.
"Hello, you live next door?"
"Yes, we do."
Misty came over at this point and looked down at the grey and white cat.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Scat. You two live on the other side?"
"Yes, we do. This is Misty and my name is Bluesy Boy."
"Hey, you're the one some call Dirty Paws. You're well known on the other side of town where I come from."
Misty sniffed. "Yeah, he's known alright by most dogs and cats. Where's Chloe? We met her yesterday."
"She's out here somewhere. She and Bingo are exploring."
"Bingo," asked Bluesy.  "Is that another car that lives with you?"
"No, he's a dog." Bluesy Boy fluffed out his tail sniffing for the dog. Scat saw his reaction.
"Don't worry, he's okay with cats. He lives with us. We all grew up together so he's okay. Want to meet him?"
Misty and Bluesy Boy shared a look. "We'll stay up here for now," said Misty.
Scat made a noise and out came bounding Chloe and a rather scruffy dog that wasn't much bigger than Chloe. He didn't look too threatening thought Misty.
"Hello again," said Chloe. "You guys want to come exploring with us?"
Bingo wagged his tail. "Yeah, it's lots of fun. Why don't you guys hop down here so I can see you? My eyesight isn't very good."
They both leaped down. Bingo's tail wagged even harder. Chloe rubbed up against him. "We have to look out for Bingo because his sight isn't too good. So we guide him around."
Bluesy Boy was relieved. Annie would have nothing to worry about. Bingo was going to be just fine.

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Hello. I hope all is well with you all. Today is chapter two of Poppy & The Prince. I hope you enjoy it. Take care.

Poppy & The Prince
Wishes Granted
Faeries loved things. Poppy observed that with interest and bribery with them went a long way. Alliances were made this way. She tried to get information on Seth but they were pretty coy with her.
It was also hard to find information since Seth was so protective of her that he always had a body guard with her. He was very loyal to his prince. This is what she had to work on. Poppy had to convince Seth to let her breathe and be on her own. Then she would go and mingle with the faeries that had  loose tongues. The same bunch that she learned about the true name thing and wish granted thing.
The thing was though, she had to act fast. Every day she spent in faerie was making it harder to remember who she was and where her real home was. Bai, her body guard was to deliver her to Seth for a private lunch. Apparently he had something to tell her. Poppy was going to be alone with him which was the first in a while so this was her opportunity to get him to let her go out on her own without Bai. 
Bai was a tall slim creature. His skin was soft velvet with bright silver blue eyes. Sticking out the side of his blue white hair was his pointy ears, which looked as sharp as knives.
He never really said anything. Bai had this talent for coming out of the wood works and startling Poppy. Today was going to be different as she knew when he was coming to get her. She was ready.
Bai came ten minutes earlier which sometimes he did. Today, she made sure she was ready a full half hour earlier. His bright blue silver eyes widened when he arrived. "You're ready." The way he  said it made Poppy cringe. It was like she did something wrong or just caught him by surprise.
Poppy threw up her chin at him, "yes, I am ready." She got up and walked past him. In a blink of an eye he was beside her. The smell of over ripe apples surrounded her. She hated it when he did that. She put some separation between them. Poppy didn't care if he liked it or not. She suspected he cared less about her but his love for Seth would keep him nearby.
They arrived in the old gardens. Seth was in the middle. To Poppy he looked like he was meditating . Bai held his hand up stopping her while he went ahead. She watched him lean down to Seth. He was so close she knew their cheeks were touching. Poppy wondered sometimes about their relationship and how much more it actually was.
Bai came back. His silver blue eyes shimmered in the garden. Poppy thought he might as well have been a butterfly flitting about the garden. He blended so well. He gestured to her to follow. Seth never turned to greet her. Poppy didn't know if she should go up to him but when Bai glared at her in annoyance, she quickly went up to him. She glared back at Bai.
Bai left without looking at her.
"Hello," she said on the quiet. "My princess, I am happy to see you. Come and sit with here in the garden." He took her hand and led her to an old cement bench that was covered in moss.
They sat down. His braid Poppy noticed was heavily laced with wild violets. They smelled sweet. Poppy didn't mean to but she reached out and touched the flowers. Seth closed his eyes as if she was touching his skin. Poppy didn't realize that it was such an intimate touch that she pulled her hand back. His eyes flashed open. They stared at each other for a moment.
