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Hello and hope it's a warm Spring day where you are. Today I have another installment of Poppy & the Prince. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Poppy & the Prince
Poppy grabbed hold of Seth's arms and forced him to look at her. "You can't do this." Her voice came across as desperate and Poppy instantly changed her voice to a softer tone. She had to get through to him.
"She doesn't care about you. The winter queen will hurt you." Poppy was hoping that he would believe her since she had only just met her but she knew that this queen was only for herself. She knew humans at school like her.
Seth did look at her. His silver eyes shimmered. "You're the one who hurt me. I'm very aware of what she is capable of doing." He grabbed her wrists making her flinch. "Let me teach you lesson in listening." His silver eyes narrowed at the queen. She had stood quiet watching. An eerie feeling went though Poppy when she looked over at her.
"We'll play by my rules," he told her.
She pouted. "You always do that. Snippy prince always wants his own way." Her whine sounded like a school yard fight.
Seth shrugged. "Suit yourself." He grabbed Poppy and started to drag her away.
"Wait, where do you think you're going? I was the one who found her. That should account for something." The air started to cool down. Poppy shivered. She looked up at the trees waiting for the snow to start coming. Seth didn't like the cold either as he let out a feral growl at her.
Poppy watched as her staff started to transform. She now held the same staff as she did back in the snowy world where Poppy encountered her.
The winter queen tapped her staff on the ground. Roots from underneath sprung up and started to wind themselves around her and Seth's feet. Poppy instantly pulled her feet up yanking the fine roots out of the ground. Seth did the same thing but they kept sprouting our of the ground.
The snow queen was laughing. "I like my games better. We'll play by my rules today. I feel like chasing today." Her cold blue eyes looked at Poppy. "I'll hold him in place and let you get a head start."
Poppy looked at her with wide eyes. "What are you doing?"
A large snowy wolf came out from behind her. It looked like it had come out of her skirts. It growled at Poppy.
Seth flung out his hand sending the wolf up against the trees. The snow queen snarled. The roots from the ground came up like spiders  They were climbing up his legs now. There was no roots for Poppy. The large wolf was back at the snow queen's side looking meaner than ever.
The snow queen tilted her head at Poppy. "I would start running soon dear. My puppy is anxious to play with you." She grinned and gave Poppy the creeps.
Seth was busy struggling with the roots to help her. So she ran as fast as her feet would carry her. The shrubs felt like they were claws that were reaching out to grab her and hold her or tear at her skin. Poppy kept going regardless and tried to find her way out of this magical forest.
She didn't know if the pounding in her chest was her heart or the wolf that was pursuing her. Poppy was too scared to look.  She could see light a head of her and suddenly hope filled her. Poppy raced toward it.
Just before she got to the end a shadow leaped over top of her and landed in front of her. It was the wolf.
Poppy screamed shielding her herself with her arms. Suddenly, she felt her feet being lifted off the ground. When she looked down she could see the wolf snapping at her and jumping up trying to get her.  But she kept getting higher.
She fell against something solid.  When she looked up she peered into yellow cat eyes. "Why hello dear. Nasty puppy down there I do say."
It was Tomcat. She didn't know if she should cry or hug him. He straightened her up. They were standing on a large limb of a tree.
"You saved me. Why?"
Tomcat frowned. "I do a good deed and get questioned for it? If you would rather face...
"No, no, I'm sorry. Thank you for saving me. I just was surprised that you...
"Saved you even though you ran away from me?" He smirked. "This little royal game that they are playing with you is more interesting. I just have to figure out what to do with you now."
"You could just take me out of here and take me back to the human world where I came from." She knew she sounded too hopeful by the way he grinned at her.
"I could but what fun would that be. Your prince is mad at you and wants to punish you and the queen wants you for some reason. This could be to my advantage you know."
He leaped up onto the limb above them and held out his hand to her. "Take my hand and we will fly over to my camp where you will be very safe. Neither one of them go there. It's out of their territory."
Poppy stood there looking around wondering what to do. Tomcat sighed. "If you would like to sit here for eternity, be my guest. But be forewarned, puppy down there won't stay down there much longer. He'll come join you and you may or may not want that." He stared at her expressionless.
Poppy let out a huff and grabbed his hand. He smiled. "I though you might make the right decision."
His large butterfly wings spread out behind his back and he pulled her close to him. The smell of the forest devoured her. Up they went and he flew effortlessly over the tops of the tress, letting the wind carry then far away.
They landed in a mossy bank near a gurgling creek. The moss was soft under Poppy's feet. The moss started to rise in one spot. Poppy watched it popped open and a tiny little creature came scrambling over to them. "What do you have Tomcat? Is it something we can eat?"
Tomcat frowned at the little thing. It resembled a cat that looked as if it hadn't been brushed in some time. It look matted. His large cat eyes appeared too big for its body. Its paws had long claws that made Poppy uncomfortable.
"No, this is not to eat. This will  however bring us better things to eat my friend." Its large cat eyes looked her up and down and didn't see how she could mean better thing to eat.
"Trust me Sphinx, this will give us everything we want."
His nose twitched still not convinced. Sphinx sniffed carefully anyway. Poppy watched his nose wrinkle. She was glad as she didn't want him to sample her.
"Let's show our guest to her new home for now. We will have visitors soon and we will have to be ready for them. Lots to do. Let's go."
Poppy walked beside Tomcat and Sphinx walked at a safe distance behind them. She could hear little feral noises come form him every once in a while.
Poppy's eyes widened when they got to the place where she would be staying. It was a small village of faeries. They were all colors and shapes and sizes. They came out of their homes to investigate what had arrived. She felt like Alice in Wonderland arriving in Wonderland.
Everything looked surreal as they all started to gather around her. Some were brave and touched her and others just sniffed her. Tomcat looked quite proud of himself. He reminded Poppy of a cat who caught a big fat mouse. She was the fat mouse.
He smiled at his audience. "Let us welcome Poppy, the summer king's bride to be." There were a few gasps in the crowd. "She will be our guest for a while. Let's make her welcome, shall we?" Poppy picked up an air of warning in his tone. "There will be much activity in the near future and it will mean lots of fun for all." Poppy cringed at what he might have meant by fun.
Tomcat came up beside her and leaned in close to her cheek "The next few days will be most interesting my pet. I suggest you prepare yourself for the wildest ride of your life." 

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