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Hello! Today I have another installment of Poppy & the Prince. I hope enjoy. Have a great weekend! 
Poppy & the Prince
The Snow Queen & The King
She sat in the snow beside the glass coffin and gently blew on the glass. Frosted roses formed and clamoured over the sides of the glass coffin encasing it in white ice. The dappled sun sparkled on the icy glass. The trees trembled above sending snow to swirl around her. She did not mind.
"I have waited for so long for your return. I can't wait to take you back to my castle away from them."
The snow queen pulled herself up and looked at the girl in the coffin. She smiled and traced with her finger over the top of the frosted glass. Leaning down to get closer she kissed the top of the frosted glass sealing it in frosted white roses.
The sun shone down through the trees making the snow sparkle and twinkle. The air was fresh and her breath resembled a cloud of foggy mist that hung in the air.
She heard him but didn't turn around. For now, this was her moment. Her ears were perked waiting for him to say something but he did not. He was waiting for her perhaps? A wisp of snow swirled around her feet. She smiled. He was trying to get her attention.
Then she heard him sigh. When he did that, it meant on of two things. He was getting bored and would leave or it was a sign of his irritation. She turned her head slightly in his direction. Out the corner of her eye she could see his long legs and strong muscled body leaning against one of the trees. Power emitted from him just standing there.
That made her feel uneasy. "How long are going to lean against that tree?"
"I was wondering how long I was going to have to lean against this tree before you acknowledged me."
"I knew...
"That I was here. I know. You can sense things. That's a special gift you have, isn't it?" The snow queen opened her mouth but before she could say anything she could hear him walk towards her. She stiffened as he got closer. The smell of mint and hemlock invaded her senses. It was on purpose.
"You have her back I see. What are you going to do with her? Pet perhaps?"
Her cold face heated. She hated that he could do that to her. The need to throw something at him was over whelming but it would only get her into trouble. Silence was better.
His cold finger slid down her arm sending a shiver through her. She stood as still as she could. He did it again. "What do you want," she whispered.
He leaned in close. She could feel the coldness of his lips a mere breath away from her cheek. "You know what I want. I've been very patient but now is the time for you to come back to the castle and be queen and let me be your king. Agreements were made long ago love and now it's time to honour them."
The snow queen shut her eyes tightly hoping that he would be gone when she opened then but no, the smell of mint and hemlock mixed with bark got stronger. She pulled away from him slightly. Being careful with him was a priority.
"I'm taking her back to the castle-to be safe."
"Safe? What? From Seth? Good luck on that. You have his intended princess and future queen sealed in that icy tomb. He will stop at nothing to get her back. You know that. Why not just give her back now and come back with me? It's for the best."
She shook her head. "I don't care. I'm taking her back."
The snow queen walked around to the other side of the coffin where now she was opposite him. She looked straight into his eyes that were as icy blue as the sky above them. His white hair was loose around his face framing his heart shaped face.
"I'm leaving with her now."
He laid his hand on the coffin barring her from taking her.
"Please Savon, let me."
His ice blue eyes held her with a fierceness. "I will not have her at the castle. You will be with her all the time instead of with me, your intended king."
The snow queen threw up her chin at him. "I will take what I want back with me to the castle. Don't challenge me."
Savon grinned. "You always like to fight, don't you?" He lifted his hand off the coffin. They stared at one another for a moment. He was testing her to see if she would do it. She knew better.
He smiled. "Well, you are smart. You know not to challenge me either."
The trees above them picked up, kicking snow up into their faces.
Savon rolled his eyes. "We have company and let me guess, the fall king graces our presence. He's either being very brave or ...
"Don't say no more. Be nice." Tomcat lit down on the snow a ways from the pair of them. He folded his arms observing the two. "Isn't this cozy. Come to claim your winter queen Savon? I don't think she's into you bro. I think the one in the coffin is the one she's saving her heart for. But you know that, don't you?"
Savon gritted his teeth and the air around them got colder. "How dare you. Leave us before I cause a snow storm like no other."
Tomcat shook his head. "Yes, I'm sure you could do that. But the one in the glass coffin is spoken for and is not for your intended queen. She belongs to the future summer king." He turned his gaze to her. "My snow queen, you have to give her back."
She glared at Tomcat. "No, I do not have to give her back. I've had enough. I'm leaving with her."
Suddenly a giant swirl of snow gusted and blew around them. The winds started to howl and you couldn't hear anything. Everything was a blinding white. Then, suddenly as it all started it stopped. The snow fell gently all around them and the wind became quiet.
The snow queen was gone and so was the coffin. Savon turned to Tomcat who was dusting the snow off of him as if it were dust. "This is your fault. You should have stayed out of this."
Tomcat raised an eyebrow at him. "Now, you know that I could not do that and you know why."
Savon sighed. "Why didn't you keep her when you had her?"
"Because I thought that Seth had a handle on things but obviously not, so now I have stepped in. These courts cannot be disrupted like this. I am the fall king and I am the largest court next to her winter court." Tomcat sighed.
"At least she is for now. But when Seth becomes the summer king, he will be stronger than the winter court. I know you don't care but I do."
Savon sauntered over to Tomcat who didn't move. "You think you have it all figured out fall king. Well, let me tell you, I don't care about the summer king Seth. The winter court will become the strongest, not the weakest. That is why she needs me to be her king. If you want Poppy, then you better take her because I will not stand by and let our snow queen make a fool out of herself over Poppy. Do you understand?"
"I understand. You will help me get her back behind your precious snow queen then. How about during the night while your queen sleeps?"
"Make it tonight because by morning she will be dead. I will not have her in my territory , not even for one day."
Tomcat smiled. "Fine, I'll bring Seth along, you know for fun and we'll rescue her. It will be great fun."
Savon knew what he meant by fun. Someone would end up dead.

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