Poppy offered a weak smile. She didn't want to offend him as she wanted to be granted some freedom. In return he gave her a warm smile. He took her hand and held it. Poppy held back a shiver. Today his hand felt slightly cool. But after a minute his hand went very warm. "You have something to tell me? Good stuff I hope."
He frowned a bit. "Good stuff? Why would you think it would be bad stuff?"
Poppy felt her face flush. "Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I was just kidding. That was a human joke, sorry." She was always saying sorry.
"I see." He squeezed her hand and her eyesight became blurry. "Seth, what's happening? I feel funny."
"It's okay love, everything will be fine."
Poppies' eyesight became clear. "Did you do something?"
"Just making things better for you love." He was now calling her love. "In a short while you will know nothing about where you came from. your home is here in faerie with me. He gave her a wry smile. "I then won't have to listen to those human jokes."
Poppy knew that he was trying to make his own joke. She didn't laugh. She leaned into him slightly. "What were you going to share with me?"
Another warm smile came his way. "We are going to The Kingdom. We are going to have a celebration with our people. That is also when we really become bonded." Up until then Poppy and Seth stayed in separate places. She hadn't figured that one out but was happy about it as she wasn't ready to take their relationship that far.
"When do we go?"
"In two days. I want you to prepare for it. We won't be back here for some time."
Poppy was taken back. How would she get his name now and her wish?
She bit her lip. "What is it love?"
"I have a question."
"Ask anything you want love?"
"Do you have another name?"
He looked at her. "Another name?"
"Yes, you know, some secret faerie name? I heard that once."
Seth almost laughed but he just held onto her hand. "When we go to the kingdom, we will be given a name each that will be our own and only you and I will know it. It will be a part of our bonding. Is that what you mean?" 
She sighed. "I don' t think that is it. You see I heard that if you found out a faerie's true name, that they had to grant you a wish."
Poppy could tell by the look in his eyes that he understood now. "You want to know my birth name? That is something that I will share with you at some point after you have your name. Is there a wish you would like?
"Would you grant me a wish?"
He came close to her. "I will grant you a wish, just for you love. What would you like?"
Poppy moved closer to him and now they were inches from each others noses. "I would like to visit my home in the human world." She closely watched his eyes and touched his nose with hers.  She thought their lips would touch. She braced herself.
"Okay, I will grant it but I will go with you."
"You don't have to go if you would rather be...
"I would rather be with you-even in the human world."
Well it wasn't what she had planned for but she would take it.
Seth had dawned a glamour that made him look quite different. Poppy kept looking at him. She didn't know why. His hair was short and his eyes were dark blue. He wore a soft leather jacket with his jeans and navy t-shirt. He was really cute thought Poppy.
Seth held her hand when they passed through. The air was even different here. She breathed it in and felt relieved to be back. Now she had to figure out how to stay here.
They walked up to the house. No one was home. A barking dog from next door made Seth nervous. "I think we should go back."
"Don't worry, the dog is tied up. Let's go to the house."
Poppy took his hand to reassure him. Seth wouldn't go in and he didn't want her to go in either.
"I just want to get one thing from my room. I'll be right back."
He was hesitant but let her go. "Be  quick," he said as the dog picked up the barking again.
She ran up the stairs to her room. She closed the door behind her. It was as she left it.  She shook her head. Poppy wondered about the time period. In any case she grabbed her back pack and threw some stuff in it. From there she went to her window and lifted it up. She could see the barking dog in the neighbor's yard. She climbed out the window and she shut it. It made a noise but she was sure the barking dog would muffle the sound. Going out here was old school to her. She did it all the time. There was a lattice attachment against the house where a dead rose use to climb. Her Mom still hadn't replaced it yet. It made a nice ladder.
She snuck around the house and peeked. Seth was leaning against the porch. She headed back around to the back of the house and down another old path. She took it and never looked back.
Note: There will be more chapters to this story. Probably one or two more.

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have another short story. It's a cat short story that I hope you will like. Have a great weekend!

Dirty Paws
His paws were snow white. They weren't dirty at all. They called him that for another reason. His real name was Bluesy Boy because of his soft blue grey fur. He was head cat in the household and around his own territory outside. The one that took care of his daily needs let him out at 6:00 am every morning. He had her trained.
The others in the household went out after he went. They learned not to cut in front of him. The first place Bluesy Boy headed was the back yard behind the garden. Mice were gathering there as the end of summer was approaching. Bluesy Boy was keeping track of how many were moving in. He and Misty were waiting to make their move. Misty was his buddy. She always had his back and he did the same for her. The other gals in the household like to have their outings to themselves. That was fine. Bluesy Boy let them. It was better that way anyway.
