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Hello, I hope Spring is finding you were you live. It slowly coming here.  Today I have another installment of Poppy & The Prince. Hope you enjoy.
Poppy & The Prince
The Glass Coffin

There was a glass coffin in the centre of the faerie forest. No one was allowed to go there. But they did anyway.
Some would leave gifts of nuts, leaves, and necklaces made from violas. Others would sit on top of the glass coffin and talk to her and maybe try to waken her.
Of course, she did not waken.
The one in the coffin was cursed by the prince. He wanted to make her his princess but she ran away and so she was punished.  
The glass coffin is still there.
The fall king who told her call him Tomcat looked down at Poppy and grinned. "Are you running away from your prince?"
Poppy swallowed hard. "Are you saying that I will be cursed like her and put into a glass coffin?"
The others around stirred and muttered amongst themselves in their own faerie tongue. She didn't understand them.
"I'm not saying anything my dear. I just want to know why you ran away from the prince. You know he is about to become a summer king?
Poppy shook her head.
"Well, he is and he wants a mate before he becomes king. It will make him look stronger."
Poppy looked down at the ground. "I should be going so if you would escort me...
He laughed making her shiver. "I think we should invite him here so he can see who has you. This will call for favor."
"Don't do that," whispered Poppy.
Tomcat raised an eyebrow. "Did you say something dear? Speak up so we all can hear you."
"Don't invite him, please." She met his green eyes this time. Poppy could feel the magic in them. She looked away.
He let out a soft laugh. "Of course you don't want me to invite him." He smirked. "I was only teasing. I would never invite him here. That would be nasty. He has a quick temper that prince boy does. Did you know that? Oh, I guess you didn't or you wouldn't have ran away."
He came up to her and sat down beside her.  "You can stay here if you like."
The smell of the forest and damp earth wafted around her. It clung to her skin.
"Thank you but I should be going." She got up and went about two steps when he was in front of her. How did he do that?
"No, no, I insist you stay. We haven't shared any food yet. What kind of host would I be if I didn't offer you some of our food and wine?"
Poppy knew she had already ate some faerie food and drank their wine so it was too late for her anyway but she didn't want to share any wine or food with Tomcat. She had to find a polite way to decline his offer without offending him. She looked up at him trying not to focus too much on those green eyes of his and offered him a small smile. "Thank you very much for you offer. It has been most generous but I ate not long ago and would just really like to be on my way. Again, thank you for everything."
She stepped around him and started to walk away when his voice stopped her.
"Don't you want to hear the rest of the story love? Don't you want to know more about the girl in the glass coffin?"
Poppy slowly turned around. All eyes were on her. His green eyes shone like a cat. Her skin had goose bumps.
"Come, sit down love and hear the rest of the story."
Her feet though were frozen to the ground. She figured the cause was fear.
Tomcat gestured to one of the others who leapt up and two strides was beside her. He gently pushed on the small of her back, pushing her toward the rest of them. She had no choice but to go. He escorted her to a seat beside Tomcat.
He smiled in satisfaction. "That's better. Now. about the girl in the glass coffin. The prince went to her one day and was going to wake her but something happened." Poppy waited for him to continue but he was remaining quiet. Then he leaned over to her and in a low voice said. "She showed up." His body shook.
"Who is she?"
"The winter queen. She is very powerful and possessive. Apparently, the queen wanted the girl for herself. Why she wanted her is beyond me but the queen had her centricities. What ensued that night with the prince and queen was quite something." He paused for a moment as if he was trying to figure something out. "They struck a deal."
Poppy was guessing he would have like to know what that deal was.
"So, what happened to the girl in the glass coffin?"
He looked down at her and once again the damp smell of the earth enwrapped her. "They let her go."
Poppy frowned. "They let her go? Why did they do that if they both wanted her?"
"Well, " he grinned. "I think I have figured it out. The girl has been guarded all this time and now the prince once again is trying to claim her. The queen on the other hand probably still wants her but only if the girl does something. Then he has to hand her over."
"What would that be?"
"I'm guessing running away would be one."
"Running away?"
His grin grew into a full smile. "Yeah, runaway. Just like you did."
Poppy's chest sunk. She got up and looked up at them all.
Then she ran like she had never ran before.

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