Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and happy. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Cookie Dreams
She brought them over and placed them on the table.
I looked up at her, not pleased.
Tess sighed, as if she knew I would react like this.
"Trust me," she said with a grin on her face. It was the grin I knew all too well. It was the-don't believe me one.
I shook my head. "You need to take those away before Clara gets here. You know what she will do when she sees those."
Tess crossed her arms. "I'm not taking them away, just because of her."
I rolled my eyes. I had forgot that they had a disagreement last week. "Okay," I said. "I will take them away."
Tess snatched them up before I could get near them. I looked at her in annoyance. "What are you doing? You can't have those cookies here. They are not like other cookies and you know it."
 She hung onto the plate of cookies so tight that I thought the plate would break. I tilted my head at her. I noticed her eyes were a bit funny looking. "How many did you eat Tess?"
Her eyes instantly cast down. "I don't know. Maybe one...or two."
"Tess, really? Put the plate down before you drop them."
Her hands were shaking a bit but she sat them down. "I couldn't help it. They were so pretty and when he gave them to me, he said they would give me wonderful dreams."
I sighed. "You should know better when he gives you cookies. The faerie magic is in everything that he offers you."
Clara came into the room and spied the cookies. Her face turned red. She didn't look pleased at all. "Did he give you those?"
"He gave them to Tess and she shouldn't have taken them, okay? So, calm down. We'll get rid of them."
Clara gasped. "You can't do that. Something bad will happen. Don't you know anything?"
I folded my arms tightly, getting madder by the minute. "So, faerie girl, what are we supposed to do with them then?"
"Give them away. One of those humans will take them. They will think they are pretty and he will go chase them instead and leave us alone."
This would be a cruel thing to do. I had a few human friends. They weren't that bad. They didn't know what I was of course but I still didn't feel comfortable with this.
I picked up the colorful cookies. They looked so good and my mouth started to water. Clara and Tess were right there. We all looked at each other. "Lock the door and spell it."
Tess ran over to the door, locked it and whispered a few words.
We sat down on the floor and sat the cookies in the middle. Clara had brought over some milk. We were set.
The plate of cookies soon disappeared.
Just as the last colorful cookie crumb was gone,  he was there.
"Ah, my lovelies, three for my delight to play with. I will have such fun."
I sighed. "I will never eat another cookie." I drifted into his play land. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hello and hope everyone is fine. Today I have another one of my strange little stories. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

Metal Roses
Lilith had a daughter. She was the only thing that she loved-in her own way. Lily-Ann avoided her mother for the most part. She couldn't stand the way her mother threw parties for her to meet boys. Anyone that was invited to meet her made her cringe.
Lily-Ann would sneak out of these parties and go down to the library and read about botany. Lily-Ann loved plants and gardens. Her mother hated them and told her so.
She didn't care what her mother thought. Lilith announced to her that she had found the perfect suitor for her and that he would be coming over for dinner. Lily-Ann didn't argue with her but rolled her eyes when she left the room. She sighed. Why does mother do this? I will hate him. I'm not going to go to any dinner.
Lily-Ann went to her closet and pulled out a dress that resembled something out of the fifties. It had a form fitting bodice and flare skirt. It was cream with bright red roses on it. She also grabbed her black army boots.
Her black fish net stockings were a bit ripped but didn't matter as Lily-Ann pulled them on. She did her makeup with bright red lipstick and smoky eyes. Lilith tried to teach her daughter about makeup but Lily-Ann always went for the dramatic to almost Goth her mother hated. To finish things off she placed a red velvet bow in her black cropped hair.
Now she was ready. But she wasn't going to the party. Instead, she was going to sneak out and go to the small café where poetry readings and performance art was performed. She would drink lattes and listen to them all.
Lily-Ann went out the back door and down the back alley. Her mother would be furious but it wasn't the first time and wouldn't be the last so it was no big deal.
When she got there, there was a line up. Lily-Ann picked up her pace. She knew something was on tonight when she seen the line. This would be far more fun that some boring dinner with a boy she couldn't  stand to be in the same room with.
She barely grabbed a seat at a table. The place was full. Lily-Ann sipped at her latte while the first few performed and then the main attraction of the night came up and performed. Lily-Ann just stared.
