Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend everyone!

The Visitor
His names is Terrance.
The resident cats had opinions about Terrance. It varied among them. The tabby girls thought of him as tolerable and only a couple of times did the older tabby chase and swat him.
The other three thought this will not do. Boundaries had to be set.
Separation had to take place.
What did Terrance think of all this?
Well, he liked the place and he made himself at home, despite the contempt he got from the others.
As long as the main group that decided he was better off being kicked out, he was happy.
The smaller tabby girl gave him nose to nose greeting everyday. He liked that.
Terrance thought they might hang out.
The visit lasted for three weeks.
The three discontented ones were getting a little worried that the visitor was going to become a resident.
But alas the day came and Terrance went back to the city to be a city cat and the discontented crew were once again happy.
The little tabby said he come back any time.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hi everyone. I hope it is warm where you are. Here, it is frigid. Today I have the next installment of Poppy & the Prince. Hope you enjoy.

The Fall King
Poppy's heart was thumping so loud she was sure that Seth would hear it and come running after her. She even sniffed the air but all she could smell was the damp leaves and musty soil.
The dog next door was getting louder now and she was sure that Seth wouldn't be at the house anymore. Poppy looked behind her but saw nothing. The path ahead  was dark but she kept going. She never took this path as one time she heard whispers in her ear and they scared her. Twigs would crack and bush would rustle close by. Her heart would jump up and down in her chest. The monsters would get her she was sure so she stayed away.
Poppy entered into the dark path. She hesitated for a moment but forced one foot in front of the other. She startled herself by stepping on a twig and snapping it. Her eyes darted everywhere to see if someone heard her.
Everything went eerily quiet. Poppy had thoughts of turning back. Maybe there was another path but she would have to go back and by now surly she would meet Seth.
Poppy looked down at her feet as if leaving the decision up to them. Her right foot took a step forward. The left foot followed and soon she was walking down the dark path. She held her breath until she came to a small clearing. The light was a dull autumn color and the trees towered over her. It felt like they had eyes on her.
She started to shake and she knew she had to get going. Poppy focused to what was at the end of the path which was a back lane. It just felt a long ways to get there but she knew it really wasn't or so she told herself.
The quietness remained her companion. It was starting to play with her imagination. The solution was to keep going but her hesitancy was her mistake.
"Well, well, who have we here?"
The voice was smooth and soft  with an underlying predators tone.
"Turn around my dear so we all can see you. I won't harm you."
His words made the hair on her neck stand up. She slowly turned to face him. A tall solid built male faerie stood before her. His hair was brushed with autumn colors of burnt rusts and browns with gold highlights. His piercing green eyes shone in the dull light. Pale brown wings draped down his back. He wore a brown vest only baring his strong chest that bared a tattoo. His pants were cargo style and the color of moss.
In his hand was a staff of old oak. His long fingers caressed the top while he studied her. He was not alone. Behind him were four others. They looked just as imposing as he did.
"What's your name dear?"
She managed to stutter out her name. His eyebrow went up. "Poppy you say." He grinned and looked back at his tribe. "You know who we have here?"
Poppy watched them take a better look at her. One of them came forward and stood next to him. "This is the prince's intended."
He patted him on the back.
"Smart you are. It is indeed our little princess." He looked over at her in curiosity. "What are you doing in this part? The little princess shouldn't be here or...
His grin turned into a beautiful smile. Poppy noticed how beautiful he was. They all were. "Did you run away my sweet?"
Poppy looked away. She heard him laugh. It sounded like the wind. The trees swayed which made her jump. She looked widely around and was almost going to run for it when they surrounded her.
He was now in front of her. The smell of the leaves and soil devoured her. She looked up into his green eyes that were wild and feral.
"This has turned out to be a most interesting day. I want to entertain you my princess. I am the Fall King and I want you to come with me."
"But, but, I can't, I have to go. Really." She knew her words were futile.
He held out his hand to her. "Come, I have a story to tell you."

Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hello everyone. Today is another cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy.

Suki and How Life Works
 This won't take long. I live in a nice warm house and as you can see I find sunny spots to sun myself and take naps.
My owner is trained to do certain things for me. I am a bit needy but that can be expected from me.
There is a lot of me to tend to.
There are also things that I JUST DON'T DO.
For instance if a mouse gets in the house, I probably won't do much about it. One of the other felines can take care of this for our owner.
I also don't make friends with certain other felines in this house.
When my owner's back is turned I like to torment Bella. I like to chase her and stuff her under the couch. It's the highlight of my day.
It's not though when I get a shot of water from the spray bottle.
I have to watch for that.
Life for me is pretty good. I get my wet cat food breakfasts and treats of course that are served in-between meals.
There are beds to choose from to have naps on and my basket that is placed on her bed for added comfort.
This is how life works for me, Suki.
Excuse me while I now have my nap.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi everyone. Today is my first cat flash fiction of the new year. Hope you are all keeping warm and well where you are. Hope you enjoy this piece. Have a great weekend!

Bella & Silver
 Bella thought he was interesting to say the least. He wore a Xmas hat the whole time. Maybe he wanted to make his own statement she thought.
She met him just this past Xmas. He was new to the house.
He had introduced himself as Silver but she suspected there was a real name behind that one.
Bella showed him around and he was so happy to be here.
She tried asking about where he came from but he wouldn't tell her. He always changed the subject.
It wasn't until the night before Xmas eve  that she learned who he really was.
Bella had been wondering around Xmas eve looking to see if the stocking had their treats yet that something happened.
A flash of silver caught her eye. Bella raced towards the room but when she got there, the room was quiet.
It was a few days later when Silver came bounding out to play with Bella that she told him about what she saw and thought that it was him.
His green eyes widened. "You thought you saw me the other night?"
"Was it you?"
He came close and said, "It was me. I help Santa once a year."
Bella's eyes widened. "You're the Santa Cat?"
His eyes twinkled. "I am but no cat must know. They always ask for favor and stuff. You keep our secret?"
Bella agreed.
They went off to play but Bella had plans to ask him for a favor.
A few extra cat treat would be nice but she would have to remember to ask nice.