Thursday, 25 June 2015


Happy Summer! Hope the sun is shining bright where you are. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend! 

The Swallowtail's Tale
Apparently, he met a Queen in some far off place that no one had heard of.
She thought he was beautiful and wanted to use magic to turn him into a handsome prince that she could marry.
Only thing was her magic was forbidden and if she got caught, there would be great consequences for both of them.
She brought him to the forest behind her castle at midnight. The swallowtail was very nervous about her magic.
Before he went with her he had met a butterfly faerie who spelled him with a protection spell that would protect him from her magic.
He had decided he did not want to be her prince.
So, when they were in the dark forest with only the moon's light to guide them, she performed her magic in her attempt to change the swallowtail.
The only thing that happened was the hoot of an owl in the distance.
She tried again and ended up trying many times until they both heard the barking of dogs.
They were coming for them.
The swallowtail flew up into the moon's light and fluttered away with her cries chasing him.
He never looked back as he heard the crashing of the bushes below.
There was one scream that shattered the night and then he heard no more.
When he met up with the butterfly faerie, he told him that the queen was banished into a tall castle far away.
The swallowtail flew that way and saw the tower in which she was imprisoned. He landed on the widow sill and peered in.
For one moment he felt bad but when he saw what he saw, he was glad that he flew away.
Inside the tower was a small black dragon with a chain around it's neck.
Her magic had turned her into a dragon.
Better her than him he thought.
He would stay a butterfly. 

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