A tall gangly boy stood up on stage. He wore a black suit that didn't really fit very well along with red boots. His black hair was tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon. He also wore makeup. Dark eyeliner outlined his smoky eyes. His lips were stained red.
Lily-Ann was captivated by him. Standing there he appeared to be so shy and awkward but when he cleared his voice and started speaking, Lily-Ann's heart leaped. His piece was about plants and that they were special in a special garden that was created for a love. She hung on to his every word. It felt like he was talking about a garden that was meant for her.
Their eyes met. She didn't blink in case he disappeared or something. As he continued on he kept his eyes on her and read the words out to her telling her about the garden. It was a magical garden were magic danced the night away and true love bloomed.
Lily-Ann held her breath.
When he was done he took a bow and smiled right at her. He walked off the stage and went right to Lily-Ann. His eyes were cat green and he smelled of sage and rosemary with a hint of spicy rose.
"Hello, my name is Edward. May I sit with you?"
She nodded and he sat opposite her. His cheeks slightly blushed as he spoke. "What may I call you?"
"Lily-Ann is what mother named me."
"She chose well I would say. Lily-Ann is the perfect name for you."
"Thank you Edward. It's the only thing pretty my mother gave to me."
"Really? I bet your mother gave you many pretty things." Lily-Ann sighed. "My mother is Lilith and she wants me to find a boyfriend that totally bores me."
"You're Lilith's daughter? I see." Lily-Ann watched his cat green eyes go a little deeper in color. She was hoping he wasn't going to get up and leave.
"I would like to take you to the garden that I talked about in the performance. Would you come? I might make you forget about your mother for a bit."
Lily-Ann's eyes went wide. "The garden really exists?"
Edward smiled. "Of course it does. Will you come?"
They left the coffee shop and together went for a walk to a part that Lily-Ann had only heard about. There wasn't much to see. Edward led her to an old cemetery where at first it looked abandoned but when they both stepped in, magic started to awaken. He took her hand and led her to the back where a black silver wrought iron bench was sitting. The back of the bench was roses that twined up into the air creating a large back to the bench.
They both sat down and Lily-Ann watched the garden come to life. Beds of roses popped up and sprang into bloom. Everything shimmered because the roses were metal. Two cello player were in the corner playing. Edward offered his hand. "Would you dance with me?"
She blushed as she took his hand. In the middle was a clearing and they danced to the cello's mournful music. "This garden was meant for you. It had waited for a long time for you to show and now you have." He smiled down at her.
They danced for some time until the moon above shone on them. "I guess it is time for you to go back to your home. Lilith will be  wondering where you are."
Lily-Ann shrugged. "Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it."
Edward looked at her. "Do you think that your mother would think I was a good suitor?"
Lily-Ann smiled. "She hates everything I love so she wouldn't approve of you."
He nodded like he understood what she meant. Then he grinned. "What if  I was to approach her on my own? Would that make it different?"
Lily-Ann like Edward very much. "You could try." Before they left he plucked one of the metal roses and gave it to her.
Three days later an invitation came to Lily-Ann's house. Lilith was in a good mood. She told Lily-Ann that they were invited  to a special dinner party and that this time she couldn't run away.
They went to the party and Lily-Ann was very nervous. She chose to wear a black gown that had little crystals in it that shimmered like the stars on a  black night. Her mother didn't see but underneath she wore her army boots. Her smoky eyes were darker tonight and her lips were painted a dark purple black. Around her neck she wore the only necklace that her father had given her-black pearls.
When they arrived at the home, the gothic style home glowed from within. A tall older man that looked like a walking skeleton greeted them at the door.  He ushered them into the dining room. A small group was already there. A man clothed in white and gold stood in front of  a massive stone fireplace. Lily-Ann thought it was odd. She didn't know what he was.
Edward came in wearing his finest and when he saw her he gasped. "My love, you wore the perfect dress for the occasion tonight."
He took her hand and kissed it as well as Lilith's. Lily-Ann watched for a reaction. Her mother appeared enamored by Edward. She let out a sigh.
They all had a wonderful meal and when the evening meal was done , Edward stood up with his glass and proposed a toast.
