Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hi everyone. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!

The Traveler
He traveled across the ocean. We were in wonder as to how he did this.
He said the wind carried him for the most part. The only bad thing was running into rain storms. Then he would catch a ride with a large bird. They didn't seem to mind he said.
Where did you come from we asked. "I came from the south of France where it is warmer than here."
His shimmery wings caught the light and you could see his wings were somewhat tired looking.
He began to tell us a story about his last adventure. He told us he met a girl who had ran away from her family. They were mean people so she went out on her own.
They traveled  together for a while. Then she met someone and went off with him.
He said he felt sorry for her and hoped she was safe with the one she met.
He had someone too but they had a disagreement and it was decided that they would not be together anymore. It was okay with him as he wanted to travel and see the world.
He also said that he had met a musician who played on the streets. He was very good and when he was done he told the traveler his future.
What did tell you we asked.
He said that he would keep on travelling around until he found a field that would draw him to it and he would fly there and something would happen.
"Yes," he said. He didn't know what it would be so he thought he would just keep travelling and stay away from fields.
We thought that maybe that was a good idea because you just never know.
The traveler agreed. 

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