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Hello. I hope all is well with you all. Today is chapter two of Poppy & The Prince. I hope you enjoy it. Take care.

Poppy & The Prince
Wishes Granted
Faeries loved things. Poppy observed that with interest and bribery with them went a long way. Alliances were made this way. She tried to get information on Seth but they were pretty coy with her.
It was also hard to find information since Seth was so protective of her that he always had a body guard with her. He was very loyal to his prince. This is what she had to work on. Poppy had to convince Seth to let her breathe and be on her own. Then she would go and mingle with the faeries that had  loose tongues. The same bunch that she learned about the true name thing and wish granted thing.
The thing was though, she had to act fast. Every day she spent in faerie was making it harder to remember who she was and where her real home was. Bai, her body guard was to deliver her to Seth for a private lunch. Apparently he had something to tell her. Poppy was going to be alone with him which was the first in a while so this was her opportunity to get him to let her go out on her own without Bai. 
Bai was a tall slim creature. His skin was soft velvet with bright silver blue eyes. Sticking out the side of his blue white hair was his pointy ears, which looked as sharp as knives.
He never really said anything. Bai had this talent for coming out of the wood works and startling Poppy. Today was going to be different as she knew when he was coming to get her. She was ready.
Bai came ten minutes earlier which sometimes he did. Today, she made sure she was ready a full half hour earlier. His bright blue silver eyes widened when he arrived. "You're ready." The way he  said it made Poppy cringe. It was like she did something wrong or just caught him by surprise.
Poppy threw up her chin at him, "yes, I am ready." She got up and walked past him. In a blink of an eye he was beside her. The smell of over ripe apples surrounded her. She hated it when he did that. She put some separation between them. Poppy didn't care if he liked it or not. She suspected he cared less about her but his love for Seth would keep him nearby.
They arrived in the old gardens. Seth was in the middle. To Poppy he looked like he was meditating . Bai held his hand up stopping her while he went ahead. She watched him lean down to Seth. He was so close she knew their cheeks were touching. Poppy wondered sometimes about their relationship and how much more it actually was.
Bai came back. His silver blue eyes shimmered in the garden. Poppy thought he might as well have been a butterfly flitting about the garden. He blended so well. He gestured to her to follow. Seth never turned to greet her. Poppy didn't know if she should go up to him but when Bai glared at her in annoyance, she quickly went up to him. She glared back at Bai.
Bai left without looking at her.
"Hello," she said on the quiet. "My princess, I am happy to see you. Come and sit with here in the garden." He took her hand and led her to an old cement bench that was covered in moss.
They sat down. His braid Poppy noticed was heavily laced with wild violets. They smelled sweet. Poppy didn't mean to but she reached out and touched the flowers. Seth closed his eyes as if she was touching his skin. Poppy didn't realize that it was such an intimate touch that she pulled her hand back. His eyes flashed open. They stared at each other for a moment.
Poppy offered a weak smile. She didn't want to offend him as she wanted to be granted some freedom. In return he gave her a warm smile. He took her hand and held it. Poppy held back a shiver. Today his hand felt slightly cool. But after a minute his hand went very warm. "You have something to tell me? Good stuff I hope."
He frowned a bit. "Good stuff? Why would you think it would be bad stuff?"
Poppy felt her face flush. "Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I was just kidding. That was a human joke, sorry." She was always saying sorry.
"I see." He squeezed her hand and her eyesight became blurry. "Seth, what's happening? I feel funny."
"It's okay love, everything will be fine."
Poppies' eyesight became clear. "Did you do something?"
"Just making things better for you love." He was now calling her love. "In a short while you will know nothing about where you came from. your home is here in faerie with me. He gave her a wry smile. "I then won't have to listen to those human jokes."
Poppy knew that he was trying to make his own joke. She didn't laugh. She leaned into him slightly. "What were you going to share with me?"
Another warm smile came his way. "We are going to The Kingdom. We are going to have a celebration with our people. That is also when we really become bonded." Up until then Poppy and Seth stayed in separate places. She hadn't figured that one out but was happy about it as she wasn't ready to take their relationship that far.
"When do we go?"
"In two days. I want you to prepare for it. We won't be back here for some time."
Poppy was taken back. How would she get his name now and her wish?
She bit her lip. "What is it love?"
"I have a question."
"Ask anything you want love?"
"Do you have another name?"
He looked at her. "Another name?"
"Yes, you know, some secret faerie name? I heard that once."
Seth almost laughed but he just held onto her hand. "When we go to the kingdom, we will be given a name each that will be our own and only you and I will know it. It will be a part of our bonding. Is that what you mean?" 
She sighed. "I don' t think that is it. You see I heard that if you found out a faerie's true name, that they had to grant you a wish."
Poppy could tell by the look in his eyes that he understood now. "You want to know my birth name? That is something that I will share with you at some point after you have your name. Is there a wish you would like?
"Would you grant me a wish?"
He came close to her. "I will grant you a wish, just for you love. What would you like?"
Poppy moved closer to him and now they were inches from each others noses. "I would like to visit my home in the human world." She closely watched his eyes and touched his nose with hers.  She thought their lips would touch. She braced herself.
"Okay, I will grant it but I will go with you."
"You don't have to go if you would rather be...
"I would rather be with you-even in the human world."
Well it wasn't what she had planned for but she would take it.
Seth had dawned a glamour that made him look quite different. Poppy kept looking at him. She didn't know why. His hair was short and his eyes were dark blue. He wore a soft leather jacket with his jeans and navy t-shirt. He was really cute thought Poppy.
Seth held her hand when they passed through. The air was even different here. She breathed it in and felt relieved to be back. Now she had to figure out how to stay here.
They walked up to the house. No one was home. A barking dog from next door made Seth nervous. "I think we should go back."
"Don't worry, the dog is tied up. Let's go to the house."
Poppy took his hand to reassure him. Seth wouldn't go in and he didn't want her to go in either.
"I just want to get one thing from my room. I'll be right back."
He was hesitant but let her go. "Be  quick," he said as the dog picked up the barking again.
She ran up the stairs to her room. She closed the door behind her. It was as she left it.  She shook her head. Poppy wondered about the time period. In any case she grabbed her back pack and threw some stuff in it. From there she went to her window and lifted it up. She could see the barking dog in the neighbor's yard. She climbed out the window and she shut it. It made a noise but she was sure the barking dog would muffle the sound. Going out here was old school to her. She did it all the time. There was a lattice attachment against the house where a dead rose use to climb. Her Mom still hadn't replaced it yet. It made a nice ladder.
She snuck around the house and peeked. Seth was leaning against the porch. She headed back around to the back of the house and down another old path. She took it and never looked back.
Note: There will be more chapters to this story. Probably one or two more.

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