Today he sniffed the air and he could smell something different. Misty did the same and she agreed. There was another tom cat out there. They needed to get on the trail. The scent went along the edge of the territory and down to a small creek. That's where the scent ended.
Bluesy Boy glanced over at Misty. "Let's head over to the other side."
Misty gave him a leery look. "We're not supposed to be on that side. It's too dangerous."
Bluesy Boy headed over to the old tree that fell across the creek. Misty followed  behind him all the while keeping her ears perked for any danger. The scent was picked up half way on the log. "I thought we would pick it up."
"Maybe he's feral. Those kind you don't want to wrangle with. They can make quick of you in no time."
Bluesy Boy didn't let on he heard her. He kept on the trail until he stopped short. Misty picked up another strange scent and some rustling up further. Misty looked back and was ready to retreat on high. She watched him and he inched forward. She was going to protest and insist he come back when all of a sudden howls and hisses filled the air. There was a chase going on. One of them was a cat and he was howling the loudest.
Misty came up next to Bluesy Boy  and nudged him back. He backed up a bit. "Wait a minute."
"We can't. Whatever is chasing that cat will be chasing us right away."
He let out a huff and went back with Misty. They were half way when the chase broke out of the bush and was heading their way.
"Let's run for it," yelled Misty. She took off down the rest of the way across the old tree. Bluesy Boy  was right behind her.
They got back to their side and jumped into the bush to hide. Whatever was chasing the cat was a huge furry thing. It smelled bad.
They flew past them and headed towards the neighbor's yard. Bluesy Boy came out then and started to follow. "We should head back to the house not follow them," cried Misty.
"We'll hop the fence. We'll be safe enough. Just stay behind me and keep an eye out for the rest of the crew."
By the time they got to the fence everything was quiet. But Bluesy Boy could still smell that scent.
She called them all in. "There's are call. It's dinner time for us. Let's go. You can check it out later." Now Misty was starting to sound annoyed.
Bluesy Boy puffed out and followed her back to the house but not before glancing back and catching a large tail moving along the other side of the fence. It made him move faster to the house.
Wet sea food flavored cat food was waiting. The others were already eating when they got in. The others finished theirs quickly and went for their first rounds of cat naps. Misty joined them.
Bluesy Boy couldn't stop thinking about that large fluffy tail. He wanted back out. He sat at the door and let out a mew. She couldn't figure out why he wanted out but she let him out telling him that he was only going to get ten minutes.
That was all he needed to find that thing. He had to know what was in the neighborhood. He took off across the yard and leaped on to the fence to get a good look. He quickly scanned the area and sniffed the air. The scent now was faint.
Then he saw it. The fluffy tail was sticking out from under a parked truck in the neighbor's yard. It hadn't been driven for a while. He watched for  the tail to move. Suddenly the whole body moved out. He was a tough looking tom cat. He was the biggest tom Bluesy Boy had seen in quite a while.
The big cat let out a feral growl and Bluesy Boy was ready to leap back to the house.
"What are you staring at fat cat?"
Bluesy Boy's tail whipped from side to side. He did not like that name but he didn't want to wrangle with this feral creature.
"I live here. Where are you from?"
"I live everywhere, unlike you soft cats."
Bluesy Boy's tail  whipped a bit harder. "You could find a home to and not have to live out here and be chased never knowing when your last day is going to be."
He snarled back. "Yeah, right. I'm not a cute kitten anymore.."
"I wasn't a kitten when I got my home. So you can to."
"There's too many dogs here anyway."
"I can take care of that."
The big tom cat looked at him with distrust. "How's that fat cat?"
"I have a few in roads with the dog who is leader in this part of town. So, let's just say I saved a few hides around here."
"Alright, prove yourself or wrangle with me and see whose hide gets saved."
Bluesy Boy didn't back down. "Meet me here this evening. I always got out before it gets dark."
The big cat slipped under the old truck and Bluesy Boy headed back to the house.
There was a threat of rain but Bluesy Boy still wanted to go out. She let him out but the rest stayed close to the house. He told Misty what had happened and that he was going to take the big tom to where  he could be safe. He also told her to come looking for him if he didn't come back within the hour.
Bluesy Boy hopped down onto the neighbor's side and headed over to the old truck. He sniffed for him and didn't see him. "I'm over here." He climbed down from under the motor. Bluesy Boy could see him more clearly now. He was black and white with really long hair that needed brushing. Part of one ear was missing. His gold eyes were large.
