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Hello everyone. Today I have another short story. It's a cat short story that I hope you will like. Have a great weekend!

Dirty Paws
His paws were snow white. They weren't dirty at all. They called him that for another reason. His real name was Bluesy Boy because of his soft blue grey fur. He was head cat in the household and around his own territory outside. The one that took care of his daily needs let him out at 6:00 am every morning. He had her trained.
The others in the household went out after he went. They learned not to cut in front of him. The first place Bluesy Boy headed was the back yard behind the garden. Mice were gathering there as the end of summer was approaching. Bluesy Boy was keeping track of how many were moving in. He and Misty were waiting to make their move. Misty was his buddy. She always had his back and he did the same for her. The other gals in the household like to have their outings to themselves. That was fine. Bluesy Boy let them. It was better that way anyway.
Today he sniffed the air and he could smell something different. Misty did the same and she agreed. There was another tom cat out there. They needed to get on the trail. The scent went along the edge of the territory and down to a small creek. That's where the scent ended.
Bluesy Boy glanced over at Misty. "Let's head over to the other side."
Misty gave him a leery look. "We're not supposed to be on that side. It's too dangerous."
Bluesy Boy headed over to the old tree that fell across the creek. Misty followed  behind him all the while keeping her ears perked for any danger. The scent was picked up half way on the log. "I thought we would pick it up."
"Maybe he's feral. Those kind you don't want to wrangle with. They can make quick of you in no time."
Bluesy Boy didn't let on he heard her. He kept on the trail until he stopped short. Misty picked up another strange scent and some rustling up further. Misty looked back and was ready to retreat on high. She watched him and he inched forward. She was going to protest and insist he come back when all of a sudden howls and hisses filled the air. There was a chase going on. One of them was a cat and he was howling the loudest.
Misty came up next to Bluesy Boy  and nudged him back. He backed up a bit. "Wait a minute."
"We can't. Whatever is chasing that cat will be chasing us right away."
He let out a huff and went back with Misty. They were half way when the chase broke out of the bush and was heading their way.
"Let's run for it," yelled Misty. She took off down the rest of the way across the old tree. Bluesy Boy  was right behind her.
They got back to their side and jumped into the bush to hide. Whatever was chasing the cat was a huge furry thing. It smelled bad.
They flew past them and headed towards the neighbor's yard. Bluesy Boy came out then and started to follow. "We should head back to the house not follow them," cried Misty.
"We'll hop the fence. We'll be safe enough. Just stay behind me and keep an eye out for the rest of the crew."
By the time they got to the fence everything was quiet. But Bluesy Boy could still smell that scent.
She called them all in. "There's are call. It's dinner time for us. Let's go. You can check it out later." Now Misty was starting to sound annoyed.
Bluesy Boy puffed out and followed her back to the house but not before glancing back and catching a large tail moving along the other side of the fence. It made him move faster to the house.
Wet sea food flavored cat food was waiting. The others were already eating when they got in. The others finished theirs quickly and went for their first rounds of cat naps. Misty joined them.
Bluesy Boy couldn't stop thinking about that large fluffy tail. He wanted back out. He sat at the door and let out a mew. She couldn't figure out why he wanted out but she let him out telling him that he was only going to get ten minutes.
That was all he needed to find that thing. He had to know what was in the neighborhood. He took off across the yard and leaped on to the fence to get a good look. He quickly scanned the area and sniffed the air. The scent now was faint.
Then he saw it. The fluffy tail was sticking out from under a parked truck in the neighbor's yard. It hadn't been driven for a while. He watched for  the tail to move. Suddenly the whole body moved out. He was a tough looking tom cat. He was the biggest tom Bluesy Boy had seen in quite a while.
The big cat let out a feral growl and Bluesy Boy was ready to leap back to the house.
"What are you staring at fat cat?"
Bluesy Boy's tail whipped from side to side. He did not like that name but he didn't want to wrangle with this feral creature.
