Thursday, 30 July 2015


Hi! Hope your summer is going great so far. Today is a flash fiction piece that I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 

Daisies Forever
I planted these to remind me of you. You always gave them to me on my birthday.
You thought they were better than roses. They suited me and you were right.
Then one day you decided to leave. I was heart broken and was hoping you would come back. 
All I got was a letter from you. It had came all the way from Ireland.
My heart sunk. You were an ocean away now and I would never to see you again.
I hated you now.
Then you sent me another letter. In it were words to tell me that you were sorry. It left me feeling this was all too late.
The letter ended up in a drawer along with the other one. I don't know why I didn't put them in the trash. Something told me not to.
It was my birthday and I got a card from you. Inside was a package of daisy seed with instructions to plant them early in the house and when the weather was favorable, to plant them out front so that I would see them all the time.
I held up the tiny pack of seeds and shook them.
The seeds were sown as instructed and they came up quite well. I watered them and gave them sunlight until it was time to put them out.
I got another letter. You wanted to know how they were doing so I took a picture on my phone and sent them to you. You were impressed. I smiled.
It was raining and I watched the rain drops land on the petals. It made them look pretty. I held up my phone and took another picture of them to send you.
You replied back and you said to always look at them and think of him.
You never sent me another letter. When I sent you another photo, a friend of yours replied. He wasn't sure where you were now but that he told me to look after the daisies while he was gone.
He said he had to surprise someone and tell them something that he should have before he left.
I thought that someone was me but I never heard from you.
To this day, the daisies are all I have of you.

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Hello everyone. Today is cat flash fiction! Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

Here's Looking At You

You can call me Sylvester, okay? I have a plan.
I want to move inside the house soon. There are other felines in there.
They don't like me. I always ask, what's not to like about me?
Most of the time I'm friendly. She starts it, okay?
They look at me through the window with suspicious eyes. I'm not stealing anything.
Those felines are judgemental and sooo territorial! What's up with that?
But I have someone on my side. She pets me and feeds me. She would like to bring me in.
I know she is planning something and I hope it's inside there.
Maybe she'll talk to the others and tell them that I'm a pretty good feline fellow.
The trouble is, they won't listen. Especially the one that screams at me. Yeah, she literally screams at me. I haven't even touched her!
Maybe I will get my own room. That won't be so bad. Then those other felines noses won't be out of joint.
In time they will love me. What's not to love about me, I ask?
Well, of course there is everything to love about me. Just saying.

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hello everyone! Today is a flash fiction piece. This is a bit longer so I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

