Thursday, 25 June 2015


Happy Summer! Hope the sun is shining bright where you are. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend! 

The Swallowtail's Tale
Apparently, he met a Queen in some far off place that no one had heard of.
She thought he was beautiful and wanted to use magic to turn him into a handsome prince that she could marry.
Only thing was her magic was forbidden and if she got caught, there would be great consequences for both of them.
She brought him to the forest behind her castle at midnight. The swallowtail was very nervous about her magic.
Before he went with her he had met a butterfly faerie who spelled him with a protection spell that would protect him from her magic.
He had decided he did not want to be her prince.
So, when they were in the dark forest with only the moon's light to guide them, she performed her magic in her attempt to change the swallowtail.
The only thing that happened was the hoot of an owl in the distance.
She tried again and ended up trying many times until they both heard the barking of dogs.
They were coming for them.
The swallowtail flew up into the moon's light and fluttered away with her cries chasing him.
He never looked back as he heard the crashing of the bushes below.
There was one scream that shattered the night and then he heard no more.
When he met up with the butterfly faerie, he told him that the queen was banished into a tall castle far away.
The swallowtail flew that way and saw the tower in which she was imprisoned. He landed on the widow sill and peered in.
For one moment he felt bad but when he saw what he saw, he was glad that he flew away.
Inside the tower was a small black dragon with a chain around it's neck.
Her magic had turned her into a dragon.
Better her than him he thought.
He would stay a butterfly. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hi everyone. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!

The Traveler
He traveled across the ocean. We were in wonder as to how he did this.
He said the wind carried him for the most part. The only bad thing was running into rain storms. Then he would catch a ride with a large bird. They didn't seem to mind he said.
Where did you come from we asked. "I came from the south of France where it is warmer than here."
His shimmery wings caught the light and you could see his wings were somewhat tired looking.
He began to tell us a story about his last adventure. He told us he met a girl who had ran away from her family. They were mean people so she went out on her own.
They traveled  together for a while. Then she met someone and went off with him.
He said he felt sorry for her and hoped she was safe with the one she met.
He had someone too but they had a disagreement and it was decided that they would not be together anymore. It was okay with him as he wanted to travel and see the world.
He also said that he had met a musician who played on the streets. He was very good and when he was done he told the traveler his future.
What did tell you we asked.
He said that he would keep on travelling around until he found a field that would draw him to it and he would fly there and something would happen.
"Yes," he said. He didn't know what it would be so he thought he would just keep travelling and stay away from fields.
We thought that maybe that was a good idea because you just never know.
The traveler agreed. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Hello, hope your summer is going great so far. Today I have a flash fiction piece. It's longer than one of my usual flash fiction pieces. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

He wasn't very big but he could play the violin like magic performed by a magician. 
What was special was that his violin was a toy.
The sound was the same if not better than the best of violins in the world.
Some thought he was a magician of sorts to make that toy sound like that.
There were others who had theories but no one knew the real truth.

It was always the evening when he played, just as the sun was about to set.
Ladies would always come out in the evening to listen on their balconies.
They all wondered who he was playing to or it was pure magic he was performing.
Whatever it was, it kept everyone guessing as to who he was.
His face was always hid by his hat and his white blond hair that draped over his eyes.

One night the music he played was so sad that it made the ladies cry.
It could only mean that someone's heart was broken. Was it his?
The sad music carried on till the late hours. It was midnight when it stopped.
This was the longest he had ever played.
The next day someone was walking in the back alley and they fond a toy violin.
It was leaning up against a door in the corner.

They picked it up and took a good look at it. Was this his?
Everyone seen it and couldn't believe that it was his. There were no real strings on it.
The toy was given to a little girl with bright blue eyes and blond curly hair.
Her name was Lily-Rose.
She wasn't too sure if she wanted to play with it.
Lily-Rose thought of doing a pretend performance for her dolls.

The toy violin sat in her room and was never played with.
It ended up in the closet-forgotten.
Until one day Lily-Rose was moving out on her own and she found it.
She remembered it and the stories of the toy violin player.
Lily-Rose had an idea.

That night she took the toy violin and placed it where it had been found.
She placed a note with it.
Then she waited.
It was getting late and she thought her idea was not going to work
As she turned to leave she heard someone.

There was a young man with straight blond hair wearing a hat.
She watched him pick up the violin. He also noticed the note.
A small smile formed across his face.

That made Lily-Rose smile.
She watched  him as he brought the toy violin up to his chin.
Her eyes went wide as she watched his fingers slip over the pretend strings.
They came to life.
He began to play the most beautiful music. Lily-Rose was captivated.
When the music stopped he turned to her and smiled.
His eyes were the darkest blue she had ever seen.

"You're Lily-Rose. Thank you for looking after my violin all these years."
"I never played with it. It didn't seem right."
He grinned. "It can only be played by those touched with magic."
"So, it is magic."

He never said no more.
Lily-Rose walked with him to the end of the street.
He shook hands with her and once again thanked her for looking after his violin.
When she asked him why he left it in the first place he sighed.
"My heart was broken."
"She broke up with you?"
"She was not the one and now I know it." He smiled at her and lily-Rose blushed.

Lily-Rose went on back that night to her place and finished packing her stuff.
She went to gather some last minute stuff when she saw it.
It was a letter addressed to her. She didn't not recognise the writing.
She opened it and inside was an invitation to a performance.
It was where she was moving to.
Her heart fluttered when she saw who it was from.
The toy violin player.

The ones back home said that he had found his true love for real now.
His music was no longer sad.
Lily-Rose was said to have married him but no one knew for sure.
The music that was heard now was believed to be played whenever they had a child.
That was a long time ago but sometimes the music can be heard by someone who remembered the toy violin player.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend! 


Suki wants the world to know about her. We sigh when she brings this up. She thinks she has something to say or something.
Maybe she does but we try to tell her that she does not need to share every detail of her life with the world.
She doesn't know why the world would not want to know.
We tell her she has done some bad things. We disagree on the "bad" part.
Suki would like to have her own  Suki Diaries.
Finally, we said okay. What would you like to say for your first entry we asked her.
Tell them she says how well I treat all my fellow cats in the house.
Treat your fellow cats we asked with a raised eyebrow. Does this include a certain Bella?
Suki licked her paw. She always does this when she doesn't want to answer the question.
Put it down anyway she insisted.
That would be lying we reminded her.
Suki licked her paw again. She rolled over on her blanket and went to sleep.
We left her to pout. But we knew as soon as we left she would write in her diary all kinds of cat stories and not one of them would be true.
Maybe  no one will read it.