Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hello everyone. Today is another cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy.

Suki and How Life Works
 This won't take long. I live in a nice warm house and as you can see I find sunny spots to sun myself and take naps.
My owner is trained to do certain things for me. I am a bit needy but that can be expected from me.
There is a lot of me to tend to.
There are also things that I JUST DON'T DO.
For instance if a mouse gets in the house, I probably won't do much about it. One of the other felines can take care of this for our owner.
I also don't make friends with certain other felines in this house.
When my owner's back is turned I like to torment Bella. I like to chase her and stuff her under the couch. It's the highlight of my day.
It's not though when I get a shot of water from the spray bottle.
I have to watch for that.
Life for me is pretty good. I get my wet cat food breakfasts and treats of course that are served in-between meals.
There are beds to choose from to have naps on and my basket that is placed on her bed for added comfort.
This is how life works for me, Suki.
Excuse me while I now have my nap.

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