The Mystic Island
It is not sure what lives on this island. It can only be seen at certain times of the year and at dusk. Some say it's a witch's island and others claimed that wild things lived there. Never go near it they warned.
But one young man who the other island people looked upon as a loner and they whispered about maybe he was the lost one from the mystic island. Most said that was silly. He was just shy.
His name was Javari. He would be known to sit on the shore in the evening and gaze out onto the sea. I wondered if he could see the mystic island. One evening I was walking along the shore when I spied him. He always was nice to me so I went over to him and asked him if I could join him. He said yes.
His golden skin glowed as he peered out into the far off. I looked to see if the mystic island was in view. I could not see it.
I asked him if he could see it. He smiled when I said mystic island. I felt almost bad for asking him considering what some said about him. I spoke up  right away not wanting him to think that I thought like them.
His laugh was gentle. "I am not offended. Do you think that is my home?"
I wasn't sure why he asked me this. "I don't know. I thought you were born right here."
Javari didn't say anything more. He just stared out into the sea. Then he leaned over and whispered into my ear. "I'm going over there soon."
I looked at him. "Why? You're not afraid as to what you might find?"
His deep brown eyes smiled at me. "Not at all. I'm meeting a friend there." His deep brown eyes held me as if wondering if I could keep the secret that he just told me.
"You have a friend there?"
He nodded. "Would you like to meet them?"
My eyes went wide. "I don't know if I'm brave enough. What is there?"
"There is nothing to be afraid of. My friend is not dangerous. He would like you."
I don't know how he managed to talk me into it but here I was in his boat floating over to the mystic island.
My heart hammered in my chest. When the boat touched the mist that surrounded the little island, I held my breath as we drifted though it. The mystic island didn't look too scary but the air was cool and moist. Javari looked back at me. "We are almost there."
I saw a tall black shadow standing at the shore. It waved to us. Javari waved back. As we got closer they came into the water to greet us.
The young man smiled at me. He grabbed onto the boat and both him and Javari pulled the boat onto to shore.
I stayed in the boat afraid to step out. The sand looked like sand and the young  man looked the same as Javari. He was a tall gangly young man who like he had not yet grown into this long legs and arms. Is skin was as golden as Javari's and brown eyes were just as deep as his. They could pass for brothers almost.
"This is my friend from the main land."
"Welcome to the mystic island. I hope Javari hasn't filled your head with too many stories."
I knew what he meant and I shook my head. Javari helped me out of the boat. Together we took a path that led up to a very large tree. I looked up and it was the largest tree house I had ever seen. They helped me up as I climbed the rope ladder.
The view was magical. Javari stood beside me. "This is great isn't it?"
I smiled back. "Yes."
His friend's name was Manatee. We drank dark rum and played with tiny balls that lit up when they bounced. I lost of course. The game was too hard for me.
I stood up and went to look out the large window and I tried to see the main land. I could not see it. I thought the mist was hiding it so I asked them about it. They looked at one another.
I looked at them waiting for answer. Manatee stood up and came to the window. He looked out and pointed out the window with his finger. I tried to look but still could not see. Javari stayed in the back.
Manatee said I had to open my eyes and look. I was blind because I did not believe.
I didn't know what he meant by that but it didn't matter how many times I looked the main land was not there.
That's when I got scared.
Manatee smiled at me. He looked so gentle. I looked down at Javari who appeared to be avoiding eye contact with me. So, I spoke to him.
"I would like to go back to the main land."
Javari said sure. He got up and we all went down the rope and out to the boat. 
There was no boat.
I whirled around with wide eyes. "Where's the boat?"
Manatee was dancing on the shore as if he was celebrating something.
Javari was watching him. I ran into the water. I was a strong swimmer.
I heard Javari yell at me no!
I soon realized why.
Something grabbed me and pulled me under. I could not breath. I was met with deep brown eyes in the ocean. It was a young girl.  She took my hand and pulled me further out. I tried to pull away from her but despite her small size her grip on my hand was iron.
I felt my body hitting hard and when I gasped, I was laying on the shore. I sat up and I was on the main land. I looked out to see the mystic island but I could see nothing but clear ocean water for miles. There was no mist or island to be seen. I wondered where Javari had gone to. What happened to him?
I got up and looked around. I was all alone.
 It had been three days and I had not seen Javari. Others had not seen him either. Then stories started to be told. They said that he was the lost one and that he had taken a true love with him and hoped that she would stay with him. But she did not want to stay so she fled out into the ocean and drowned. He remained on  the mystic island never to return.
So on the night that the islanders said that the mystic island would be visible, I went down to the shore and waited. The mist rose out of the water and my eyes soon seen the faded island. I took a boat and floated out to the island.
Javari was waiting for me. He helped me out of the boat. He smiled down at me. "I knew you would come back to me."
"I missed you."
"Now we are together."
He took my hand and together we joined the wild things.
 On special evenings I can see the main land and I hear stories about this island and how the lost one found his true love again. Some believed that we simply ran off together.
The truth is,both stories are true.

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far. Today, I'm posting another installment of Poppy & the Prince called The Deadliest of Loves. I hope you enjoy.
In some news I have started to publish under this name. I have three cat short stories out there now and I hope in the next few days to have a short story collection out. One of the shorts appeared here and the others have never been published. I'll post it here when it has been published. I have plans to revamp this site and add pages for my published work and other stuff. This story Poppy & the Prince will also be put together and published. I will announce that when I get it all together.
Lots happening as you can see. Stay tuned. For now I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Poppy & the Prince.  Take care.

