Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello! Today I have another installment of Poppy & the Prince. I hope enjoy. Have a great weekend! 
Poppy & the Prince
The Snow Queen & The King
She sat in the snow beside the glass coffin and gently blew on the glass. Frosted roses formed and clamoured over the sides of the glass coffin encasing it in white ice. The dappled sun sparkled on the icy glass. The trees trembled above sending snow to swirl around her. She did not mind.
"I have waited for so long for your return. I can't wait to take you back to my castle away from them."
The snow queen pulled herself up and looked at the girl in the coffin. She smiled and traced with her finger over the top of the frosted glass. Leaning down to get closer she kissed the top of the frosted glass sealing it in frosted white roses.
The sun shone down through the trees making the snow sparkle and twinkle. The air was fresh and her breath resembled a cloud of foggy mist that hung in the air.
She heard him but didn't turn around. For now, this was her moment. Her ears were perked waiting for him to say something but he did not. He was waiting for her perhaps? A wisp of snow swirled around her feet. She smiled. He was trying to get her attention.
Then she heard him sigh. When he did that, it meant on of two things. He was getting bored and would leave or it was a sign of his irritation. She turned her head slightly in his direction. Out the corner of her eye she could see his long legs and strong muscled body leaning against one of the trees. Power emitted from him just standing there.
That made her feel uneasy. "How long are going to lean against that tree?"
"I was wondering how long I was going to have to lean against this tree before you acknowledged me."
"I knew...
"That I was here. I know. You can sense things. That's a special gift you have, isn't it?" The snow queen opened her mouth but before she could say anything she could hear him walk towards her. She stiffened as he got closer. The smell of mint and hemlock invaded her senses. It was on purpose.
"You have her back I see. What are you going to do with her? Pet perhaps?"
Her cold face heated. She hated that he could do that to her. The need to throw something at him was over whelming but it would only get her into trouble. Silence was better.
His cold finger slid down her arm sending a shiver through her. She stood as still as she could. He did it again. "What do you want," she whispered.
He leaned in close. She could feel the coldness of his lips a mere breath away from her cheek. "You know what I want. I've been very patient but now is the time for you to come back to the castle and be queen and let me be your king. Agreements were made long ago love and now it's time to honour them."
The snow queen shut her eyes tightly hoping that he would be gone when she opened then but no, the smell of mint and hemlock mixed with bark got stronger. She pulled away from him slightly. Being careful with him was a priority.
"I'm taking her back to the castle-to be safe."
"Safe? What? From Seth? Good luck on that. You have his intended princess and future queen sealed in that icy tomb. He will stop at nothing to get her back. You know that. Why not just give her back now and come back with me? It's for the best."
She shook her head. "I don't care. I'm taking her back."
The snow queen walked around to the other side of the coffin where now she was opposite him. She looked straight into his eyes that were as icy blue as the sky above them. His white hair was loose around his face framing his heart shaped face.
"I'm leaving with her now."
He laid his hand on the coffin barring her from taking her.
"Please Savon, let me."
His ice blue eyes held her with a fierceness. "I will not have her at the castle. You will be with her all the time instead of with me, your intended king."
The snow queen threw up her chin at him. "I will take what I want back with me to the castle. Don't challenge me."
Savon grinned. "You always like to fight, don't you?" He lifted his hand off the coffin. They stared at one another for a moment. He was testing her to see if she would do it. She knew better.
He smiled. "Well, you are smart. You know not to challenge me either."
The trees above them picked up, kicking snow up into their faces.
Savon rolled his eyes. "We have company and let me guess, the fall king graces our presence. He's either being very brave or ...
"Don't say no more. Be nice." Tomcat lit down on the snow a ways from the pair of them. He folded his arms observing the two. "Isn't this cozy. Come to claim your winter queen Savon? I don't think she's into you bro. I think the one in the coffin is the one she's saving her heart for. But you know that, don't you?"
Savon gritted his teeth and the air around them got colder. "How dare you. Leave us before I cause a snow storm like no other."
