Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend everyone!

The Visitor
His names is Terrance.
The resident cats had opinions about Terrance. It varied among them. The tabby girls thought of him as tolerable and only a couple of times did the older tabby chase and swat him.
The other three thought this will not do. Boundaries had to be set.
Separation had to take place.
What did Terrance think of all this?
Well, he liked the place and he made himself at home, despite the contempt he got from the others.
As long as the main group that decided he was better off being kicked out, he was happy.
The smaller tabby girl gave him nose to nose greeting everyday. He liked that.
Terrance thought they might hang out.
The visit lasted for three weeks.
The three discontented ones were getting a little worried that the visitor was going to become a resident.
But alas the day came and Terrance went back to the city to be a city cat and the discontented crew were once again happy.
The little tabby said he come back any time.

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