Thursday, 23 July 2015


Hello everyone. Today is cat flash fiction! Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

Here's Looking At You

You can call me Sylvester, okay? I have a plan.
I want to move inside the house soon. There are other felines in there.
They don't like me. I always ask, what's not to like about me?
Most of the time I'm friendly. She starts it, okay?
They look at me through the window with suspicious eyes. I'm not stealing anything.
Those felines are judgemental and sooo territorial! What's up with that?
But I have someone on my side. She pets me and feeds me. She would like to bring me in.
I know she is planning something and I hope it's inside there.
Maybe she'll talk to the others and tell them that I'm a pretty good feline fellow.
The trouble is, they won't listen. Especially the one that screams at me. Yeah, she literally screams at me. I haven't even touched her!
Maybe I will get my own room. That won't be so bad. Then those other felines noses won't be out of joint.
In time they will love me. What's not to love about me, I ask?
Well, of course there is everything to love about me. Just saying.

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