Tomcat shook his head. "Yes, I'm sure you could do that. But the one in the glass coffin is spoken for and is not for your intended queen. She belongs to the future summer king." He turned his gaze to her. "My snow queen, you have to give her back."
She glared at Tomcat. "No, I do not have to give her back. I've had enough. I'm leaving with her."
Suddenly a giant swirl of snow gusted and blew around them. The winds started to howl and you couldn't hear anything. Everything was a blinding white. Then, suddenly as it all started it stopped. The snow fell gently all around them and the wind became quiet.
The snow queen was gone and so was the coffin. Savon turned to Tomcat who was dusting the snow off of him as if it were dust. "This is your fault. You should have stayed out of this."
Tomcat raised an eyebrow at him. "Now, you know that I could not do that and you know why."
Savon sighed. "Why didn't you keep her when you had her?"
"Because I thought that Seth had a handle on things but obviously not, so now I have stepped in. These courts cannot be disrupted like this. I am the fall king and I am the largest court next to her winter court." Tomcat sighed.
"At least she is for now. But when Seth becomes the summer king, he will be stronger than the winter court. I know you don't care but I do."
Savon sauntered over to Tomcat who didn't move. "You think you have it all figured out fall king. Well, let me tell you, I don't care about the summer king Seth. The winter court will become the strongest, not the weakest. That is why she needs me to be her king. If you want Poppy, then you better take her because I will not stand by and let our snow queen make a fool out of herself over Poppy. Do you understand?"
"I understand. You will help me get her back behind your precious snow queen then. How about during the night while your queen sleeps?"
"Make it tonight because by morning she will be dead. I will not have her in my territory , not even for one day."
Tomcat smiled. "Fine, I'll bring Seth along, you know for fun and we'll rescue her. It will be great fun."
Savon knew what he meant by fun. Someone would end up dead.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Hello and today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy!

Cat Trickery
Okay, so he is white usually but this is what happens when Bert sleeps. The kittens, Maddie and Max , thinks this is hilarious to  take the children's water paints that they leave out all the time and paint his face.
Bert sleeps so soundly that he doesn't feel a thing.
Sometimes there is such a mess that they get the rest of his fur as well. The kittens, Maddie and Max, are extremely messy.
Bert says he will do the same thing to them but they never sleep at the same time. One always watches out for the other guy. Bert told them one day that the next time they did this he would dip both of them into the dirty paint water.
It didn't stop them. 
Bert finally started to find places to hide for his naps. It worked until one day when he stretched out on the living room floor and first thing he knew he was napping.
Yup, when he woke up he was all blotchy with oranges and blacks. He went back to sleep anyway.
He would teach those two a lesson but just not today.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hello everyone. Today is flash fiction day. I hope you enjoy this one. Have a great weekend! 

Pennies A Ride
The rides only cost a penny. He comes into town only once a year. His name is Toby and he usually  arrives in the middle of the night. No one knows why.
Some child finds him the next day.
Word spreads pretty fast of course and soon everyone is over to see Toby.
He only asks for pennies. He said there are always pennies inside our houses.
What he does with them, we are not sure but the kids find the pennies and bring them to him so they can ride him all day.
Toby loves children and they love him. His colorful main is something the kids love to run their fingers through.
Sometimes their fingers come out in pinks and blues.
It washes off though so it's no problem.
The day ends too soon for the kids and the parents take their kids home to bed.
Toby takes his pennies and disappears before the sun sets. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Hi everyone. Today I have another installment of Poppy & the Prince. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend.

Poppy & the Prince
Claiming One's Heart
It had been three days and Poppy was beginning to think that Seth was going to leave her with the fall king-Tomcat. He had been most kind of course and had made her as comfortable as possible.
Poppy would watch Tomcat talk to his tribe. She could feel their anxiety on her skin. They were anxious too. With every pick up of wind it made her jump and turn around expecting to see Seth standing there. Poppy knew he would not be happy and that's what frightened her most. 
