Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hello everyone. Today is flash fiction day. I hope you enjoy this one. Have a great weekend! 

Pennies A Ride
The rides only cost a penny. He comes into town only once a year. His name is Toby and he usually  arrives in the middle of the night. No one knows why.
Some child finds him the next day.
Word spreads pretty fast of course and soon everyone is over to see Toby.
He only asks for pennies. He said there are always pennies inside our houses.
What he does with them, we are not sure but the kids find the pennies and bring them to him so they can ride him all day.
Toby loves children and they love him. His colorful main is something the kids love to run their fingers through.
Sometimes their fingers come out in pinks and blues.
It washes off though so it's no problem.
The day ends too soon for the kids and the parents take their kids home to bed.
Toby takes his pennies and disappears before the sun sets. 

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