"I want to thank you all for coming tonight. This is a special evening tonight as something very special is going to happen. This lovely lady to my right will become my bride tonight."
Lilith almost choked. Edward continued on as if he never heard her. We will gather around in front of the fireplace and Lily-Ann and I will stand and recite our vows. Come join us."
Lily-Ann thought her mother would spit fire but didn't say anything-yet. It made her nervous as they approached the large stone fireplace. She could picture Lilith throwing Edward into the fire place and watch him burn but so far nothing.  It was as if Lilith was enamored over him again as she stood there and beamed.  
The white and gold robed man took his place in front of them while everyone looked on. Lily-Ann and Edward faced each other. He handed her a small bouquet of roses. They were metal. Edward was the first to say his vows.
From the first time I saw you I knew you were the girl from my special garden. It was fate that brought you to me I'm sure. I promise to be the best husband to you for all eternity. I will give you as many metal roses as you like and as many poems as you would like to hear. My darling Lily-Ann, I give myself to you."
She smiled at him and said a few words.
I promise to be the best wife I can be and will cherish every metal rose I get and every poem you read to me. I give myself to you.
The man in the white and gold robe mumbled something and then they were announced as husband and wife. Everyone clapped.
Lilith did not. It appeared that whatever spell Edward cast on her was now wearing off. Her eyes were demon red and she was mad.
Marching up to the couple she pointed her sharp red painted fingernail into Edward's chest. "How dare you...
Lily-Ann watched her mother's angry face turn into a happy one. She hugged and congratulated Edward and smiled at Lily-Ann.
"What did you do to her?"
Edward smiled down at his bride. "Mother in laws can be nasty things my dear. One can never be too careful. I will always keep tricks up my sleeves to protect us from her. She will never be the wiser and one day she will come around and accept me."
Lily-Ann felt a chill go through her. She wasn't sure where it came from, him or her mother. He quickly pulled her into his arms as if he felt her chill. "It will be okay. Nothing will happen my dear."
Everyone went into the other room and celebrated the night away.
Lilith went home without her. She never said goodbye or anything. Lily-Ann was not surprised but worried all the same.
Edward was the most gentle husband and Lily-Ann was so enchanted by him that any worries that she had, disappeared. She loved Edward.
Then one day sitting in her metal rose garden , the sky darkened and this smell of burnt grass made Lily-Ann cough.
In a haze of black smoke, Lilith appeared. Lily-Ann had no place to run. Her mother's feral look told her to stay put. Lilith sauntered up to her daughter and smirked. "So, you thought you had the wool pulled over your mother's eyes. Well, you should have known better. My eyes are never blind no  matter   what you put in in front of them."
"But mother...
Lilith waved her hand in the air silencing her. "Never mind, you will come with me back home. This marriage was a fiasco."
"What about Edward? I love him mother."
She scoffed at her. "You don't know what love is."
"And you do,?"she spit back at her. "How many men have you had?"
Lilith narrowed her eyes at her. "How dare you talk back to me? I think you need to be taught a lesson."
That's when Lily-Ann saw  Edward standing at the garden gate. He not look happy. Lilith didn't turn around to face him. She knew he was there. Lilith sighed. "You almost had me dear but you knew that I would come to be wise to your tricks demon boy." She snapped her fingers and Edward fell to his knees holding his throat, choking. Lily-Ann raced to Edward and screamed at her mother. "Stop this. I love him and I don't care if you like him or not. You hate everything I love and I'm tired of it. It is time you left me alone."
Lilith's eyes went wide and were feral. Still, Lily-Ann held her ground with her mother. "Stop this now or you will never see me again."
It was like cold water was poured over Lilith. She stopped and Edward could breathe again. Lily-Ann helped him to his feet.
Lily-Ann could tell that he was angry by the way he shook. She held into his arm to settle him but she was afraid it was too late.
He flung his hand out at her and Lilith disappeared into black smoke.
"What did you do to mother?"
Before Edward answered a black cat sauntered out of the black smoke.
Lily-Ann looked at him. "You like black cats, don't you?"
"Yes, I do but you turned mother into a black cat?"
He shrugged. "It was the only thing I could think of that I hadn't given you yet."