The day was beautiful and Poppy decided to go for a walk to clear her head. She knew Tomcat's tribe was out there and would be following her.
It was down a path that she noticed something small up ahead. Poppy stopped to watch it. It was eating something. When it turned its little head it looked like a hedgehog.
They spotted each other. The little creature took off and poppy quickly followed it. "Come back, I didn't mean to scare you." She couldn't see it anymore but she could hear it. Poppy followed the noise.
When she thought she had caught up there was nothing there. The little creature had disappeared. She sighed and turned around and started to walk back. Her eyes were cast down on the path. Poppy went deep into thought as she slowly walked back.
Poppy's nose twitched a few times but she paid no attention. It happened again and that's when she came out of her thoughts.
"I would offer you a penny for your thought but I think I already know what your thoughts are."
She stopped abruptly. Seth was walking beside her. Poppy gasped and her chest suddenly started thumping.
"Don't panic love. It is just you and I."
"What...What do you mean-just you and me?"
"Just that love. We are alone."
Poppy looked frantically up at the trees looking for Tomcat's tribe. Seth's eyes followed her eyes. He grinned. "They're not up there love and they haven't been following you like you thought they were."
Poppy was taken back. "What? They always...
Seth shook his head. "No love, the ones you felt following you were from the summer court."
"That can't be. I swore they were members of Tomcat's tribe. They were protecting me from...She stopped.
"From me? I don't think so. My troupe was protecting you from them."
She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Why would you do that? Tomcat brought me here to...
Protect you from me and that nasty winter queen?" He shook his head again. "No love, Tomcat is one faerie you do not want to trust. He has agendas of his own love. He has put you here as a pawn in his game."
Seth came close to her and all she could smell was a sweet summer day and the warmth of sunshine on her skin. It felt like she was being lifted and transported  to his world.
"Come with me, and I will get you away from him. You belong to me remember? You are going to be my queen when I become summer king. That will be soon." Seth took her arm and threaded it through his. They started to walk again. He took her in another direction from which she had come.
Seth was not mad at her and this made her nervous. Poppy finally spoke out about her concerns. He laughed and told her that he had forgiven her. She would come back with him and they would be married. Then she would be bonded to him and wouldn't leave ever again.
She was calm for some reason and wondered if he had anything to do with that. She looked up at the trees but there was nothing and no sounds came. They were almost at the end of a path. Poppy wondered if they would enter into the summer realm. A funny feeling crept through her.
"Going somewhere are we?"
Seth let out a low growl and pulled Poppy along faster to get to the end of the path.
She wanted to turn around and face Tomcat but she couldn't turn to him or say anything. The path ahead was all she could see.  The desire to reach the end of the path grew stronger and stronger.
Tomcat landed in front of them making them stop.
"What's the hurry love? Our good friend here doesn't  have to sweep you away from the rest of us."
"Oh yes I do. We all know what you are capable of doing. We are leaving."
He tried to go around Tomcat but no, he stopped them. "Remember whose court your are in Summer King? Oh, but wait, you're not king yet, are you? You don't have a queen and your court wants you to have a queen by your side." Tomcat's green eyes shone and his wings expanded slightly, then relaxed. He looked right at Seth. "Since you are on my turf and have not much power, I will take Poppy for the keeping right now. When you are ready to get married and claim her for your queen, then we will discuss what you can do for me in exchange for your queen."
Seth gritted his teeth. "I will not do any deals with you. I will claim my queen right now. I will marry her today."
Tomcat shook his head and chuckled. "No, you don't get married like that. You have to have a party and celebrate. Only the desperate do it your way." He was taunting Seth now. Poppy could feel the air change. The trees started to stir. Then a yelp echoed in the trees startling Poppy.
Suddenly Poppy was yanked from Seth and she felt herself rising into the air. When she looked down she saw the two of them fighting. They soon disappeared out of her sight. With a blink of an eye she had landed on the ground in  tall grass. There was no one around her.
