Thursday, 5 March 2015


Hi everyone. I hope it is warm where you are. It's cold and windy today where I am. Today I have one of my strange little stories. Hope you enjoy.

Rose & Sam
They met at a poetry reading. He liked her red hair and sat down near her.
Rose was an artist who did painting on the street and sold them. She drank green tea.
Sam wanted to go up to her but didn't know what to say. He was shy.
When the poet finished his piece, it was intermission. Rose looked around and the first thing she saw was big brown eyes staring at her. She smiled.
Sam blushed but got the courage to sit down next to her. He told her his name and asked if she wrote poetry.
Rose said sometimes. She also told him her name and informed him that she was an artists who painted.
Sam said he painted too and asked her where she sold her stuff. Rose told him.
When intermission was over , he bought her another green tea. That made her smile and Sam thought her smile was the prettiest.
When the evening was over Sam walked her home. They decided to meet where she sold her paintings and paint together.
 Sam looked out the window and it was raining. They wouldn't be able to paint together. He texted her.
Rose read the text. She replied that there was another place that could paint.
That made Sam happy. He would get to see her smile again.
They met at a park where there was an outdoor area that had a roof on it. It was very protected. It was a good place to paint thought Sam.
As they talked about art together, they learned things about each other.
Rose learned that Sam didn't like thunder storms but didn't mind the rain. He thought it was soothing. He also told her that he was unhappy of late because his mom and dad were getting a divorce. Sam said he didn't want to go home as it wouldn't be the same.
Rose sympathized. She told him that it was just her and her dad. Her mom took off to pursue a career and didn't want them. She said she missed having a mother in her life.
Together they decided that you had to find your own path in life and make you own happiness.
After an hour there, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Rose went out onto the wet grass in her bare feet and danced.
Sam took off his shoes and joined her. They danced in the sun and laughed. He told her that was the first time in a while that he had felt happy. Sam also confined that he loved her red hair and smile.
Rose replied that she thought his crooked nose was sweet.
They both went home that night and wrote a poem for each other.
Rose wrote about finding things in life and Sam wrote about love.
They met everyday for a while, getting to know each other. Sam found himself in love. He decided that he wanted to be with Rose so when they met in the park, he told her wanted to talk about something.
He got there a head of her and set up his stuff to paint. Sam waited for her.
An uneasy feeling came over him for some reason. He texted her.
There was no reply. In the end he had texted her five times. There was no reply.
Sam decide to go to her place.
When he got there, there was an older man outside talking to a police officer.
He looked distraught.
Sam felt fearful and scared. But he went up to the man anyway.
The man looked at him and Sam told him who he was.
Sam found out that Rose tried to take her life. She had been taken to the hospital
He immediately went to the hospital to see her.
Rose laid in her bed with eyes closed. Sam took her hand in his and she in haled at his touch and opened her eyes. She had blue eyes.
Sam inhaled as well and asked if she felt okay.
Rose replied that she did but still felt groggy.
They talked for a bit about what had happened and why.
Sam told her that she was important to him and that he would be very sad if she wasn't there.
It touched her to hear these words and told him that she didn't want to make him sad.
Sam told her a story about and artist who was a sculptor.
He said that she lived in a world of her own and never saw the world around her. Her sculptors were faeries and gargoyles. People bought them to put them in their gardens. This artist had said that these were her friends but she was wrong he told Rose. Then one day she went to the beach and walked out into the water.
She never came back in.
Sam made Rose promise that she would not do this. That her art would not become her world.
Rose got out of the hospital and stayed with Sam.
He cared for her and each day she grew happier.
They decided to stay together and look out for one another.
Rose and Sam painted together and sold their painting at the spot Rose told him about.
A few years later Sam and Rose were married.
They were married in the park where they danced.
Times had been tough but they got through them and past hurts were mended and life went in different directions.
As long as they had each other, they would face what they could and try find solace in hard times.
They made their home at Sam's place and in the garden stood a gargoyle and in another garden was a faerie. Big sculptors stood guard over the home.
Rose liked to paint in the garden.
Sam told her that the artists had been a past love and that he couldn't part with these pieces.
Rose told him that was okay. She liked them and they needed to stay in the garden.
In the café were they met hangs painting by both of them. Visitors ask about the paintings all the time. The owner didn't remember the names too well but others remembered the red haired artist and her boyfriend.
Rose and Sam were what the painting went by for those who remembered them.
No one knew whatever happened to them.
Someone thought they had moved to the dessert where the suns always shone. It helped Rose with her dark days.
Another person thought that she had died but wasn't sure.
Whatever was the case, they touched people's lives everyday with their art.

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