"Follow me."
The big tom cat did just that but soon was walking beside him. "So, how do the dogs not chase you?"
"I rescued a dog out of a well once. He fell through and couldn't get back up so I went and told the lead dog."
"The lead dog didn't rip you up?"
"No, it was his best friend. The other cats in the neighborhood didn't like it but I made it safe for most of them. except for a feral like you that comes in. You're fair game." They walked in silence for another minute before Bluesy Boy continued.
"Some of the cats call me Dirty Paws. They think I dirtied my paws making deals with dogs."
"I would say the same thing Dirty Paws." Bluesy Boy thought the big cat liked the name for him. It didn't bother him.
They entered into an area with barking dogs. It made the big cat nervous and he started to growl. "You're not setting me up in some dog neighborhood to get rid of me are you?"
"No, I'm not. It is true that there is more dogs here but the home  I'm taking you to is perfect for you."
As they walked along the sidewalk, dogs came up to the fences to check them out. A few growled and the big cat made a high pitched growl back. Bluesy Boy kept going and other dogs just watched them. The big cat was surprised.
One big dog came out and greeted them. "Dirty Paws, what are you doing in this part of town and who's your friend?"
I'm bringing him to a possible home for him. He needs one."
"Up the end of the street?"
"Yup, I figure that would be a good home for him." 
"Let me lead the way."
"That's Brutus. He's the lead dog here."
They arrived at the home at the end of the lane-a  large house with a porch in front. Brutus stopped at the gate and let them both through. He led the big cat right up the front steps and made a meow noise.
A lady came to the front door and the big cat was about to  bolt when she spoke. "Bluesy Boy, what are you doing down here? And who is this we have?"
She came out and investigated. The big cat let her get close but not touch. "You look like you need a home. I can find you a good home or you can stay here with my crew. Come on, I'll give you some feed." She went back in the house and brought out some dried cat food and some cream. The big cat got the smell of the cream.
He wasn't long going to the cream and that's when she started to pet him, he didn't mind. He looked back at Bluesy Boy and licked his lips.
Bluesy Boy headed back and Brutus escorted him back to the edge of their street. "See you later Dirty Paws."
It started to rain at that point. He sprinted back to the house just in time before it poured. She was already calling his name.
She of course scolded him for staying out too late. She always did that. He went and joined Misty on the window sill. "Did you take him to the home?"
"I did and I think he will be safe now."
"Bluesy Boy or Dirty Paws, you saved one of our kind again."
He didn't answer. Instead  he leaped down to the cat basket and curled up and went to sleep. Misty hopped down and did the same thing.


Watch out for more Dirty Paws stories, I see more adventures.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


Hello everyone. I hope your new year is getting off to a great start. To start my new year off in Short stories & stuff, I 'm going to present you with a short story. It's fairy tale in nature which is my favorite. I hope you enjoy.

The Prince & Poppy
Poppy believed in the other side. She just didn't say it out loud. Every time she went out through the path in her back yard that led to the park she always felt eyes on her. Her skin would itch every time. She knew they saw her but she never tried to give their attention. That was always rule number one.
But it wasn't one of their rules. They took delight in trying to get her to look their way. Sometimes she would mumble something nasty at them. Usually a high pitched shrill close in her ear was her response. She tried to keep her mouth shut.
Lately though, weird things were happening. She would find "gifts". From a small collection of stones that resembled a speckled bird's egg to tiny wreaths made from moss and red dogwood twigs. Sometimes a few dried rose hips were tucked into the moss. Poppy always carefully removed them and set them in the garden. Although she liked the stones and kept one of the wreaths. She knew she shouldn't but they tugged at her.
Now she kept her eyes peeled out for any signs of someone trying to reach out to her when she walked the path. Today though, the air was damp and warm. Warmer than it had been. Something in her bones told her to be on the lookout for anything.
A sweet perfume surrounded her. It reminded her of the smell after a rain. She breathed it in and this feeling came over her. It made her smile and forget. She had stopped and that was a mistake.
"I'm glad that makes you happy."
Poppies eyes flew open. She very slowly turned around and there standing before her was a tall willowy boy. She couldn't help but stare. His blond hair was straight and pulled back into a long pony tale that roped down his front. Steaks of green and blue ran though his hair. His eyes were silver blue, almost as clear as the water in the creek that ran through the woods. He wore jeans and a plain shirt. His overcoat was long but it didn't look the way it should.   Somehow she knew it was magic.