"I live here. Where are you from?"
"I live everywhere, unlike you soft cats."
Bluesy Boy's tail  whipped a bit harder. "You could find a home to and not have to live out here and be chased never knowing when your last day is going to be."
He snarled back. "Yeah, right. I'm not a cute kitten anymore.."
"I wasn't a kitten when I got my home. So you can to."
"There's too many dogs here anyway."
"I can take care of that."
The big tom cat looked at him with distrust. "How's that fat cat?"
"I have a few in roads with the dog who is leader in this part of town. So, let's just say I saved a few hides around here."
"Alright, prove yourself or wrangle with me and see whose hide gets saved."
Bluesy Boy didn't back down. "Meet me here this evening. I always got out before it gets dark."
The big cat slipped under the old truck and Bluesy Boy headed back to the house.
There was a threat of rain but Bluesy Boy still wanted to go out. She let him out but the rest stayed close to the house. He told Misty what had happened and that he was going to take the big tom to where  he could be safe. He also told her to come looking for him if he didn't come back within the hour.
Bluesy Boy hopped down onto the neighbor's side and headed over to the old truck. He sniffed for him and didn't see him. "I'm over here." He climbed down from under the motor. Bluesy Boy could see him more clearly now. He was black and white with really long hair that needed brushing. Part of one ear was missing. His gold eyes were large.
"Follow me."
The big tom cat did just that but soon was walking beside him. "So, how do the dogs not chase you?"
"I rescued a dog out of a well once. He fell through and couldn't get back up so I went and told the lead dog."
"The lead dog didn't rip you up?"
"No, it was his best friend. The other cats in the neighborhood didn't like it but I made it safe for most of them. except for a feral like you that comes in. You're fair game." They walked in silence for another minute before Bluesy Boy continued.
"Some of the cats call me Dirty Paws. They think I dirtied my paws making deals with dogs."
"I would say the same thing Dirty Paws." Bluesy Boy thought the big cat liked the name for him. It didn't bother him.
They entered into an area with barking dogs. It made the big cat nervous and he started to growl. "You're not setting me up in some dog neighborhood to get rid of me are you?"
"No, I'm not. It is true that there is more dogs here but the home  I'm taking you to is perfect for you."
As they walked along the sidewalk, dogs came up to the fences to check them out. A few growled and the big cat made a high pitched growl back. Bluesy Boy kept going and other dogs just watched them. The big cat was surprised.
One big dog came out and greeted them. "Dirty Paws, what are you doing in this part of town and who's your friend?"
I'm bringing him to a possible home for him. He needs one."
"Up the end of the street?"
"Yup, I figure that would be a good home for him." 
"Let me lead the way."
"That's Brutus. He's the lead dog here."
They arrived at the home at the end of the lane-a  large house with a porch in front. Brutus stopped at the gate and let them both through. He led the big cat right up the front steps and made a meow noise.
A lady came to the front door and the big cat was about to  bolt when she spoke. "Bluesy Boy, what are you doing down here? And who is this we have?"
She came out and investigated. The big cat let her get close but not touch. "You look like you need a home. I can find you a good home or you can stay here with my crew. Come on, I'll give you some feed." She went back in the house and brought out some dried cat food and some cream. The big cat got the smell of the cream.
He wasn't long going to the cream and that's when she started to pet him, he didn't mind. He looked back at Bluesy Boy and licked his lips.
Bluesy Boy headed back and Brutus escorted him back to the edge of their street. "See you later Dirty Paws."
It started to rain at that point. He sprinted back to the house just in time before it poured. She was already calling his name.
She of course scolded him for staying out too late. She always did that. He went and joined Misty on the window sill. "Did you take him to the home?"
"I did and I think he will be safe now."
"Bluesy Boy or Dirty Paws, you saved one of our kind again."
He didn't answer. Instead  he leaped down to the cat basket and curled up and went to sleep. Misty hopped down and did the same thing.


Watch out for more Dirty Paws stories, I see more adventures.

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