Thursday, 21 May 2015


Hello and today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy!

Cat Trickery
Okay, so he is white usually but this is what happens when Bert sleeps. The kittens, Maddie and Max , thinks this is hilarious to  take the children's water paints that they leave out all the time and paint his face.
Bert sleeps so soundly that he doesn't feel a thing.
Sometimes there is such a mess that they get the rest of his fur as well. The kittens, Maddie and Max, are extremely messy.
Bert says he will do the same thing to them but they never sleep at the same time. One always watches out for the other guy. Bert told them one day that the next time they did this he would dip both of them into the dirty paint water.
It didn't stop them. 
Bert finally started to find places to hide for his naps. It worked until one day when he stretched out on the living room floor and first thing he knew he was napping.
Yup, when he woke up he was all blotchy with oranges and blacks. He went back to sleep anyway.
He would teach those two a lesson but just not today.

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