The black cat rubbed up against Lily-Ann's leg and purred. She picked it up and petted it. "I'll call her Lilith in honor of my mother. She can keep me company in the garden."
"I thought you might. She will make a nice pet, I'm sure."
Lily-Ann put the cat down and walked out of the garden gesturing for the cat to follow. Edward went to follow his wife when Lilith hissed at him making him wait for her to go first.
Edward sighed. "Mother-in-laws."

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hello and hope it's a warm Spring day where you are. Today I have another installment of Poppy & the Prince. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Poppy & the Prince
Poppy grabbed hold of Seth's arms and forced him to look at her. "You can't do this." Her voice came across as desperate and Poppy instantly changed her voice to a softer tone. She had to get through to him.
"She doesn't care about you. The winter queen will hurt you." Poppy was hoping that he would believe her since she had only just met her but she knew that this queen was only for herself. She knew humans at school like her.
Seth did look at her. His silver eyes shimmered. "You're the one who hurt me. I'm very aware of what she is capable of doing." He grabbed her wrists making her flinch. "Let me teach you lesson in listening." His silver eyes narrowed at the queen. She had stood quiet watching. An eerie feeling went though Poppy when she looked over at her.
"We'll play by my rules," he told her.
She pouted. "You always do that. Snippy prince always wants his own way." Her whine sounded like a school yard fight.
Seth shrugged. "Suit yourself." He grabbed Poppy and started to drag her away.
"Wait, where do you think you're going? I was the one who found her. That should account for something." The air started to cool down. Poppy shivered. She looked up at the trees waiting for the snow to start coming. Seth didn't like the cold either as he let out a feral growl at her.
Poppy watched as her staff started to transform. She now held the same staff as she did back in the snowy world where Poppy encountered her.
The winter queen tapped her staff on the ground. Roots from underneath sprung up and started to wind themselves around her and Seth's feet. Poppy instantly pulled her feet up yanking the fine roots out of the ground. Seth did the same thing but they kept sprouting our of the ground.
The snow queen was laughing. "I like my games better. We'll play by my rules today. I feel like chasing today." Her cold blue eyes looked at Poppy. "I'll hold him in place and let you get a head start."
Poppy looked at her with wide eyes. "What are you doing?"
A large snowy wolf came out from behind her. It looked like it had come out of her skirts. It growled at Poppy.
Seth flung out his hand sending the wolf up against the trees. The snow queen snarled. The roots from the ground came up like spiders  They were climbing up his legs now. There was no roots for Poppy. The large wolf was back at the snow queen's side looking meaner than ever.
The snow queen tilted her head at Poppy. "I would start running soon dear. My puppy is anxious to play with you." She grinned and gave Poppy the creeps.
Seth was busy struggling with the roots to help her. So she ran as fast as her feet would carry her. The shrubs felt like they were claws that were reaching out to grab her and hold her or tear at her skin. Poppy kept going regardless and tried to find her way out of this magical forest.
She didn't know if the pounding in her chest was her heart or the wolf that was pursuing her. Poppy was too scared to look.  She could see light a head of her and suddenly hope filled her. Poppy raced toward it.
Just before she got to the end a shadow leaped over top of her and landed in front of her. It was the wolf.
Poppy screamed shielding her herself with her arms. Suddenly, she felt her feet being lifted off the ground. When she looked down she could see the wolf snapping at her and jumping up trying to get her.  But she kept getting higher.
She fell against something solid.  When she looked up she peered into yellow cat eyes. "Why hello dear. Nasty puppy down there I do say."
It was Tomcat. She didn't know if she should cry or hug him. He straightened her up. They were standing on a large limb of a tree.
"You saved me. Why?"
Tomcat frowned. "I do a good deed and get questioned for it? If you would rather face...
"No, no, I'm sorry. Thank you for saving me. I just was surprised that you...
"Saved you even though you ran away from me?" He smirked. "This little royal game that they are playing with you is more interesting. I just have to figure out what to do with you now."
"You could just take me out of here and take me back to the human world where I came from." She knew she sounded too hopeful by the way he grinned at her.
"I could but what fun would that be. Your prince is mad at you and wants to punish you and the queen wants you for some reason. This could be to my advantage you know."
