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Hi everyone. Today is another Dirty Paws cat short story. Hope you enjoy.

Dirty Paws
A New Neighbor
 Bluesy Boy and Misty watched out the window. Two moving trucks had showed up. They watched for any new pets that might be moving in but saw nothing-yet.
"Do you think they might have a cat? They certainly have a lot of stuff."
Bluesy Boy shook out and stretched. "It doesn't look like it. Humans always have lots of stuff."
Misty copied Bluesy Boy and stretched out and hopped down. "That's too bad, we could have had another friend."
They both made their way to the kitchen where Annie their owner had put out some kitty treats. They always got their treat once a day. The girls of course were already there. Bluesy Boy rubbed up against Annie's leg purring. Whenever he did that, he always got an extra treat and rub behind the ear.
Misty made a noise but he ignored her and ate his treats. Annie looked down at them all. "We have new neighbors. I'm going to bake my famous cherry loaf and take it over. I'll see if they have any cats."
The girls all shared a look. Misty could tell that they didn't care. Bluesy Boy was enjoying his treats. He walked away towards the door. Misty followed but not before catching a treat left in his dish. She quickly ate the treat and then joined him by the door.
"Are you going to go exploring over there?"
"Might as well go see what's up. I'll sniff the cat if they have one. See if they are friendly or not."
Annie let them out after a few meows. "You two stay around the house. I'll be calling you in as soon as my loaf is in the oven."
Bluesy Boy darted out as soon as the door was open. Misty was right there with him. The day was a warm and sunny day-not too hot. A perfect day to go check out whose next door. They both leaped up onto the fence that separated the properties.
Misty sniffed first. "All I smell is Pizza."
Bluesy Boy sniffed and made a snorting noise. "It doesn't smell that good."
Misty glanced over at him. "Want to jump down and explore around the house?"
Bluesy Boy answered her by jumping down. Misty quickly joined him. They went to the back of the house. It seemed kind of too quiet Bluesy Boy thought. There should be lots of commotion going on inside.
There was a small patio on the back Misty leaped up onto the railing and walked along it. Her nose twitched. "Do you smell soothing?"
She looked back at Bluesy Boy who now was looking into a window.
"What are you doing? You'll get noticed or something."
Bluesy Boy got down and joined her. "Nothing in there but stacks of boxes."
That's when they heard the screechy noise. They both looked around. ears perked. Misty crouched and looked all around. There is was again. The sound appeared to be coming from underneath them.
Bluesy Boy jumped down first and sniffed around where the sound was coming from. Then a howl came out making Bluesy Boy jump back. Misty was instantly by his side.
They both cautiously looked under. Now they could see eyes. Misty's nose twitched. "It think it's a feline-a rather small one." She peered underneath closer.
"Hello under there. We mean no harm. We just want to say hello."
There was a small meek howl as their answer. Misty went in closer. "Hey, come on little one, it's okay. Really."
There was a shuffling noise and then a thump. Misty glanced over at Bluesy whose tail was swishing from side to side. "I think the little guy is stuck or something."
Bluesy Boy went around to another part of the deck. There was an opening in the lattice. "Hey, come on over to this corner."
The cat came over to where Bluesy Boy was but couldn't get over the deck beam. "You can do it. You're small enough to get over the top."
"Okay, here goes." The little cat pulled herself up and for a minute Bluesy didn't think the little one  would make it but all of a sudden the little cat landed its side with a thud. Bluesy backed up and out stepped a small calico. She leaped up onto the deck and paraded around quite happy. "Thanks, I was lost under there. I should have been more careful until I had checked out everything."
Misty leaped up and joined her. "I'm glad we could help. I'm Misty and this is Bluesy Boy. Some around here call him Dirty Paws."
She scrunched up her nose. "Why is he called that?"
Bluesy Boy jumped on the deck and joined them. "It's a long story. One day I'll tell you."
"My name is Chloe."
"Welcome to the neighborhood. When you're more settled in, we can show you around."
They could hear footsteps coming to the back of the house. Misty looked at Bluesy Boy, "We should get going. Take care."
They took off over the fence and landed on their side just as they heard a voice say. "There you are, it's time to come in, the rest of the kitties are waiting for you."
"Bluesy Boy's ears twitched. "There are more of them?"
At that, Annie started to call them in. "We'll check it out later. maybe Chloe will introduce us."
All the cats stayed in that night. Annie said when she went over, there was a mean looking dog running around the house and she didn't want any of them to be meeting up with it until she knew he was safe.
This was a problem. Chloe had not mentioned that she lived with a dog. Misty was worried now. Would they ever be allowed out again?
Bluesy Boy tried to tell her that they would. But he had to admit he was little worried as well.
The girls were at the door wanting out. Annie decided that since they just stayed on the porch and sunned themselves, they could go out. Misty and Bluesy Boy joined them. Annie looked down at them and frowned. "You two always wonder around. I don't know if I should take the chance to let you out."
Bluesy Boy rubbed up against her leg and purred. Misty watched hoping.
She sighed, "Okay but I will be keeping an eye out for you two. Any barking from next door and I will be calling you all in. Understand?" She gave him a quick pet and scratch behind the ear.
Bluesy Boy and Misty headed over to see if Chloe was around. They had to find out what danger lurked on her side. A nasty dog was going to be a major problem.
Misty was first up on the fence and sniffing, looking for her. Bluesy went along the fence to the back to take a look. He took a chance and let out a mew to see what would happen.
Out from under a garden shed came a grey and white cat. He came trotting over to where Bluesy Boy was. He looked up at him with big gold eyes.
"Hello, you live next door?"
"Yes, we do."
Misty came over at this point and looked down at the grey and white cat.
"Who are you?"
"My name is Scat. You two live on the other side?"
"Yes, we do. This is Misty and my name is Bluesy Boy."
"Hey, you're the one some call Dirty Paws. You're well known on the other side of town where I come from."
Misty sniffed. "Yeah, he's known alright by most dogs and cats. Where's Chloe? We met her yesterday."
"She's out here somewhere. She and Bingo are exploring."
"Bingo," asked Bluesy.  "Is that another car that lives with you?"
"No, he's a dog." Bluesy Boy fluffed out his tail sniffing for the dog. Scat saw his reaction.
"Don't worry, he's okay with cats. He lives with us. We all grew up together so he's okay. Want to meet him?"
Misty and Bluesy Boy shared a look. "We'll stay up here for now," said Misty.
Scat made a noise and out came bounding Chloe and a rather scruffy dog that wasn't much bigger than Chloe. He didn't look too threatening thought Misty.
"Hello again," said Chloe. "You guys want to come exploring with us?"
Bingo wagged his tail. "Yeah, it's lots of fun. Why don't you guys hop down here so I can see you? My eyesight isn't very good."
They both leaped down. Bingo's tail wagged even harder. Chloe rubbed up against him. "We have to look out for Bingo because his sight isn't too good. So we guide him around."
Bluesy Boy was relieved. Annie would have nothing to worry about. Bingo was going to be just fine.

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