Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hello everyone! Today is a flash fiction piece. This is a bit longer so I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

The Mystic Island
It is not sure what lives on this island. It can only be seen at certain times of the year and at dusk. Some say it's a witch's island and others claimed that wild things lived there. Never go near it they warned.
But one young man who the other island people looked upon as a loner and they whispered about maybe he was the lost one from the mystic island. Most said that was silly. He was just shy.
His name was Javari. He would be known to sit on the shore in the evening and gaze out onto the sea. I wondered if he could see the mystic island. One evening I was walking along the shore when I spied him. He always was nice to me so I went over to him and asked him if I could join him. He said yes.
His golden skin glowed as he peered out into the far off. I looked to see if the mystic island was in view. I could not see it.
I asked him if he could see it. He smiled when I said mystic island. I felt almost bad for asking him considering what some said about him. I spoke up  right away not wanting him to think that I thought like them.
His laugh was gentle. "I am not offended. Do you think that is my home?"
I wasn't sure why he asked me this. "I don't know. I thought you were born right here."
Javari didn't say anything more. He just stared out into the sea. Then he leaned over and whispered into my ear. "I'm going over there soon."
I looked at him. "Why? You're not afraid as to what you might find?"
His deep brown eyes smiled at me. "Not at all. I'm meeting a friend there." His deep brown eyes held me as if wondering if I could keep the secret that he just told me.
"You have a friend there?"
He nodded. "Would you like to meet them?"
My eyes went wide. "I don't know if I'm brave enough. What is there?"
"There is nothing to be afraid of. My friend is not dangerous. He would like you."
I don't know how he managed to talk me into it but here I was in his boat floating over to the mystic island.
My heart hammered in my chest. When the boat touched the mist that surrounded the little island, I held my breath as we drifted though it. The mystic island didn't look too scary but the air was cool and moist. Javari looked back at me. "We are almost there."
I saw a tall black shadow standing at the shore. It waved to us. Javari waved back. As we got closer they came into the water to greet us.
The young man smiled at me. He grabbed onto the boat and both him and Javari pulled the boat onto to shore.
I stayed in the boat afraid to step out. The sand looked like sand and the young  man looked the same as Javari. He was a tall gangly young man who like he had not yet grown into this long legs and arms. Is skin was as golden as Javari's and brown eyes were just as deep as his. They could pass for brothers almost.
"This is my friend from the main land."
"Welcome to the mystic island. I hope Javari hasn't filled your head with too many stories."
I knew what he meant and I shook my head. Javari helped me out of the boat. Together we took a path that led up to a very large tree. I looked up and it was the largest tree house I had ever seen. They helped me up as I climbed the rope ladder.
The view was magical. Javari stood beside me. "This is great isn't it?"
I smiled back. "Yes."
His friend's name was Manatee. We drank dark rum and played with tiny balls that lit up when they bounced. I lost of course. The game was too hard for me.
I stood up and went to look out the large window and I tried to see the main land. I could not see it. I thought the mist was hiding it so I asked them about it. They looked at one another.
I looked at them waiting for answer. Manatee stood up and came to the window. He looked out and pointed out the window with his finger. I tried to look but still could not see. Javari stayed in the back.
Manatee said I had to open my eyes and look. I was blind because I did not believe.
I didn't know what he meant by that but it didn't matter how many times I looked the main land was not there.
That's when I got scared.
Manatee smiled at me. He looked so gentle. I looked down at Javari who appeared to be avoiding eye contact with me. So, I spoke to him.
"I would like to go back to the main land."
Javari said sure. He got up and we all went down the rope and out to the boat. 
There was no boat.
I whirled around with wide eyes. "Where's the boat?"
Manatee was dancing on the shore as if he was celebrating something.
Javari was watching him. I ran into the water. I was a strong swimmer.
I heard Javari yell at me no!
I soon realized why.
Something grabbed me and pulled me under. I could not breath. I was met with deep brown eyes in the ocean. It was a young girl.  She took my hand and pulled me further out. I tried to pull away from her but despite her small size her grip on my hand was iron.
I felt my body hitting hard and when I gasped, I was laying on the shore. I sat up and I was on the main land. I looked out to see the mystic island but I could see nothing but clear ocean water for miles. There was no mist or island to be seen. I wondered where Javari had gone to. What happened to him?
I got up and looked around. I was all alone.
 It had been three days and I had not seen Javari. Others had not seen him either. Then stories started to be told. They said that he was the lost one and that he had taken a true love with him and hoped that she would stay with him. But she did not want to stay so she fled out into the ocean and drowned. He remained on  the mystic island never to return.
So on the night that the islanders said that the mystic island would be visible, I went down to the shore and waited. The mist rose out of the water and my eyes soon seen the faded island. I took a boat and floated out to the island.
Javari was waiting for me. He helped me out of the boat. He smiled down at me. "I knew you would come back to me."
"I missed you."
"Now we are together."
He took my hand and together we joined the wild things.
 On special evenings I can see the main land and I hear stories about this island and how the lost one found his true love again. Some believed that we simply ran off together.
The truth is,both stories are true.

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