His smile was pure sunshine. He came up to her calmly and held out his hand. Poppy glanced down at his hand. There were tiny blue flowers tattooed around his wrist. She hesitantly held out her own hand almost holding her breath as their hands touched. He was warmish but not cold. His silver blue eyes shimmered like dappled sunlight.
"Can I walk wit you?"
She nodded. He offered her his arm. The long coat moved like mist and she wonder if she should. What if the thing transported her to faerie?
She walked on. He kept in step with her. "I know your name is Poppy. That's a pretty name. I hope we can keep each other company."
That was so formal she thought. He sounded like...royalty?
"What is your name?"
She seen him smile out the corner of her eye. It appeared to make him happy that she had asked his name but then she suddenly remembered that faeries didn't give out their true names.
"You can call me Seth, Poppy. Would you like to have a picnic in the park? I have food for both of us."
Rule number two flashed in front of her. "Don't eat their food."
"Thanks but I already ate."
He nodded.
His hand brushed up against hers. It made her shiver. She kind of thought it was intentional. He liked her and what was she going to do about it?
When they got to the  entrance to the park he stopped and so did she. He turned to her. His long braided pony tail was an interesting braid. There were some ivy weaved in. She knew it meant something.
"I would like for you to join me at a special gathering in the forest. Will you come?" His voice sounded so hopeful.
"I...I...don't know. I think I might be busy."
He frowned slightly and the breeze cooled. "I promise you will be safe."
"Oh," Poppy said. "What will happen at this gathering?"
The air warmed again. "It will be a celebration."
"What are you celebrating?"
"Me? I don't understand. It's not my birthday." She let out a nervous laugh.
He came quite close to her and he cupped her face with his hands. His silver blue eyes were the only thing she could see.
"We are celebrating finding my princess."
"Yes, that's right. I've chosen you."
"Oh I don't think I can do that. I'm not princess material. I live here."
It didn't sway him at all. In fact his mind was already made up. "I'll come for you this evening." When he turned around she saw a glimmer of his wings. They were whitish with browns speckles in them. They reminded her of the speckled stones.
Poppy had to think fast. She could not follow any faerie into his world. She would be lost forever. She walked back down the path towards her house. Poppy thought he would have been gone but he was right in the middle with a group of others. She stopped short. One of them caught sight of her. It's blue hair and wings shone in the shade of the trees. The dark cat like eyes stared.
Seth turned then and smiled. He held out his hand. "My princess, come meet my court."
Poppy had no choice but to go up to the creatures. She heard twigs crack above and the crunch of leaves on the path. Now she was trapped.
All she could do was stay calm and hopefully they would let her pass after he presented her to his court.
They were curious creatures. Some sniffed and others touched but very softly. They kept their distance for a while but got braver as they saw their prince slip his arm around her shoulders. "This is Poppy, she will make a wonderful princess."
Behind the others a little one pushed its way through. It was a pretty little thing. It reminded Poppy of the butterflies in her mother's garden. The little faerie handed her a small bouquet of wild flowers.  Some of the flowers, Poppy didn't know. Poppy accepted them saying thank you. The little thing smiled and was pleased.
Seth whispered in her ear about later but she barely heard the words. She went back to her house and when she tried to remember back  to that day, she had gone into the kitchen and grabbed a jar off the counter and filled it with water. The smell of the flowers were nice and she did remember bringing the jar of flowers up to her nose inhaling their sweet scent. It reminded her of the meadow. That was the last thing she remembered. Poppy was guessing it was the unknown flowers that did it.
The next thing she knew there was this strange music and it was enticing and she wanted to go to it. Nothing else mattered.
Now she was here, lost in faerie. Seth was very tentative. Poppy was wearing a pretty dress with flowers in her hair. Butterfly like faeries danced in the meadow. They were so happy and they called her Princess Poppy. Her prince now was in his true form. His wings were beautiful when they were fully open. Beautiful shades of brown and rust almost glowed. He was a beautiful butterfly faerie.
He wouldn't let her go. He said that she belonged here with him.
In time she did grow to love him but still remembered that day she got lost. Details were fading all the time. She was sure that was his doing so in time she wouldn't remember her world at all.
In fact, she knew she would lose who she was completely. The one thing that Seth didn't know however was that if she found out his true name he would have to grant her one wish. One of the faeries let that slip.
This was something she would try do so not all was lost to Poppy yet. She would bide her time.
Take note:
This story will continue on with other short stories to come. Keep an eye out for them.