THE MOON LIT up the pathway they were on. Tomcat and a few of his tribe members were making their way to the winters realm. Behind them Seth and few of his court followed.
Tomcat was amused that Seth didn't want to be up front with him. He didn't care as long as he got his precious princess back. What a fool he thought Seth was. Despite possibly becoming the largest court next to his, he thought Seth was not the one that should lead that court.
Tomcat could see that he would be a king that would rule with his heart rather than with his power. Oh well, when they got back he would make sure that Poppy stayed with Seth. He could or would not have any more of this nonsense.
A snowy owl flew over them casting its shadow in the moon's light. It let out a screech that echoed into the dark. Tomcat knew that was the sign to tell him that they would be expected at the gates. Tomcat told Savon to meet them and hide them under cloak so they could get to the tower without the queen knowing.
He heard him before he got there. "Decided to join me after all?"
"I don't trust Savon and you will have to be careful. We are in the winter courts."
Tomcat looked over at Seth who was clearly uncomfortable at being here. His lips were even turning blue. "Don't worry, Savon wants Poppy gone. That is all he wants. We'll be in and out before you know it."
Seth didn't look convinced. He slapped Seth on the back of his shoulder. "Come, Savon awaits us."
The white frosted gates stood tall at the end of the walk. Trees weighing heavy with snow lined the steps to the massive doors. Tomcat led the way with Seth close behind. Tomcat's tribe were armed and ready for anything. Seth's court guards were also ready.
Tomcat stopped at the doors. In a sing song voice he shouted out, "Hello, anybody in there? We've come for you know who."
A voice from above them pulled their attention upward to where Savon was. "No need to be dramatic. The door is open. Come up the  stairs and I will meet you there."
Tomcat saluted him in a mocking gesture. Seth hit him on the shoulder. "Don't do that. We don't want him mad."
Tomcat smiled. "Oh, thee of little faith. You think that snow court faerie scares me? Please."
Tomcat grabbed the door and heaved it open. A rush of cold air blew in their faces. Seth shivered. "After you my prince."
Seth looked inside. Tomcat grabbed his arm and dragged him in. Savon was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for them. He smirked when he saw Seth. "Come this way and be as quiet as possible. The snow queen is a light sleeper. She also has spies in her castle that will wake her if anything is strange going on."
Tomcat snorted. "We should be safe be safe then as her spies couldn't find their way out of an open door."
"Don't underestimate her spies. They can be lethal."
Seth glared at Tomcat who just shook his head and followed Savon. He took them up three flights of stairs. They flew so they would not make noise with their feet.
When they got to the entrance, there was a guard outside the door. He was fast asleep snoring. Savon stood in front of the guard looking down at him He rolled his eyes and opened the door without touching the knob. The door opened silently.
Savon took two steps in and stopped short. He held up his hand to the rest of them. Tomcat came up behind him and Seth watched Tomcat roll his eyes. He rushed to see what it was.
There, on the floor was the winter queen lying beside the glass coffin. Savon gritted his teeth as he pointed to the surroundings around the queen and the coffin. Tomcat's eyes followed an icy ring around the two of them. He knew that no one could step over the frosty ring without not waking her up.
Seth looked at them both. "Now what?"
Tomcat  looked at Savon for answers. Savon waved his hand in the air and the frosty ring melted. Tomcat beckoned for his tribe to come in and Seth's guards also joined them. They surrounded the coffin and lifted it and then carried it over the circle of water. Seth went with them. Savon and Tomcat were left in the room. As soon as the coffin was gone Savon waved his hand again and the pool of water was now ice.
Tomcat grinned. "You're going to have to do some explaining to her."
"Never mind I will take care of my queen. You get the princess our of here. I will escort you out of here for a mile to make sure you are gone. Then the deed is done."
Tomcat rested his hand on his shoulder. "Great, it was nice doing business with you."
Savon looked down at his hand resting on his should and then glared at Tomcat who let his hand fall away. He winked at him.
He left with Savon following.
The faerie horses were there waiting to fly off with the coffin. Seth was on another faerie horse. Both horses took flight and off they went with Seth's guards close behind.
Tomcat and his tribe were just outside the gates when a terrible rumble shook everything, including the ground knocking them off their feet. The ground started to crack wide open. They were falling into the crack. One of Tomcat's tribe flew up and grabbed Tomcat pulling him into the air.
Tomcat's wings flew hard in the stormy winds that were getting stronger by the minute. He was missing on of his tribe members. He spotted him half way stuck in one of the cracks.
He flew down to him but couldn't free him. He cursed under his breath. She would pay for this. One of the other tribe members sent an arrow into the snow shattering the ice. Tomcat pulled the tribe member out. His body was limp. There was an icy chard in his chest . He flew off into the night.
The tribe member did not make it. He was given a warriors tribute. Tomcat had not heard from Seth or Savon. Their silence was an insult. Maybe it was time these other courts were taught a little lesson he thought. There was one court who would love nothing but to teach them all a lesson. He grinned to himself. It would be most interesting to visit his old acquaintance -the prince of spring. A little bloodshed would be right up the prince's alley. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Hello everyone. Today is cat flash fiction day! Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

The Sleepover
Terrance was invited over for a sleepover.
The thing was he didn't quite understand what the sleepover meant.
He said the invitation should have been more clear.
It was pointed out to him that it was and that every cat knew what a sleepover was.
Terrance was annoyed and just rolled his green eyes and walked away and went into the bedroom.
There was the sound of things being knocked over and a thud onto the bed.
When we went into see what was going on he was flaked out on the bed.
Terrance was not happy to be as he would call it rudely interrupted but we asked him anyway. "What are you doing?"
"Having a sleepover of course."
We let him be to his sleepover.