She bolted up with the sound of someone coming toward her. When the grass parted the winter queen was standing there smiling. She sighed. "I knew those two would screw up and leave you vulnerable."
"What do you mean? What do you want from me?"
"Those two want you for themselves. Seth wants you to be his summer queen and Tomcat...She didn't finish what she thought he wanted as if maybe that was a secret.
Her ice blue eyes shone as she came closer. "As for what I want, well...
She reached out and touched Poppy's chest. Coldness went right though her and Poppy gasped. She couldn't breathe. She looked into the winter queens ice blue eyes and tried to speak but couldn't. The queen leaned over ever so gently and kissed her.
Poppy felt ice on her lips and her body fill with cold. She was losing conscience. The last thing she heard was the winter's queens whisper in her ear.
"I want to claim your heart too love."

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Hi everyone. I thought it was time for another cat story. I wrote another Dirty Paws adventure. I hope you cat lovers enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

 I thought that I had posted this on Thursday but  something happened so I'm late. Hope you enjoy my cat story.

Dirty Paws Story
A New Dog in Town
Bluesy Boy was out for his morning outing, checking out all the usual places. Misty stayed behind today to have her catnap. Bluesy didn't mind. He liked going out on his own every once in a while.
All the smells that he was familiar with greeted him in his morning walk. Up a head he could see something large walking toward him. Bluesy knew who it was. Big Bert, who was a bulldog was out for his morning walk as well. He was alone too. His companion Lulu wasn't with him today. They were both on their own.
"Hey, Dirty Paws, checking out the neighborhood?"
"Just like you Big Bert. Everything appears to be good. How about you?"
The big bulldog stopped in front of him. "So far, so good. I heard some rumors that some new people moved in so was checking to see of they have any pets."
"Are they close by?"
"That old Wilson house finally sold."
"The one the mice were taking over in?"
Big Bert chuckled. "Yeah, that's the one. Not sure what they are going to do with the place. I don't think that house is fit for a dog or even a cat to live in."
"Well, let's go see what is going on over there then."
Both of them headed over to the old Wilson house that had been left empty for a long time. The house was old and was now falling apart. When they arrived, there were humans walking around the house. They had hard hats on.
Bluesy Boy and Big Bert stayed safe behind a building that was next door and watched. The men continued to walk around the house, taking measurements. After a few moments they got in their truck and drove away.
Big Bert looked at Bluesy Boy. "What do you think they were doing?"
Bluesy Boy twitched his tail. "I'm not sure but I can smell something that is not quite right. "It's coming from the house. Let's take a closer look."
Big Bert went first. His nose was to the ground sniffing as he went along. He stopped and looked up at the old porch. Bluesy Boy could see his nose sniffing the air.
"Did you pick up something?"
"Not sure, will have to go in there to see."
Bluesy Boy jumped up on the porch and walked up a plank that was leaning against a window. He looked in and sniffed. It smelled like old skunk, mildew and dust. Bluesy Boy's nose twitched.
Big Bert had gone around the corner. "There's a window that is broken on this side. We can go through here."
They were standing in the living room. An old couch slumped in the corner with cobwebs around it with a broken table beside it was all that was in the room. The floor itself looked a bit sloped like it was ready to cave in.
"Be careful where you walk in this room. Nothing looks too solid," Bluesy Boy told Big Bert.
"Gotcha on that. I don't think we'll stay inside this old heap too long. Something tells me this place is going to collapse at any time."
They both cautiously went from room to room and then came to the stairs. Big Bert looked over at Bluesy. "Should we take a chance?"
Bluesy Boy hesitated. "Let's check it out. My twitching tail is telling me something is here."
"Big Bert followed him up the stairs. Every step they took the old stairs creaked and groaned. A few times they almost jumped. When they finally made it to the top landing, a sound from one of the rooms made Bluesy startle. Big Bert let out a low growl.
