Thursday, 4 June 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have some cat flash fiction for you. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend! 


Suki wants the world to know about her. We sigh when she brings this up. She thinks she has something to say or something.
Maybe she does but we try to tell her that she does not need to share every detail of her life with the world.
She doesn't know why the world would not want to know.
We tell her she has done some bad things. We disagree on the "bad" part.
Suki would like to have her own  Suki Diaries.
Finally, we said okay. What would you like to say for your first entry we asked her.
Tell them she says how well I treat all my fellow cats in the house.
Treat your fellow cats we asked with a raised eyebrow. Does this include a certain Bella?
Suki licked her paw. She always does this when she doesn't want to answer the question.
Put it down anyway she insisted.
That would be lying we reminded her.
Suki licked her paw again. She rolled over on her blanket and went to sleep.
We left her to pout. But we knew as soon as we left she would write in her diary all kinds of cat stories and not one of them would be true.
Maybe  no one will read it.

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