Thursday, 30 July 2015


Hi! Hope your summer is going great so far. Today is a flash fiction piece that I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 

Daisies Forever
I planted these to remind me of you. You always gave them to me on my birthday.
You thought they were better than roses. They suited me and you were right.
Then one day you decided to leave. I was heart broken and was hoping you would come back. 
All I got was a letter from you. It had came all the way from Ireland.
My heart sunk. You were an ocean away now and I would never to see you again.
I hated you now.
Then you sent me another letter. In it were words to tell me that you were sorry. It left me feeling this was all too late.
The letter ended up in a drawer along with the other one. I don't know why I didn't put them in the trash. Something told me not to.
It was my birthday and I got a card from you. Inside was a package of daisy seed with instructions to plant them early in the house and when the weather was favorable, to plant them out front so that I would see them all the time.
I held up the tiny pack of seeds and shook them.
The seeds were sown as instructed and they came up quite well. I watered them and gave them sunlight until it was time to put them out.
I got another letter. You wanted to know how they were doing so I took a picture on my phone and sent them to you. You were impressed. I smiled.
It was raining and I watched the rain drops land on the petals. It made them look pretty. I held up my phone and took another picture of them to send you.
You replied back and you said to always look at them and think of him.
You never sent me another letter. When I sent you another photo, a friend of yours replied. He wasn't sure where you were now but that he told me to look after the daisies while he was gone.
He said he had to surprise someone and tell them something that he should have before he left.
I thought that someone was me but I never heard from you.
To this day, the daisies are all I have of you.

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