Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hello and happy spring! Our snow is almost all gone. It has been cold but today is suppose to be warm. Hope it's warm where you are. Today I have some flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. 

He's not very big but he can certainly do his thing. The frost pixie is ice blue and flits around in the morning.
The air is always cold and you know he is near.
His favorite is the sedum. He can rest on it while he paints the tips of the flowers with white.
Sometimes he sings when he sits there. He sounds like a bird singing.
His whitish blue wings are bigger than he is and are translucent. When the first ray of sun hits them they shimmer.
Don't try to catch him, you'll end up with a nasty bite.  As beautiful as he is, one must be very careful and keep their distance.
If you come near and he knows that you see him, he might try to lure you to come near and follow him. You do not want to follow him.
Where he lives, is very beautiful but extremely dangerous. 
Only admire him and let him go about his business.
If he winks at you, you might be in for some good luck or not.
Take care of the frost pixie. 

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