They cautiously went to the room and stopped at the door way. The door was halfway closed. They both peaked around the corner. There were some movement and that sound again. They both sniffed.
Big Bert went in first. Bluesy Boy stayed back a bit. Under some garbage and an old broken dresser, a head popped up. "Hey can you help me?"
It was another dog. Big Bert trotted over to him. "How did you get in there?"
"I was here with my owners, the ones who bought this place and I got lost."
"You're stuck in there pretty good."
"I know, Maybe you can pull at some things to loosen me up."
Bluesy Boy came over then. "Hey, you have a cat with you."
"He's okay. That's Bluesy Boy or Dirty Paws as some cats call him."
"His paws look pretty white to me."
Big Bert snorted. "Yeah, some of the cats call him that because they don't think he should be with the likes of me."
"Oh. I see. Well, I'm glad to see you both. Maybe you can both pull at some of this garbage to free me."
They both started to take away stuff but nothing was really helping him. Then a loud sound from outside shook the old house. "What was that," he cried out at them.
Bluesy Boy jumped up on the window. "There's a big tractor out there with a mean looking thing in front of it. Looks like a big metal claw."
Big Bert came over to see. "I know what that is. That claw will tear this house down. They are going to rip this old house down. We have to get out of here."
"What about me?"
Bluesy Boy and Big Bert looked at each other. They couldn't leave him here. Bluesy Boy looked out the window where the tractor thing was.  The family was here as well. A boy of around twelve was looking rather anxious. Bluesy Boy put it together pretty quickly. The dog stuck was his dog. They somehow had to let him know where he was.
"We have to get their attention Big Bert."
"How? We haven't got much time. We can't jump down. That old roof doesn't look like it would hold me."
"See if this window will budge up."
Big Bert nudged his big head up against the window. It budged a bit and then finally let go and he could lift it some.
"Let's all make noise and see if we can get that boys attention."
So, all three of them started to make noise. At first they didn't appear they were getting any attention. Soon that big machine would make more noise and it would be too late. But luck was on their side. The big machine sputtered and quit leaving everything quiet. They went for it again. This time the boy looked up and his eyes widened. He pulled at his father's jacket and told him something. They both came towards the house and all three of them heard them coming up the old stairs. the dog made a noise and within seconds the boy was in the room going straight towards the dog.
"This is our cue to leave," said Big Bert.
They both took off down the stairs as quick as their feet would carry them. It wasn't long when the father and boy came out with the dog. The all looked quite happy. Just in time as the big machine roared back to life.
The boy took the dog back to the truck. He was hugging him. He instructed the dog to stay put while he went to his father for a minute. But the dog spied Bluesy and Big Bert by the old building looking on. He trotted over to them. "Thanks guys, you saved my skin back there. I owe you one. They call me Skip. I'll be living here when they get the new house built."
"Well, welcome to the neighborhood. They call me Big Bert and this as I said is Bluesy Boy. We were glad to help."
"Thanks again, I'll get back to David. I don't want to lose him again."
They watched him go back to the truck in time for David to pick him up and take him into the truck with him.
"We better get going before they start tearing this thing down."
They both took off down the street where they parted ways at the corner. Bluesy Boy had enough excitement for one morning. He was ready for his own catnap.
When he got in the house Misty was just getting up. "Hey Bluesy Boy, are you ready for a run outside with me?"
Bluesy Boy went to his food dish and had some cat food along with some water. "The only place I'm going to right now is my basket in the window to take a long nap. I've had enough excitement for one day or even all week."
Misty sniffed him. "I smell something strange on you. What were you into?"
Bluesy Boy flopped into his basket and started to lick himself. "I met a new dog that will be living in our neighborhood. Although, we almost didn't have one but we saved him."
"Should I even ask about this adventure of yours?"
"Later, after I had my nap. But don't let me miss wet cat food time. Okay?"
Misty sighed. "I won't."
Bluesy Boy was snoring away before Misty even turned around. She shook her little cat head wondering what kind of adventure he had without her.