He leaped up onto the limb above them and held out his hand to her. "Take my hand and we will fly over to my camp where you will be very safe. Neither one of them go there. It's out of their territory."
Poppy stood there looking around wondering what to do. Tomcat sighed. "If you would like to sit here for eternity, be my guest. But be forewarned, puppy down there won't stay down there much longer. He'll come join you and you may or may not want that." He stared at her expressionless.
Poppy let out a huff and grabbed his hand. He smiled. "I though you might make the right decision."
His large butterfly wings spread out behind his back and he pulled her close to him. The smell of the forest devoured her. Up they went and he flew effortlessly over the tops of the tress, letting the wind carry then far away.
They landed in a mossy bank near a gurgling creek. The moss was soft under Poppy's feet. The moss started to rise in one spot. Poppy watched it popped open and a tiny little creature came scrambling over to them. "What do you have Tomcat? Is it something we can eat?"
Tomcat frowned at the little thing. It resembled a cat that looked as if it hadn't been brushed in some time. It look matted. His large cat eyes appeared too big for its body. Its paws had long claws that made Poppy uncomfortable.
"No, this is not to eat. This will  however bring us better things to eat my friend." Its large cat eyes looked her up and down and didn't see how she could mean better thing to eat.
"Trust me Sphinx, this will give us everything we want."
His nose twitched still not convinced. Sphinx sniffed carefully anyway. Poppy watched his nose wrinkle. She was glad as she didn't want him to sample her.
"Let's show our guest to her new home for now. We will have visitors soon and we will have to be ready for them. Lots to do. Let's go."
Poppy walked beside Tomcat and Sphinx walked at a safe distance behind them. She could hear little feral noises come form him every once in a while.
Poppy's eyes widened when they got to the place where she would be staying. It was a small village of faeries. They were all colors and shapes and sizes. They came out of their homes to investigate what had arrived. She felt like Alice in Wonderland arriving in Wonderland.
Everything looked surreal as they all started to gather around her. Some were brave and touched her and others just sniffed her. Tomcat looked quite proud of himself. He reminded Poppy of a cat who caught a big fat mouse. She was the fat mouse.
He smiled at his audience. "Let us welcome Poppy, the summer king's bride to be." There were a few gasps in the crowd. "She will be our guest for a while. Let's make her welcome, shall we?" Poppy picked up an air of warning in his tone. "There will be much activity in the near future and it will mean lots of fun for all." Poppy cringed at what he might have meant by fun.
Tomcat came up beside her and leaned in close to her cheek "The next few days will be most interesting my pet. I suggest you prepare yourself for the wildest ride of your life." 

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hi and today I have a flash fiction piece. It's whimsical so I hope you enjoy it. Take care.

Lily was a tiny faerie.
She liked tea parties very much.
Today she was inviting Mouse who also liked tea parties.
She made camomile tea with small plates of seeds from dandelion and since the sunflowers were ready, she picked those, especially for Mouse. They were his favorite.
Lily baked tiny tarts filled with wild raspberries for dessert.
Mouse was dressed in his finest. He wore a dark grey velvet vest and a top hat. He hopped up on the mushroom and sat down. "Good day Lily."
Lily giggled. "Good day to you, Mouse. Have some sunflower seed. I picked them for you."
Mouse quickly took one and cracked it open. "Thank you. These are my favorite."
Lily placed some acorn cups out on the stump that served as their table.
She poured tea into each cup.
They sat and enjoyed their tea and seeds.
Out of the clearing came Buttercup who was a small butterfly faerie. She spied the raspberry tarts and came running.
Mouse grabbed the plate just in time before she upset everything.
Lily frowned. "Buttercup, you almost ruined everything."
Buttercup's wings drooped. "I smelled the tarts and couldn't help it."
Lily sighed. "Fine, you may have one but please sit at the table and eat nice."
She hopped up on one of the mushrooms and ate her tart. Buttercup was very careful.
Mouse poured her some tea to go with her tart.
They all had a nice tea party.
Buttercup thanked Lily for tea and tart and excused herself politely.
Mouse also thanked Lily and said that he would invite her back for a tea party.
Lily and Mouse hugged and off he went.