Thursday, 2 April 2015


Hi and today I have a flash fiction piece. It's whimsical so I hope you enjoy it. Take care.

Lily was a tiny faerie.
She liked tea parties very much.
Today she was inviting Mouse who also liked tea parties.
She made camomile tea with small plates of seeds from dandelion and since the sunflowers were ready, she picked those, especially for Mouse. They were his favorite.
Lily baked tiny tarts filled with wild raspberries for dessert.
Mouse was dressed in his finest. He wore a dark grey velvet vest and a top hat. He hopped up on the mushroom and sat down. "Good day Lily."
Lily giggled. "Good day to you, Mouse. Have some sunflower seed. I picked them for you."
Mouse quickly took one and cracked it open. "Thank you. These are my favorite."
Lily placed some acorn cups out on the stump that served as their table.
She poured tea into each cup.
They sat and enjoyed their tea and seeds.
Out of the clearing came Buttercup who was a small butterfly faerie. She spied the raspberry tarts and came running.
Mouse grabbed the plate just in time before she upset everything.
Lily frowned. "Buttercup, you almost ruined everything."
Buttercup's wings drooped. "I smelled the tarts and couldn't help it."
Lily sighed. "Fine, you may have one but please sit at the table and eat nice."
She hopped up on one of the mushrooms and ate her tart. Buttercup was very careful.
Mouse poured her some tea to go with her tart.
They all had a nice tea party.
Buttercup thanked Lily for tea and tart and excused herself politely.
Mouse also thanked Lily and said that he would invite her back for a tea party.
Lily and Mouse hugged and off he went.

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