Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi everyone. Today is my first cat flash fiction of the new year. Hope you are all keeping warm and well where you are. Hope you enjoy this piece. Have a great weekend!

Bella & Silver
 Bella thought he was interesting to say the least. He wore a Xmas hat the whole time. Maybe he wanted to make his own statement she thought.
She met him just this past Xmas. He was new to the house.
He had introduced himself as Silver but she suspected there was a real name behind that one.
Bella showed him around and he was so happy to be here.
She tried asking about where he came from but he wouldn't tell her. He always changed the subject.
It wasn't until the night before Xmas eve  that she learned who he really was.
Bella had been wondering around Xmas eve looking to see if the stocking had their treats yet that something happened.
A flash of silver caught her eye. Bella raced towards the room but when she got there, the room was quiet.
It was a few days later when Silver came bounding out to play with Bella that she told him about what she saw and thought that it was him.
His green eyes widened. "You thought you saw me the other night?"
"Was it you?"
He came close and said, "It was me. I help Santa once a year."
Bella's eyes widened. "You're the Santa Cat?"
His eyes twinkled. "I am but no cat must know. They always ask for favor and stuff. You keep our secret?"
Bella agreed.
They went off to play but Bella had plans to ask him for a favor.
A few extra cat treat would be nice but she would have to remember to ask nice.

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